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  1. I didn't get a chance to play the beta, but I'll probably download the free trial if they come out with one. I'm interested to see how the general public likes this style of gameplay, as opposed to all of the other Battlefield games. I have a feeling that it's going to flop, but who knows? I've been wrong before!
  2. I like shopping online. Since a lot of the things I buy aren't tangible objects, or they're technology related, there isn't really a benefit to going to a store to look at them. Plus it's so crowded at the malls, I hate it. >_<
  3. One of my friends has it. It's a little disappointing, I thought the iPhone 5 would be something totally revolutionary. Instead, they made it a little bit longer. Just... wow. I'm willing to bet that the 5S won't be very popular.
  4. That's ironic that you don't have it yet, hahaha. Anyway, I don't plan on buying it personally. I'm a little tight for money right now, and it looks like a lot of the other cartoon based games that I've seen, based off of YouTube videos.
  5. I don't know how it's possible for a company to be able to make such awesome platforms, and yet still let their browser lag behind in the dust. I've heard good things about IE 10 (well, not good... but it's better than 9), but I won't ever be switching back. I just love how sleek Chrome is, and I get the feeling that the developers actually care about making a decent product.
  6. I think there definitely needs to be some separation, just for security's sakes. The more time you spend on the internet, the more likely you are to find some *shady* characters; it's just common sense. But a lot of my good friends are people I've met online, I still haven't met any in person. It's not that I'm afraid to, or don't want to like a lot of people, it's just hard because so many of them live FAR away.
  7. I definitely thought that MW2 was awesome. I'm a little biased though, it's the one that my friends always liked, so I guess I never got to personally experience the other ones. From what I've heard though, most of the games are almost carbon copies of each other. I wouldn't be surprised to see the CoD go under in a few years, honestly.
  8. Anonymous has been coming up in the news recently for small things, which made me want to look into their past more. What is your personal opinion on what they do, and are you in favor or opposition? I think what THEY do is awesome, I just hate to see a lot of script kiddies hiding behind them when they hack a good site because they're bored. >_<
  9. That's such a long way away, so it's kind of hard to think of. I really like your guys' ideas about virtual reality, and I think in over 480 years, this could totally happen. It would be like nothing else to be in a dangerous game with almost no consequences! *think Halo*
  10. I love the above post. For me, I like to text a lot, so that's my main method. I also use Twitter, because a lot of my friends are tied to it, so it's a very easy way to get in contact with them FAST.
  11. ...of Facebook, Twitter, and/or other social media? I hate Facebook, I think it sucks personally. But Twitter is really great, I have over 3,000 tweets in the past few months!
  12. If you don't like rap or hip hop, please don't hate. What rappers do you guys like, or find yourself listening to a lot of? I really am a fan of 2Pac and Eminem, of course, but my one recommendation to everyone would be Hopsin. I think he's going to be huge, I hope Knock Madness is as good as he says it will be!
  13. Others may have said this already, but I'm going to emphasize it. If you don't have money to buy EXACTLY what you think you will ever want or need, wait until you can. Make sure you can get a proper cooling system, and get the top of the line stuff. Oh, and make sure you read the reviews for things, and get parts at a place with a decent warranty. Just some general guidelines to keep in mind.
  14. A friend of mine really likes it, I guess, but I'm still torn on whether I'm going to buy it. I'm not a huge fan of socccer, but if it's fun I'll play it. I might just wait unti FIFA 13, I don't mind waiting.
  15. I always yell at the TV, which isn't too weird. But I yell weird swear words, ones that no one has probably ever heard before. ...I have anger problems.