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  1. Lucky. I've been getting bombarded with rain and wind. Gotta go North and relax at Redwoods or Yosemite.
  2. Grilled chicken breast with some asparagus and red potatoes.
  3. Jeep Liberty 2005. Barely started driving. It's exactly like this one from Cars.com with all the options. Got it as a birthday present last year.
  4. Stereo cable for my MEEAudio M6 Pro. ONKYO full access Phone Bill
  5. Software: Windows: Foobar2000 ChromeOS: Enjoy Music Player and Google Play Music Phone: ONKYO HiFi Player on my Sharp Aquos Crystal with Harmon/Kardon Audio (Software) -Previously PowerAmp v3 Alpha build 703 Equipment: Earbuds: MEEAudio M6 Pro (Will purchase T200 Comply Earbuds later) Home Theater: DENON S-101 with 2 JBL speakers and a big DENON Subwoofer -(Basic I know but the S-101 plays HDCD and that was awesome back in the early 2000's) -I plan on building my audio system on my DENON AVR-791 that I got for free How about you guys? Btw: pls no skullcandy scrubs and ifrogz thx
  6. My Samsung Chromebook: 1366x768
  7. Mara and Calle 18 boys are going to be popping all over Outback Steakhouse. Step up, Aussies. These groups like doing shootouts in daylight like they did in L.A. Biker gangs got nothing on these niggas. Stamp down on them right quick.
  8. New semester starts for me. Now I have to wait and see if I get in the class or if I'm staying on the waitlist.

  9. http://www.defensenews.com/articles/israeli-satellite-imagary-shows-russian-nuclear-capable-missiles-in-syria Do the Russians always move nuclear missiles with the army? Why the hell do they have a pair of nuclear missiles for the Syrian war? "Deterrence"? Politics and machismo?