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  1. Here should be a good place to look. Be aware, you'll need to recompile their bitmaps. They insist on using 32-bit full color bitmaps for every texture, which is complete overkill. You end up with bitmaps that are 4-6MB per texture.
  2. Z-team, whose bitmaps and shaders I edited of course.
  3. Tucker the plasma rifle does just that, primary drops shields, secondary drops health. Check again, it overheats a little too quickly I think but I had to balance out the never having to reload. Might cool it down a bit. Also, it's it helps to burst the trigger on the PR, instead of just holding it straight down. Sceny as explained previously the AR and SMG can overheat, and when doing so there's a chance of "warping the barrel." This causes the player to discard the weapon. I'll also be making custom ustr tags for that, just haven't gotten to it yet. And yeah, I'll have to look into masking those lights, I know exactly what you mean.
  4. So, the lens flare issue is not something that can be fixed, it's an error with how lens flares are rendered in the game. I was using them to make certain objects glow, particularly the sniper rifle scope. The scope was glowing orange, it looked quite nice. However, since it can't be fixed, I'm going the long way. I'll be editing the model in 3ds to give it a flat plane and render a schi tag overtop of it to give a similar effect. I started this, but then realized that Halo really is just too old for it's tools to be compatible with 3ds max 2013 proper. So I'm looking into acquiring an old copy of 2010, since I know for certain that works. Normally, for such a small feature I wouldn't bother. But I plan on using some of these weapons in the upcoming campaign map, and so it makes sense to tag them up pretty now since I haven't gotten playtesting done on it yet either. Beings that this will take some time, and that I plan on touching up more than just the sniper, I'll be releasing a beta version below. Known issues that still need fixing; Weapon and Vehicle strings are often missing or broken. "Press E to enter <need string here>" Almost all weapons have an Assault Rifle logo for pickup, this is due to me copy/pasting the HUD so I'd only have to do minor edits. This will be fixed. Dead Banshees need a new particle system, the Carbine's charging sound is too quiet. The map should not exception at any point, it should not have any graphical errors, the banshees should be able to be destroyed and respawn. If you play and notice ANYTHING that doesn't work, please please please let me know. The map runs fine on CE, The released file is a PC mapfile. During the conversion, dozens of things could possibly go wrong. If you notice anything that seems odd, post here so I can isolate the issue. Put into your Maps folder, and run the map Gephyrophobia.
  5. Ran into some unforseen issues, specifically with the respawning of banshees. I was using dormant scripts and waking them, but dormant scripts can only be activated once so after the initial respawn the setup wasn't functioning properly. I've since changed it to use continuous scripts and I've assigned globals as a means of activating the separate scripts. I'm now hitting an issue with lens flares attached to weapons, and having them still appear while the weapon is zoomed in, just sort of floating there. Distracting and annoying, but they really improve the look of the weapons so I'm hoping to find a fix for this. Due to those issues, I'm still planning on making an upload but I'll be calling it a beta instead of an RC. I really want to nail a few more things down and the extra time I've spent on this has been holding me back from completing everything I'd like.
  6. Pretty cool, and that's a nice looking BSP for the poly count. You'd obviously need to tweak it a bit, but it's a useful tool for sure.
  7. Can't you plug a monitor into it? It doesn't have a port for the monitor plugin?
  8. I'll be putting out a Release Candidate either tonight or tomorrow. Copy will only be uploaded here at OpenCarnage, I'm hoping I can get some quick feedback prior to the Mod Night upcoming. At this point I've pretty much wrapped it up and I'm ready to move on to my next project. I'll be working with somebody on a Campaign map.
  9. I posted this over at HaloMaps, I'll drop a line here as well; EDIT: This issue was fixed by converting the originally MONO audio track into a STEREO track. Upon recompiling, it worked.
  10. Yee, democracy a move is made every 10 seconds based on the highest-voted move. This was implemented after getting stuck in certain sections for hours. Anarchy, a move is made when the chat command is sent. Thankfully, they don't backlog; the Pokemon game wouldn't register any button presses while another one was being run (IE, if I hit down, and the character starts to step, and during that step you say left, it's ignored.) By saying Democracy, the slider moves towards that side, saying Anarchy moves it back. Now, in the Crystal version, Democracy is automatically turned on each hour. That's why they're zooming through it.
  11. I'm sure at least some of you have heard of this recent phenomenon "Twitch plays pokemon", where users enter commands in a chat window like "up", "down", "a", "b", etc. to play a pokemon game over a live stream. Well, in 16 days, they actually beat it. Despite trolls causing them to jump over ledges, multiple people entering the same button causing issues like releasing a charmeleon, and managing to make it through the safari zone and Giovanni's gym. Incredible really, I never thought it would get finished. Trying to get through some areas on a gameboy is hard enough, let alone over the internet with everybody entering commands as fast as they can type them. So what are they doing now? ...Playing Crystal Version. Some Interesting Facts; Pokémasters: 1,165,140 Commands issued: 122+ million Peak Pokémasters watching: 121,000 Onlookers: 9+ million Total views: 36+ million Minutes watched: 1+ billion
  12. Okay that makes more sense to me. I know that you cannot "add maps" to Halo, which is why it was never done. It was never a matter of modders being lazy or not knowing to change the names, it was a matter that PC wouldn't look for maps or update it's listing. So I was curious as to how you managed to play them with custom map names. I figured the only two options were a custom program that was designed to look for "extra" maps, or a server-side function that would load the mapfile. The second makes more sense.
  13. It's so so beautiful, but like Kva said those polys. Without serious serious manual editing, I highly doubt running it through any optimizing algorithms would be enough to get the poly's down to Halo-BSP levels. Not to say it's not incredibly useful for other games, as it obviously is.
  14. I use Tool to render lightmaps, as it's quicker and better than Sapien. Whether using either though, it takes several, several hours to render. Even on debug quality, I need it to run overnight. I attempted to run final quality, and left it going before I left for work (10:30am) I just got home around 8 and it was at 0.68 It took over 10 hours and didn't even get halfway. I'm rendering lightmaps on gephyrophobia. I have a 3.6 ghz Quad-Core processor. I was rendering lightmaps significantly faster on an old single core 1.8 ghz, I could sit and watch them compile, it would only take like a half hour. I recall Sapien can only use one core, is having a quad actually hurting me in this case, like am I only getting 25% of the processor speed or something stupid? My only thought is that because gephy is lit up with all these dynamic lights, it takes significantly longer than lighting a map with just a single light source, but even then it's never ever taken me this long. Edit: Apparently, Tool doesn't like when shaders emit light? I've had no issues with that in my map. strange.
  15. This is probably the first thing I can remember from the "Internet". I use quotes because the "Internet" back in 1997-1998 was a whole whole lot different then the internet today. And it made me look for some other relics, and remember some of the first experiences I had with computers. The MMORPG known as Ultima Online, which I was a frequent player of. I remember downloading music with Napster and then having to move on to KaZaA after that. Here's the part where I really start showing my gray hairs though; OOOooof. Yes when I was a young kid, I played Jumpman. It was my favorite game, I played it on an old IBM Personal Computer. Yes, as in one of these; Any of you guys have some relics from years gone by? Any old memories worth bringing back?