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  1. Why not? I was playing in 8K the other day
  2. I'm running a 7970Ghz edt. , so GeDoSaTo was my best option. I never actually checked what the uploaded image size ended being. brb *EDIT* So I downloaded a jpg copy of the image and it's at the same resolution I uploaded. What format did you try to upload it in? I used a compressed png converted by photoshop from the original 130mb bmp taken by halo, which has seemed to work
  3. i don't doubt it. but if someone's already done the work, i can just replace the old HUD tags with the new ones
  4. Didn't someone re-do the Halo 1 HUD with non original xbox spec. textures ie higher resolution? The HUD has been the main downside for me while experimenting with this down-sampling business, given they're being up-scaled to hell. If the high res. HUD found their way into PC or CE single player maps, i'd love to know about it
  5. Was recently looking into killing the slight jaggies (aliasing artefacts) I still had when running Halo PC @ 1080p w/HAC2 and an SMAA Injector ( http://mrhaandi.blogspot.com.au/p/injectsmaa.html ). Said 'looking into' led me to down-sampling. I've researched into it before, but was never able to get it to work on my system. However, after Looking at this: http://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-run-halo-combat-evolved-on-windows-78 I can report that I've successfully run halo down-sampled from 4K to 1080p. Screenshots should be up soon, but I was really impressed at Halo's crisp-ness, given its age. Further tweaking may be needed as i was only getting around 20fps, which is hard to play with. Hope this helps *EDIT* Here's an example screenshot. Might take a while to get some really nice ones, as i need to find a nice location, take the 129MB screenshot, then covert it to PNG to shrink it with out making it look like shit, then upload it ***WARNING HUGE IMAGES*** *EDIT 2* Turns out im running Halo @ 8K >_< ( 7680x4320) and after further tweaks, and i can get a solid 30fps w/Bicubic scaling and Ultra AA in GeDoSaTo, so i'm pretty chuffed
  6. Dat so pruurdy man
  7. As an Australian, I can tell you what an actual load of crap it is. The petition made GTA V out to be "Violent Rape Simulator 2015", as opposed it being a very small portion of the game (with pretty much every previous iteration having similar content) but alas im used to stupid stuff like this happening (See L4D2). Note that I know next to no-one who actually buys games from Target and K-mart apart from parents shopping for there kids wherein the problem lies. Apparently the mature +15 or new +18 rating aren't enough to stop stupid people buying these kinds of games for there prepubescent (mainly) sons. I'm not defending the games content as I think its a really shitty way to stir interest and publicity for the game but thats a whole other can of worms. A good (Australian) article that discuss's the issue further: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/games/grand-theft-auto-and-the-problem-with-banning-violent-video-games-and-media-20141204-11zq3h.html?&utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=nc&eid=socialn%3Afac-14omn0013-optim-nnn%3Anonpaid-25%2F06%2F2014-social_traffic-all-organicpost-nnn-smh-o&campaign_code=nocode&promote_channel=social_facebook
  8. This is my JAM not really though, currently hooked on
  9. I hope that's a no shields match or something. My favourite thing about Halo is not dying after some scrub puts a bullet into your toe Because otherwise they're keeling over way to quickly. Also, i dont mind the side dodging given the fact that Spartans are sposed to be genetically and technically enhanced soldiers, though im not sure how i feel about the mounting things bit. and the white sprinting lines look pretty shit at this stage. I also hope the 'iron sights thing gets fleshed out to be more of a scope-less zoom having bigger holo graphics, rather than what it is now. That pistol looks about the right size for a 3 year old, and they've changed the way your fp arms cradles weapons , which i think gives it the "COD-iest" feel out of everything :/ Despite all that i rekon they'll chuck in a "Classic" mode thats alot more faithful to previous Halo games All said and done, the beta give people a chance to tell 343 what works and what doesn't, so hopefully we see some changes prior to an actual release.
  10. Apparently the glass issue is especially prevalent in Custom Edition. Are you running PC or CE? bit more info here: http://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/3658-glitchbitmap-or-uv-corruption/#entry50961
  11. was it anything like these: http://imgur.com/a/NgFIo#Ic7MxBU or this:
  12. How To On "Halo Modding". Pick Two options: 1) Putting out work 2) Enjoy putting out work 3) Please halomaps
  13. http://www.tonymacx86.com/419-customac-nano-prebuilt-micro-pc.html A goldmine of NUC and other hackintosh related knowledge NUC & BRiX devices also have the ability to run mSATA SSD's that are faster than standard SATAIII drives, as well as certain models having IntelIRIS graphics or even custom Nvidia GPU's
  14. I've fitted my laptop with an SSD (on which Halo resides) and im running windows 8.1 (pretty resource light). I have 4GB of SODIMM DDR3 RAM, though my CPU is hyperthreaded (not that halo is a multi-threaded game), and runs @ 2.58ghz. So yea, from memory i's set shaders to 1.0, low quality sound and more stuff like that. I'll see if I cant find my settings and post them Visual sacrifices for performance were made as it wasn't my main platform (my desktop gets far more use, and pulls much higher performance), rather a good way to burn the last half an hour of a lecture. Back in 2009 my 1st desktop ran a dual core AMD chip, whose on-board video struggled with iTunes visualisers >_< Over-clocking didn't help a whole lot, with the best performance increase I saw coming from a hacked version (Russian from memory?) of DX10 for the version of XP (SP2, before the killed naitive 360 media sharing) that I was running at the time
  15. man, i think my kill streaks are gunna be going way down with all these gorgeous vista's...... Also, when i was setting halo up on my uni laptop (lectures on mainframe subsystems can get hella boring) im pretty sure there were a couple of tweaks and mods that got Halo running better on my IntelHD 2500 of a 2nd Gen i3. to the point were i was getting playable (avg. 35 fps) at 1600x900 (laptops native res.) so break out the google-fu and see what you find, cuz i cant remember them for the life of me >_<