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  1. Your patio furniture is nicer than my inside furniture
  2. Man, I haven't heard that song in a while. My first cellie in prison was this awesome gay guy named Kevin. Kevin and I both enjoyed card games. On the weekends a local radio station would play dance club music until like 2am and Kevin always stayed up to listen. For the first couple of hours I would stay up with him and play cards with him. Before bedtime lockdown we would prep our snacks for the night and then while we played cards on his bed we would jam to the dance club music on the radio blasted through improvised speaker boxes. Frequently he would wear only his jock strap. Whenever a dance club mix of this song came on the radio he would shed the jock strap, place a chair in front of the window on our door, and helicopter his massive dong to the beat of the song.
  3. Dude this looks awesome Favorite quote from the video: "if anyone has played this map for 24 hours then they know where the teleporters go"
  4. You can tell when Kava ventures out to the wild when he comes up for air
  5. That's a sick wall tag though
  6. i'm a sucker for a griller from taco bell too
  7. Nice tag collection. I can see photobucket is proud of them too.
  8. Your finished version looks amazing. Great job.
  9. I downloaded it and played it. Pretty good for a first map. We'll be watching your career with great interest. I might offer a few suggestions: It appears like you calculated lightmaps before placing scenery. That's a good thing to do so you can see how things are looking, but you need to remember to run it again as one of the very last things you do after placing all of your static geometry. In your case it resulted in none of your scenery casting shadows and the teleporter not being a light source. The issues with the textures on your cliff walls are from your UVs not being totally correct. I know that's hard to get down at first, but pay attention to those pesky UVs. You'll get better with practice. Lastly remember that form follows function. Even the shape of your BSP should follow some kind of shape to facilitate whatever experience you're trying to give the player. Unless of course your only goal is just to make eye candy maps, in which case disregard this last bit of advice and pay more attention to the first two points.
  10. Music and sound together are the biggest factors of immersion for me. After a while with no music a game is flat and boring unless the ambience is so good that traditional music isn't really necessary (i.e. Dead Space). Multiplayer games are a little different though. When I'm voice chatting in a group in a game like WoW or my brother's minecraft realm I'll turn the music down or off but keep the sound effects. It's not really necessary in that case and it makes it hard to hear other people when the music swells. Attenuation doesn't help much either because when you dramatically attenuate things it's even more annoying. My best friend though disables like all sounds from his games and listens to dubstep playlists on youtube. Blows my mind.
  11. Can we just give the award now and start a new entry period?
  12. For those that don't really know anything about Destiny 2, what is free is the base version of the game. You will still need to buy the latest expansion to play end game content (which includes all prior versions with it anyway, usually). It's worth at least checking out, though.
  13. This is the kind of high quality content the community needs right now.
  14. My wife had a miscarriage about a month ago. She went in for her first ultrasound at 10 weeks and found out it had died about 3 weeks prior. She carried it for 2 more weeks while using medication to pass it out but it wouldn't go on it's own. She ended up having to have surgery to get it out. She went into surgery the day before our son's first birthday. Those couple of weeks were pretty tough. I wasn't really torn up about it. Miscarriages happen all of the time, but of course she felt it was something that was wrong with her. For those couple of weeks while she was waiting for it to pass or go into surgery we had some pretty tough nights where I was just doing damage control trying to convince her it wasn't her fault. The doctors said that this early it was most likely a chromosomal mismatch, and it wasn't caused by anything preventable. 2 weeks after the surgery now things are pretty well back to normal, but it was kind of a rough ride for a little bit. For the past couple of months, when I wasn't dealing with that and chasing my son around putting the house back together, I've been doing my best to learn programming and work on a project. I've been riding Kavawuvi's coattails and learning to use his map parser and messing around with opengl. It's very satisfying, but very time consuming. I spend a good chunk of my evenings on it several times a week. It's good for me to flex my mind though, and not waste too much of it playing video games. A couple of weeks ago one of my brothers announced his engagement. And then I had one of my best friends over on Saturday and found out his engagement got called off (it was a graceful breakup, thankfully). The last month or so has been a wild ride for me, my dudes. But I got a raise today, so there's that.
  15. For those interested: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/render/cycles/gpu_rendering.html
  16. I see a lot of the things Tucker buys and I'm like "dang that's really nice I could go for one of those" and then I realize I already have two of them on my desk already and never use them :|
  17. I really liked your opinion piece about Islam. Can you make your text column wider or is that a mobile support thing?
  18. Wtf am I looking at?
  19. 12 month old son found the food coloring. Took me a while to get it out of the carpet.
  20. Well now I have to watch it
  21. What if he wished for an unhappy birthday?