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  1. As an aside, doesn't imgur support mp4 videos? https://i.imgur.com/nro0JHr.mp4 It all makes sense now. Kinda odd this otherwise rich forum experience doesn't support embedding video.
  2. I have a Phanteks case myself and can't speak highly enough of them. I got this one, specifically, like 5 years ago and I expect to have it for at least another 15 years.
  3. Pre-applied patch is a nice touch.
  4. That boy ain't right.
  5. Fuckin' Jerry, man
  6. I'm not sure if it's appeared in the MCC yet but I'm almost positive it has. It was a very popular gametype in OG Halo 3. There'd be all kinds of wacky gametypes available if there was a server browser. My all-time favorite gametype ever: plasma punchout. From the last days of the Halo 2 glory days before Halo 3 came out. I'd love to see it again but that won't be happening with shitty curated playlists.
  7. Fuckin' Jerry, man.
  8. I got a work buddy working on this right now, gimme a couple hours
  9. Last night it was grifball and team swords
  10. I just hate matchmaking because every time I play I know exactly what gametypes I want and no way to play them. Curated playlists can suck my chode.
  11. Yeah what continues to amaze me is that I have 10% of the speeds of the last few guys and yet according to Ookla I still have faster internet than 92% of the US. In Idaho, of all places.
  12. Wow your dicks are so yuge
  13. 126, -567 Don't do any permanent damage but use some stuff to help get started
  14. I missed out on the first one because I was away but it's legends still live on and I'm glad even a shadow of it's former glory might come back. Also my wife will probably want to play but you guys won't need to worry. If anything you lot will offend her.
  15. m'Linux
  16. I had a religious friend tell me "Working at Walmart showed me how easy it is to pay tithing because 10% aint shit" and I never forgot that lol
  17. My mom has a Windows 10 laptop that has 1GB of RAM and she gets by with it. Not sure how, exactly, but she does.
  18. Moving platforms and obstacles using devices. Also add race checkpoints and/or timer. Once more developed I would play the shit out of this.
  19. I considered it. I was hoping someone would go there. I must say I'm digging the "new" chat
  20. As someone who followed the game since it was announced and played almost every update since release (on PS4) it's actually now exceeded all of my original expectations. Perfect 5/7
  21. Papyrus in Halo confirmed
  22. Kava to the HAC2 devs: Holy shit that resolution. Didn't expect that from the target link i copied from the thumbnail.
  23. Iggy is a beautiful snake.