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  1. Like that.
  2. 300 bucks? Wrx engine? Does it have a previously installed window?
  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Maverick actually did something along the lines of his words now that he doesn't have to run for re-election?
  4. I had to use a custom resolution to compensate on my wd65731. There is a technicians menu on these older Mitsubishi's that let's you do alignment shit. I forget what it can and can't do but refocus the Google search for that and you might find a way to fix the overscan.
  5. Did you ever get to drive it?
  6. N64

    In my area we have many retro games shops. Not sure where you're located but Craigslist and offer up(our your locations equivalents) are usually good starting point for finding classic games at ok prices. Also, ocarina of Time. Find it. Buy it. Play it.
  7. I clean the filters when I visually notice them getting funky.
  8. This is hanging on my sister's refrigerator.
  9. Dehydration is pretty sneaky out here. Obviously when the ambient temps are this high, you know you need to be drinking plenty of water. But when the temps are lower and more comfortable*, you don't really notice the sweat because it evaporates instantly due to the lack of moisture in the air. *Upper 80° to about 100°.
  10. Oversized Air conditioners and lots of water. And for fuck sake don't spend anymore time outside during the day than you have to.
  11. It's quite warm out. Our official temps have been 119f. Unofficially my outdoor thermometer hit 122f in the shade.