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  1. 180 amp mig welder and shielding gas tank. I just want to do hoodrat stuff with my friends
  2. I feel like there is a Subaru joke about hellatone horns
  3. What's awesome is the press + a set of front control arm poly bushings for the Infiniti was cheaper than buying loaded control arms for the front. And I get parts at cost because my wife is the hnic of an oreilly autoparts. The thing paid for itself and I haven't even gotten to the 27 year old nissan or the lexus that also needs a refresh. Anyways. @Kru any advice on lighting? I really need to step up in that regard.
  4. A 12 Ton hydraulic shop press for the garage.
  5. Are you trying to outsource your children's homework to opencarnage?
  6. Muuurdderraaa!
  7. Right in the feels I used to listen to this "cd" in the staging lanes at my local drag strip. Awesome find.
  8. I bet you would buddy Going to list one of the 1080s and my 980ti for sale once the 1080s get here today.
  9. EVGA GTX1080SC because midweek madness @ evga and insomnia don't mix. Now I get to tell my wife what I did. better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission? lmao update: wife laughed update 2: apparently my half asleep dumb ass ordered 2
  10. I have been using this exact one for a few years now. It's pretty damn convenient. These are also good for the garden hose to make hook ups even faster. https://www.amazon.com/Gilmour-Brass-Hose-Quick-Connector/dp/B0008IT0GE Look into foam cannons for pressure washers if you are just doing a quick dust off. If the car is super filthy I still bust out the buckets and wash mit, but for the basic hose off from a dust storm I just blast it with the foam canon and then rinse. They are pretty weak compared to the gassers but for washing cars it is so much easier to just plug in and pull the trigger.
  11. My gut told me to dump it a month ago. I wasn't feeling very good with the $275 outlook after I did. Looks like I won that round!
  12. YOU ARE ALL FUCKED. - Phoenix Weather Service
  13. It's a bit warm out.
  14. Damn. that's real fucking shitty to hear. Rip Puddin. He was good people.
  15. son of a bitch
  16. EVGA GTX980ti from the midweek madness sale.
  17. Whoever makes monitors without vesa holes should be shot. Also, does anyone really use monitor speakers?