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  1. I've been very busy over the last few months and have been primarily playing Bloodborne on PS4. I've been occasionally coming back to Fallout 3 on pc, but with my shit pc, it's not something I can hook myself on like I did before. Still an amazing game, just my pc sucks. Anyway, Bloodborne is fucking amazing, easily one of the best games I've ever played(just like fallout3), very fun, very interesting, and the attention to detail in the world is almost overwhelming. My one complaint is that it can get stupidly hard at some points and it doesn't matter what stats you have, it's supposed to be next to impossible at some points lol. The main story at least wasn't too annoying with that op shit.
  2. Just got an X-Blades steam key for free off Bundle Stars. I don't want it so who ever does can take it. GMAJN-8HMTV-K9AQD
  3. Was going to get GTA: Sanandreas today, but apparently there's some issue that I need to contact my bank about. I hope I can still make that deal.
  4. I'd prefer the MCC first.
  5. I hope they at least put the MCC on pc at some point down the road. Along with all the other games eventually.
  6. THANK YOU!!!! I've been discussing my thoughts on where Halo is going with many people on youtube and so many of them are just sheep. I agree with almost everything you've said, only I'm still going to be getting Halo 5 at some point. I still think that Halo 5 could be really good, but there's no certainty. I just hate how so many people online just don't care and even embrace whatever massive changes 343 decides to throw in. I've encountered several people who actually want chief to die. I don't come on this forum all that often, but I'm really glad to see people who actually make sense.
  7. Apparently they got rid of LAN play because the game couldn't simultaneously render two or more screens. They've got this system to make sure the game starts at 60fps which basically involves a sudden res drop from 1080p to lower resolutions(I'm guessint it won't go farther down thab 720p). So much for next gen.They've even done severely cut down customization. We can only select bodies and helmets now. Yea, I couldn't believe it either. It gets worse, we have to choose from preset emblems. So all we really do is change colours, but even colours are preset combinations from what I've seen for the emblems.
  8. You guys don't seem to be involved in the Hunt the Truth pr campaign. The chief being dead is most likely a lie whipped up by ONI after chief goes rogue and Locke is sent after him. People are going crazy with speculation though. I personally hate this one demographic of people who think that the chief should die because "he can't live forever". Ridiculous, if chief dies, I'm really not sure I'll be able to give a fuck about Halo afterward. It's not like they want him to die at the end of the story, that is fine, but people are saying that they want a new protagonist to take over. I've always seen Halo as a sort of epic poem, a space opera focused on chief and Cortana trying to save the galaxy. Those same poetic ideas still exist in the series, yet a lot of people seem completely blind to them. If chief were to stop the danger of the halo array entirely and halo would no longer be an ever looming threat to the galaxy, then I think the idea of chief dying and a new protagonist taking over would be interesting, but I also think the series should still end and get a sequel series under a new name in the same universe. That would be cool imo.
  9. Just beat Metro Last Light a couple days ago. The metro series is easily one of the greatest series I've ever had the privilege of playing. Solid gameplay, fascinating story, beautiful visuals, very immersive settings, a wowing concept and an amazing game overall. My only complaints would be that there are a few ridiculously hard parts(more in the first game than the second), and that the entire karma points system is really screwy and nobody seems to really understand it. I tried very hard to get the good ending in the second game, I googled a whole bunch of shit and did a lot of side objectives, and knocked out most of the enemies in the game. Even after all that, somehow it wasn't enough for the good ending. Both endings are pretty good tbh, but the "good" ending is just so much better. I'll play the game again when I get a new PC(God knows when), I'll get the good ending for sure next time.
  10. Perseus, you beautiful bastard! Last Light has been made free and it's once again, this game is amazing!I'm not too sure, but I don't think I'm very far into the game at all. I've gotten at least a couple hours in already too. Just wondering, do you(or anyone reading this really) know anything about the moral points system? I thought it was odd that I was given an option to kill nazis or knock them out, especially considering I was in a concentration camp when I found this out. Apparently moral points are not lost for killing general enemies, but rather for sparing people who have surrendered and the two main antagonists(not really sure what that last part means though). I really hope I'm still good for the good ending because I've slit quite a few nazi throghts already.
  11. I got Metro 2033 because it's free right now on Xbox. (I also own it on steam but thieves are gay so I don't have a computer anymore.) This game is great! Great graphics, great environmental designs, great story, fun gameplay and very imersive. My only complaint is that some enemies can be really op. Ran into a couple of parts where I died a good 20 times lol. You can shoot a guy in the head 3 times and still get killed. There are these monsters that I think are called librarians, they take like 20 shotgun rounds to go down. Other than some challenging parts, the game is great. The entire concept of the story is incredible.
  12. It happened on the 22nd. Someone on the MSI forums said that I could call a nearby service center and they would have the MAC addresses on record, but after searching shit on Google for a good hour, I could only find a couple of general tech support numbers. I called tech support and they said there's no way to get the MAC addresses without the laptop. That was before the guy on the forums said that a service center would have them on record. On Wednesday, because I won't be working that day, I'll try again to see if there's any legitimacy to what the dude from the forums said.Last one I had was a GT70 2PC Dominater. I got it for $1500. It was a display model so the original price was $1600. I'm going to try to shoot for maybe $2000 for the next one. Won't be doing that this year though. At least most likely not considering I currently have a pone time job and my financial state is horrible, and I'll have to pay back OSAP soon. At least by time I get my next one, Batman: Arkham Knight will be fixed and I'll most likely be able to play it on ultra.
  13. My account was the only one on the laptop and it was password protected. If someone were to sign into it, I would be able to see the loggin by looking at Hotmail recent activity, because the account that I was using to log in was my Hotmail account. If someone signed in, it would say the IP address, and the OS used. For some reason I'm still seeing Windows logins quite frequently, but they're coming from the same IP address that my Android logins are coming from. I'm guessing that for some reason my email auto logs in when my mom uses her computer.My IP address seems to have changed randomly over the last few days. I thought I had something for a second because I noticed the last 3 numbers were different, but then I saw my Android login had the same one. Now I can't go back to college until I get a new laptop that can handle the software, and I can't play the awesome games I bought. Among them was Skyrim... But I never installed it. :'( At least that's one more save I didn't have to lose. I called MSI and apparently the S/N means shit all. Why the hell don't company's put the freaking MAC addresses on thevdamn box stickers? Next computer I get, I'm going to see if I can get a GPS installed. Maybe a flamethrower security system as well lol.
  14. I was playing Fallout3 and Dark Souls, but some fuck stole my laptop about two weeks ago. I checked out the Xbox that hadn't been reading disks for a while now. Luckily, Games with Gold was offering Gears of War 3. So that's what I'm currently playing. I gotta say, Gears 3 has an incredible campaign. Would still prefer to have my laptop though.
  15. I thought the concept at least was really cool. Main character leaves the vault to search the waste land for his father. The dialogue had a lot of bad times, but I still think the story was pretty good.