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  1. Hahha nice vid , old school always wins!
  2. Guess they're cool, never really even heard of them now that I think about it... ahaha
  3. Listening to Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia
  4. A toyota corolla. Loved that baby like it was my own
  5. Your age adjusted IQ score is 132 and the average score for all test takers is 100. Your Grade ** Gifted ** Anyone with a general IQ this high is considered to be gifted. You have the ability to think critically, conceptualize ideas and form your own conclusions. Your ability to think in patterns and to produce order out of chaos enables you to handle complexities and see logic in everything. Needless to say you are self-aware of your abilities and have the brains for all known occupations. If you think of intelligence as the ability to adapt easily to new situations then you are at the top of the charts.
  6. PERFECT weather outside for a change, felt amazing to finally be outside!
  7. I am definitely a night owl, I spend a lot of my nights up on the computer doing things. And I just prefer owls over bears in general haha.
  8. I wish i had a tablet, I only got a laptop. They're great for drawing things online too.
  9. I would just go to best buy myself, or fry's electronics.. hahaa. I'd have no clue how to make my own computer seems like it would just burst my brain. xD
  10. LOL I never have dreams this detailed. They're always so faint and forgetful lol. Funny though!
  11. Today I got on the computer and did some work and then I went out for lunch. I also fixed my floor that had a huge crack in it (don't ask me why, i have no idea!). I got promoted as a reviewer at forumpromo, so now I have that to keep up with
  12. the home key that is above the directional keys. Its over "end" and between "insert" and "page up" on my keyboard.. I agree, glad to know theres a navigation bar but It could be moved just for convenience!
  13. Spiders don't kiss people! xD Ugh, I just hate spiders, only the big ones. the tiny ones i can tolerate, they're kinda funny to watch haha. The bigger ones i find in my room almost daily not so much. xD
  14. I've been on airplanes before, i dont really have any thoughts about them other than they get you to where you're going. I'd stick with cars since it'd be a huge hassle to go places by bicycle where I live lol.
  15. wow. that looks very nice! i love light shows lol. Thing is they make my brain and eyes hurt a little haha!