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  1. Ever since 002 left things have been really dying down and I'm glad he's finally coming back.
  2. I can't wait to see how average I am.
  3. Will you get a refund?
  4. I still can't get myself to like a lightweight mouse. Maybe I just haven't found the one that's worth it to me. The one I have now has adjustable weights. I use them all and wish it was heavier still. Thanks for the review.
  5. Now for the real question: if you make a dark and light theme for each platform, which theme will be the default one?
  6. So many good entries this month.
  7. From what I understand actual tracking shots are not possible. The movements of the objects in the cutscene are animated beforehand and the camera placements, orentations, wait times, and transitions are all carefully done to give it somewhat of that illusion. When blam shifts between cameras, it interpolates smoothly between their postions and rotations in the given amount of frames. In the beginning shot of The Silent Cartographer there would be at least two cameras from what I can tell, all in the exact same position but at different rotations, and as it transitioned from one to the other right as they flew over it would make it look like a cool flyby. For the next part where it is in front of the pelican facing it, you would have to place that camera there ahead of time in the exact right spot and rotation so that when you switch to that camera while the pelican is in frame and set it to track the pelican, it will get the desired look. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. I would hate to misinform you but I can find no sort script for the behavior you want.
  8. matches 100%, but still up to 4%
  9. For the plumbing company I work for, they will reimburse you the full cost of school at the end of each year if you bring in proof you passed. It comes out to about 1K, so that's nice. This same company is pretty laid back, and if I asked them to put the percent they match for my 401k into my student loans they totally would. To them it's been budgeted for anyway and they love to see their employees make responsible financial decisions. Not a lot of them do, lol.
  10. At the end of your video you mentioned about making a (polite) stink about these issues and I would love to do so. Anyone have any suggestions about the most effective channel of communication to take this to?
  11. I like how his shoulder armor has Omega on it, too. Symbolizing the last one, or the end.
  12. What the fuck dude, are you going to stop by and say anything other than that?
  13. I'm sure some servers won't get rebooted for weeks or months. Just have to give it time for everyone to change over.
  14. I'm just gonna call you Thumbs from now on. 'Sup, Thumbs.
  15. When Tucker sees us ingratiating ourselves to him:
  16. If I possessed any kind of skill in carpentry, I assure you, it would not be useless.
  17. We're on the cusp of a golden age of halo modding.
  18. I can cut a deck one handed.
  19. Are you bankrolling old screens from your fileshare? Nice.
  20. *notices sig* OwO, what's this?
  21. That shit straight bumps, foo
  22. Incredible