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  1. I do a lot of high res editing and I should have added that I have my caviar's in Raid 1. Also I have been meaning to upgrade my 4890 but it's really on the back burner right now xD. But the only games that i haven't really been able to play are the Dx11 games like Ghosts or Crysis 3 but other than that im able to play almost any game @ medium or high with no AA.
  2. Hi all first post xD. Here's my rig Fx 6100 @ 4.4GHz M5A99fx Pro Lepa G1000 Radeon Hd 4890 @ 1080 2x Samsung 840 120gb raid 0 6x 2tb Wd cavier green Corsair graphite 600T (although I wanted the Lanboy Air ) Noctua NH D14 8Gb G skill ripjaws. I hope to make some new friends on here