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  1. It is attitudes like that which prevent this forum from being populated by more intelligent and enthusiastic people. Good day. Actually. I'm done here. I can't do anything in this community because I obviously do not fit in here among all the unwarranted disrespect and unmitigated hatred thrown around without reason. So I'm taking my hard work elsewhere. Feel free to insult me on my way out, that's obviously your routine decorum.
  2. 002, that's a pizza that a storm washed up. Nice job raising the bar. It may be high in cholesterol, but the tomatoes and combination looks delicious, if not potentially disgusting. Here again is the challenge of the contest: Whoever posts the most delicious picture of pizza will win exclusive access to the first release of Zeus, both for Windows and for Mac! More information in message #9 here: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=47309
  3. The contest has the following pre-conceived purposes. First, it gives me tasty pictures of pizza to look at. Second, it helps me determine the maturity and responsibility level of the certain people who reply. Third, it helps me provide a baseline for enthusiasm. Fourth, it is fun. Fifth, it lets me easily involve members of various Halo communities in a single-minded contest that is neither offensive nor overly competitive, but entertaining for all. I don't need bug testers; bug testers are for people who don't test their own programs or intentionally release unstable or untested programs, which is irresponsible and unprofessional. I make sure programs work before I release them, or I limit features and tell people what limited features said program has. It will be released "to everyone" along with the source code, which I intend to release -- to mature and responsible parties, not people who show themselves untrustworthy by trolling in this contest, for example -- along with the usable and stable and BUG FREE versions that I choose. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for that suggestion! I think with all the work that I will need to put into the interface and interface features, the only logical reason to release the program and its source code to anyone would be so that I would receive intelligent and helpful help with the development of those parts of the program. The actual "file parsing" is easy, and I have been able to get several tags done per day. In fact, I have a timeline estimate of having support for all the Halo 1 tag types complete within this week, to be finished by Sunday. That's the easy part; the time-consuming part is the user interface and user interface features. But I don't trust anyone with the code for this project, especially when I see a lack of competent programmers. 002 seems to be relatively competent, but he's shown he is not interested in this project at all by what I have considered to be trolling posts (either that or very generous to the other competitors) of moldy pizza, which I have had to wave my magic wand so I don't need to see anymore.
  4. That's funny! That's so disgusting. ... I hope you post another picture on a different site, because I gotta say right now, though hillarious, that's probably not going to be a runner-up. Just a heads up so you don't feel bad.
  5. Hi! I'm making Zeus, an old Halo editor development project of mine, and if you are interested, please enter the contest here. Contest Whoever posts the most delicious picture of pizza will win exclusive access to the first release of Zeus, both for Windows and for Mac! Details: See message #9 here: http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=47309 (Zeus is a Halo 1 PC / Mac / Custom Edition files editor. My goal for it is to have it make modding Halo 1 really easy and fun.)
  6. For the mac version, the checkbox values for Death Bonus and Kill Penalty are backwards. That might sound a little confusing, so let me clarify: When "death bonus" is checked, the value is actually NO When "kill penalty" is checked, the value is actually NO
  7. Interesting. I was also thinking about data storage. By storing the tag metadata VALUES along with their data, you are wasting data storage space (like having duplicates of the same text file on your hard drive with only slight variations in data).
  8. is this for halo pc or for halo mac? the game crashes when I try to use it in halo ub or halomd (after renaming). the issue you're dealing with is probably a customized sbsp of gephyrophobia, with an artificially shallow bottom of the map.
  9. Hey, 002, come help me with UNSCDF and let's incorporate some of these ideas in Zeus. I was planning on making a text format for tags anyway. I don't like JSON though, since its braces can be confusing and almost indecipherable; just imagine how confusing it would be if we had to edit .nix files in their text format. We would need a different proprietary format for the text files, but something useful and clear. Let's make something up on our own that suits embedded chunk data. JPT! is a flat file; look at the same of an sbsp or even an snd! tag where you would have an overwhelming number of embedded braces far off the right side of the window on a widescreen monitor, and the data is not even represented in text format. Would you use Base64 for model and sound and image data types? Also, would you represent modifications to a default commercial tag as only one or two values, like a textual bsdiff patch? The two reasons you mentioned were: 1. The ability to edit tags with a text editor. -- I do not see this as an advantage as long as (Zeus) has the facility it should. It can come with a Quick Look plugin eventually. 2. Ease of editing reflexive counts. -- This issue you are mentioning is directly related to Eschaton's limitations as Altimit01 left it. Again, it's no issue if (Zeus) is made properly. And in the programming of Zeus, specifically, this really is no issue at all. You can see how it is no issue at all by starting a new tagc tag in the current pre-alpha release: http://zeus.galaxyverge.com/Zeus.zip I have used Guerilla's text format for debugging corrupted tags. However, the issue of a corrupted tag should be handled properly by an application like Zeus.
  10. I don't know if the only applications that are allowed to be posted on OC are free applications, but I'm making Zeus a paid application as part of a service bundle, so go ahead and delete or lock this topic if it doesn't follow the forum guidelines anymore.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzQo7NhKG04 http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=46824
  12. I've posted information about an AI Synchronization attempt in progress. Here is the link, feel free to post comments here or on the UNSC topic: http://unsc.galaxyverge.com/viewtopic.php?p=303#p303 There is a map file set available, one for hosting and one for joining as a client. The map is one of my works in progress for the beginning of the Galaxy Wars campaign.
  13. Remove the "loc.map" file from your maps folder when you compile the map with the HEK, then when the map is compiled, delete the dummy loc.map file it puts there and put the old loc.map file back where it was in the maps folder.