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  1. but you are still harming others with second hand smoke
  2. As long a HaloMD is not shutting down then i think i'm going to stay out of all this sever stuff. because its going to make my brain go boom. learning..... all....... this......... *boom*
  3. Yes, i guess if you want to harm yourself with filthy chemicals, be my guest, but you may regret it later
  4. I really don't understand much of this, but does this mean that HaloMD is shutting down?
  5. I personally want smoking to be rid of in this world, A - its bad for you B - its bad for others
  6. really!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! i thought it was going to be released like in a long while; but not long to wait now.
  7. Titanfall Beta was released a little while ago, that seems pretty fun. i don't have the beta, but i hope to get the full game when it is released.
  8. I am a huge Halo fan and it irritates me that I cant get Halo 5, although I won't need to if I get GTA 5 (which also wont happen due to overprotective parents).
  9. You're right I am dreaming, only because I'm a 15 year old kid who just got his 360 a couple years ago, and wont be getting halo 5 because I cant get a new gen console. Thanks for the spoiler.
  10. I understand, but is there still a chance that because the console is still new, Microsoft will loose Halo fans (biggest franchise) because they don't have the time and money or need for the Xbox One?
  11. As many of you know I and a lot of others here are big halo fans, and there have been rumors about what 343 is going to do for halo 5. Who knows, share your thoughts, see if we can crack the code of the leaks and news.
  12. Well then, you are both great architects. i only dream of the day i can be good at video games like halo, and Minecraft because i suck
  13. And I thought that I was a good builder. Also, KITTY!
  14. That's not a UFO, that's a ball of fire.
  15. Which proves my point.