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  1. Music and sound together are the biggest factors of immersion for me. After a while with no music a game is flat and boring unless the ambience is so good that traditional music isn't really necessary (i.e. Dead Space). Multiplayer games are a little different though. When I'm voice chatting in a group in a game like WoW or my brother's minecraft realm I'll turn the music down or off but keep the sound effects. It's not really necessary in that case and it makes it hard to hear other people when the music swells. Attenuation doesn't help much either because when you dramatically attenuate things it's even more annoying. My best friend though disables like all sounds from his games and listens to dubstep playlists on youtube. Blows my mind.
  2. Can we just give the award now and start a new entry period?
  3. For those that don't really know anything about Destiny 2, what is free is the base version of the game. You will still need to buy the latest expansion to play end game content (which includes all prior versions with it anyway, usually). It's worth at least checking out, though.
  4. This is the kind of high quality content the community needs right now.
  5. My wife had a miscarriage about a month ago. She went in for her first ultrasound at 10 weeks and found out it had died about 3 weeks prior. She carried it for 2 more weeks while using medication to pass it out but it wouldn't go on it's own. She ended up having to have surgery to get it out. She went into surgery the day before our son's first birthday. Those couple of weeks were pretty tough. I wasn't really torn up about it. Miscarriages happen all of the time, but of course she felt it was something that was wrong with her. For those couple of weeks while she was waiting for it to pass or go into surgery we had some pretty tough nights where I was just doing damage control trying to convince her it wasn't her fault. The doctors said that this early it was most likely a chromosomal mismatch, and it wasn't caused by anything preventable. 2 weeks after the surgery now things are pretty well back to normal, but it was kind of a rough ride for a little bit. For the past couple of months, when I wasn't dealing with that and chasing my son around putting the house back together, I've been doing my best to learn programming and work on a project. I've been riding Kavawuvi's coattails and learning to use his map parser and messing around with opengl. It's very satisfying, but very time consuming. I spend a good chunk of my evenings on it several times a week. It's good for me to flex my mind though, and not waste too much of it playing video games. A couple of weeks ago one of my brothers announced his engagement. And then I had one of my best friends over on Saturday and found out his engagement got called off (it was a graceful breakup, thankfully). The last month or so has been a wild ride for me, my dudes. But I got a raise today, so there's that.
  6. For those interested: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/render/cycles/gpu_rendering.html
  7. I see a lot of the things Tucker buys and I'm like "dang that's really nice I could go for one of those" and then I realize I already have two of them on my desk already and never use them :|
  8. I really liked your opinion piece about Islam. Can you make your text column wider or is that a mobile support thing?
  9. Wtf am I looking at?
  10. 12 month old son found the food coloring. Took me a while to get it out of the carpet.
  11. Well now I have to watch it
  12. What if he wished for an unhappy birthday?
  13. It seems to me like you already know the answer to your question. Going to the internet and having someone else do that work for them is selling themselves very short. Will they get full credit for their assignment? Most likely. Will they be able to pass the later test? Sure, though they may or may not do as well as others that did the work themselves. Will they retain that information in the long run? Certainly not as long as others that did it themselves. Will your kids learn the lesson that they don't have to truly learn anything for themselves because the internet can tell them everything they need? Absolutely, and I think we all see the danger in that. Will your child's future employers be able to tell that while they initially thought your child to be very qualified is actually less qualified than most? Of course they will, we all know at least one person like this. It just depends on what you want your kids to learn. Do you want to teach them how to pass the test? Or do you want to teach them how to think for themselves? tl;dr Learning takes hard work and dedication. Good grades does not a good student make. Oh, as an aside, grades don't really matter anyway. Do you know what they call a doctor that graduated last in their class?
  14. For starters, I'll just point out that if you make a rule you can't enforce, that rule doesn't truly exist. I also think it just depends on the kind of assignment they have. Can you be more specific? To answer your first question though, I turn to the internet a lot. A lot. And I mean like, A LOT. The only school I'm in now is workforce development classes to become a journeyman plumber, and my teacher every now and then writes an absolutely retarded question that I can't find find an answer for anywhere in our just as retarded course book and I end up having to look it up online. In this situation, the internet is no more than an extension of the book, because all that question needs me to do is find the answer, not synthesize the answer, if that makes sense. Use of the internet is a double edged sword. It's absolutely imperative that everyone learns how to find the information they need from credible sources, although on the other hand people also need to learn for themselves how to think and not just regurgitate said information.
  15. You know, I don't often take advantage of these offers, but I sure do appreciate hearing about them. Thanks for sharing, guys.
  16. During animation playback there has to be a variable somewhere in memory that contains the current frame of the animation being processed. You could send only the value of that variable and probably even just write it into the client variable. Theoretically you could use that to sync animations without sending all the data for every node and bone. My reasoning is that if you know the location and rotation of the root bone, and the current frame of animation playback, the client has all the information it needs to display everything correctly.
  17. Pics or it didn't happen. As an aside, the wife and I drove to Portland about a month and a half ago. Driving through Oregon was the best driving experience I've ever had. 10/10, would live there.
  18. Actually host maps/gametypes people want to play. That advertises itself.
  19. @Java what game is that? That's not Halo is it?
  20. I've been through similar and it's easier being immediate. You don't dread it for weeks. Sucks big time though
  21. I'll take your second one!