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    Georgia, USA
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    System Administrator
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    Systems Design, Computer Programming, Warframe, Furry Fandom
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    Intel Core i5-4690K
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    MSI Z97-GD65 Gaming
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    (MSI 4GD5T) GeForce GTX 960 4GB
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    Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB
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    Corsair CX600M 600W
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    NZXT Source 210 Black
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    Two 2004 Apple Cinema Displays
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    Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 7

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  1. Still alive! Well, as alive as an anxiety riddled no-life sysadmin could be, they have me working nights now and it's straight up suicide-inducing. I'd summarize what I've been up to and the projects I've been working on, but everything is far too complex for me to bear here. Sorry if anyone here feels ignored, or feels as if I've just done a U-turn after coming back.

    1. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      I love working nights lol.  Good to see you're alive though buddy

    2. ST34MF0X


      Hang in there, Floof. We're pulling for you.

    3. WaeV


      Hey stranger! Long time no see :) Good to hear from you