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  1. Hey, you're into restoring and maintaining old motherboards, right? Anything in particular that someone interested in the field should know? :) I've heard capacitors can be a pain to deal with

    1. Floofies


      I like restoring old Apple hardware. The most common causes of death are electrolytic capacitors, clock batteries, and the environment.

      At least in the old Macs, we have what is called an "M-Bomb" AKA a red Maxell brand battery. They don't just leak, but explode with fire. It's always important to remove those.

    2. WaeV


      The niche I'm interested in is CRTs. It looks like capacitors are among the first components to go. No batteries to worry about, though.


      I love how the image path in these things is totally analog, and they were designed to be replaceable. In theory you could puzzle out a circuit just by looking at it. I'm so used to CPUs and software lol.


  2. Happy birthday OC! Where's the cake and presents? What do those mean to a website? Let's see... *server fans rev up to produce morse code* You want a stick of butter for your birthday? What for? *server fans rev up again* You want us... to rub it... on your–oOOoookay, we are definitely not doing that.
  3. Still alive! Well, as alive as an anxiety riddled no-life sysadmin could be, they have me working nights now and it's straight up suicide-inducing. I'd summarize what I've been up to and the projects I've been working on, but everything is far too complex for me to bear here. Sorry if anyone here feels ignored, or feels as if I've just done a U-turn after coming back.

    1. Skeezix the Cat

      Skeezix the Cat

      I love working nights lol.  Good to see you're alive though buddy

    2. ST34MF0X


      Hang in there, Floof. We're pulling for you.

    3. WaeV


      Hey stranger! Long time no see :) Good to hear from you

  4. Xubuntu 16.04, it's uptime is a 1:1 ratio to my productivity. Minimized my windows so you can see the wallpaper. :>
  5. What do you need to know?
  6. !!! What a surprise! I didn't expect to see my old banners on your profile!


    Also hello fellow dragon :D

    1. Vuthakral


      Hi lol, I still miss the old banner/ability to choose their colour. I actually didn't have acess to all the old RGB ones, just the blue one, I had to colour shift them, there's some minor issues but I think I got them just about right

      Oh right, also don't forget about the OpenCarnage National Anthem


  7. Kids are the worst! Last year I took a trip to Maui, Hawaii. On the way back home, from Maui to SF, I thought it was a good choice to book those economy plus seats; it turned out to be a big mistake. Seated in the seats in front of mine were two kids and their mom, with the dad across the aisle. The whole family, 2 kids and the parents, were all dressed in matching football jersies. I overheard mom on the phone: "The tenants wanted to know what that red stain was on their carpet, tell them it was pink play dough". And then, this very smart woman gave the kids a gigantic ball of pink play dough! Right there! In the plane! So, within 15 minutes, before we even take off, the mother is ripping one of the jersies off one of the kids while screaming at them. The poor kid was started crying. The mom was furious because... The kid smeared the play dough all over themselves. Gee, what a shocker... Dad had totally mentally fucked off as soon as he sat down, completely ignoring the insanity going on only feet away from him. He was in some far away place, staring into the abyss of what life would be like without having crazy monkey kids! Then, throughout the entire flight, it gets worse. She gives the kids all sorts of stuff like juice, and of course it gets dumped all over the place; 80% of the food they're given just winds up on the floor and literally into the air, over the back of the seats, and into my face. I even watched as one of the kids opened the armrest (containing a pull-out a tray) and dump an entire cup of fruit juice inside. Guess what was right below that? My brand new (at the time) tech-backpack, with an iPad and HP laptop inside, among a dozen other juice-sensitive electronics. My boyfriend formulated a theory that the mother stopped paying attention to the kids at key moments, in order to get attention for herself; he presumed that to her, bad attention is better than none at all. We confirmed this theory as we disembarked the plane, which is when mom started excitedly yelling very loud small-talk at a few random flight attendants. I felt so, so bad for the poor flight attendants who had to clean up after those kids. Juice: dumped. Water: dumped. Play dough: everywhere. Assorted foods: piled in mountains on the floor and seats. As I was boarding the connecting flight, a kid was running around me yelling, having a fun time. He then tripped over my bag... and his mom slapped the ever-loving shit out of him! I watched in awe and horror as this poor little happy kid got flung into the air by his ass.
  8. Oh hey, long time no see!

  9. Wow! Thank you!
  10. I took a look at what IPB uses, it is this editor: http://ckeditor.com/ As far as I can tell, it does have these features built-in: So it should just be a matter of enabling them.
  11. I've been meaning to try it for awhile. What's your username/display name?
  12. Is that Second Life?
  13. Hey fellow tech!
  14. I think that's an awful lot of speculation just based on media type. You should stick to the basics instead of analyzing industry decisions. - System architecture might change a bit if CD's weren't used, but fundamentally would have stayed the same. Advances in processing power happened independently of the media used. - One of the biggest effects of staying with cartridges is lower NVRAM compared to a CD/DVD. You can cram a lot more data on an optical disk than you can a cartridge (of that time period). A good example of this being used on a legacy system was the Sega CD, which is an optional external disk drive for the cartridge-based Sega Genesis System. - Conversely, sticking with cartridges would give system builders a head start in terms of performance, as the Flash memory industry exploded in the 90's, with faster R/W speeds to boot. Switching to optical media definitely impacted R/W speeds (dem loading times) and in some instances could cause games to stutter (on old systems). - Something to also consider is the reliability of solid-state media. Sure, the cartridge port itself can break, but cartridges were built like tanks. We all know how fragile optical disks are. This might change how end users see the media. That's my thoughts on the matter. Industry choices might branch out from these basic concepts.
  15. Garry's Mod DarkRp. Yeah I know, it's pretty terrible.