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  1. Vermont. Their snowmobile trail system is aweome.
  2. Made a snowmobile video a couple months ago. First go at the gopro(pun intended) and first go at video editing. Used their software which was a bit limiting. Live and you learn I guess.
  3. Tis me from about a year ago.
  4. Ya, all the hd graphics and such are looking awesome. And nope, WOT is really the only game I'm playing now. Don't really have time for anything else. Damn work.
  5. World of Tanks. Play with me. Rugger11.
  6. $2,400 leather trench coat for $40 at my work's sample sale. Winning?
  7. I don't smoke, but have plenty of friends who do and have worked at jobs that put me around it more than the average person (bar bouncer and club photographer). I don't think it should be completely illegal, but there should be designated smoking areas. I don't feel this is feasible in small cities, but living and working in NYC, I think it could work and would be the right move. Don't make it hard for smokers to find these areas, but have sections of each block set aside for people to smoke. Lets be real, there are health hazards associated with being around people who smoke. I am all for freedom, but when you put other people's health at risk for an activity you do, I feel that is impinging on their freedom if they do not wish to be exposed to it. NYC has already made it illegal to smoke in public parks, which I feel is a step in the right direction. And to put some backstory on my current view, as I said, I've been around people in my spare time and work time who smoke. I only started to get this view once I started working in Midtown. As a non smoker, it is quite frustrating to go outside to do anything whether it be getting lunch, commuting, or just getting "air" and have a multitude of people walking by and next to you puffing at their cigs. Before working here, it didn't bother me, but the sheer volume of people you walk by in NYC makes it a bit imposing for a non smoker. I feel people who have never lived or worked in NYC don't understand the volume of people. I commute through the Port Authority Bus Terminal which has over 250,000 people commuting from it on an average weekday. That is just people from NJ coming to NYC, not counting the NYC residents who are out and about commuting. Obviously I don't personally pass 250k people on my commute, but walking through times square, I easily pass a hundred people just walking one block.
  8. Spending money can get you a few different things, none of which you need. There are two types of currency ingame, gold and silver. Silver is free credits you earn from matches that you use to repair your vehicle, buy shells, tanks, and other upgrades. Gold costs money and lets you buy premium time(you earn 1.5x silver and experience, premium tanks(not better than regular ones but give you extra credits), and to transfer experience. When you just start, I wouldn't buy any gold, but if you get invested in the game you might want to. Personally, I rarely buy premium time because my playtime is sporadic and I don't want it to be a waste or feel like I have to play. I do have some premium tanks though. The higher tier tanks you unlock, the more expensive they become. When you play the top tier ones, you tend to lose money so you need to play lower tiers or premiums to support them. The idea is to make is so once you reach the endgame tanks, it forces you to still play other tiers to keep the game balanced. I wouldn't even think of buying a premium tank until you at least get to tier 8. You won't really lose money below that tier and it gives you enough time to learn the gameplay before getting a higher tier tank. There are few things the better players in the game hate more than seeing a new player with less that 500 battles in a tier 8 premium tank. Higher tier gameplay is different than lower tier, and it absolutely ruins matches having a guy not knowing what he is doing as the top tank on your team. TL;DR: Yes but not right away.
  9. Ya, its great. Learning curve can be a bit tough trying to figure out how to play well on your own. If you do start and want some pointers on how to play or which tank lines to go down, just hit me up and we can play.
  10. I'm not seeing anyone at the time, but I have my own twist on the holiday. Yes, the idea is nice, but I'm not a fan of doing it just because everyone else is. Whenever I have a girlfriend or dating a girl come v-day time, I do take them out to a nice dinner and something fun after. But the real night of romance and wooing is the week before or after the day. I make elaborate plans for the day/night and really try and blow her off her feet. If its our first v-day together, the usual response is "Did you forget when Valentines Day is?" Not with a crappy attitude, more of a cute way of poking fun about my classic forgetfulness. Then I come back with something along the lines of, "There is no one I'd rather be with right now and I don't need a holiday as an excuse to do so." Enter more sappy romance and they are appreciative of the extra effort.
  11. Happy belated!
  12. Who plays? I don't game nearly as much as I did when I played halo, but if I am, this is really the only game I play. If you haven't heard of it, its a free to play 15v15 tank game. I think its pretty fun, just wondering who/if anyone on here plays. Anywho, if you do, you can find me as "Rugger11" on there.
  13. If you can die for your country, you should legally be able to drink.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EigHVVd9yDU
  15. Shiiiiit, does that make me a fossil or something?