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    Green bitch
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    Razer Blackwidow
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  1. happy birthday
  2. 24 below 100
  3. Bulletproof bj hunter
  4. Help those Floridians 1 like = 1 prayer.
  5. I thought florida was supposed to be warmer than Arizona in the winter. What is that shit @Puddin?
  6. The 5 dollar steam link showed up. I don't know if its supposed to fully mirror my desktop but it is and its kind of useable.
  7. I use the shit out of one of those on the 300zx. Love it!
  8. Cold pizza and warm beer. Breakfast of champions.
  9. Steam got me with that 5 dollar steamlink sale
  10. I had centurly link for a year when they offered some 20 bucks a month for 40mbps. It was more like 15 mbps on a good day. Constantly had outages. Absolute garbage compared to the RapeMeWithNoLubeCable. :-\ Google fiber y u no come to Phoenix like you planned?
  11. Oh for sure. When you start comparing high end guitars it is truly personal preference. My mistake for using that term as it is highly subjective musically speaking. My issue with the Taylor was that it was a good playing guitar but its overly bright tone took away from that fat full sound I expect from a hollow body guitar. To me it just sounded weak, almost fake actually, where as a good Martin has that rich full sound that I expect from a high end guitar. This opinion came about a year ago when my father was looking to blow a large wad on a new acoustic guitar for himself. We would go to various music stores trying out their selections but always gravitated back towards the Martins.
  12. Taylor's sound sterile. You made the right choice!