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  1. Hacked Closed Carnage from inside the data center
  2. 180 amp mig welder and shielding gas tank. I just want to do hoodrat stuff with my friends
  3. I feel like there is a Subaru joke about hellatone horns
  4. What's awesome is the press + a set of front control arm poly bushings for the Infiniti was cheaper than buying loaded control arms for the front. And I get parts at cost because my wife is the hnic of an oreilly autoparts. The thing paid for itself and I haven't even gotten to the 27 year old nissan or the lexus that also needs a refresh. Anyways. @Kru any advice on lighting? I really need to step up in that regard.
  5. A 12 Ton hydraulic shop press for the garage.
  6. Are you trying to outsource your children's homework to opencarnage?
  7. Muuurdderraaa!
  8. Right in the feels I used to listen to this "cd" in the staging lanes at my local drag strip. Awesome find.
  9. I bet you would buddy Going to list one of the 1080s and my 980ti for sale once the 1080s get here today.