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  1. This is intended to be a one-stop destination for up-to-date information about the Master Chief Collection for PC. If any of you have corrections or more information please reply and share it and I'll edit this post. The MCC has finally released Halo: Reach to PC. It's available for purchase on Steam and the Windows Store. It is also currently included in Game Pass for PC. If you want an exhaustive review of Reach on all platforms with excellent musical interludes, Digital Foundry has produced such a video just for you: These days the industry loves to push out titles that function just barely good enough. Reach was no exception. On launch day 343 released a support post detailing known issues, and they have updated it periodically to indicate which ones have been fixed. It is worth looking at. Games that will eventually be added into the MCC are (in order): Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Halo 2: Anniversary Halo 3: ODST (minus the firefight mode) Halo 3 Halo 4 This post will be updated as more information on these titles is announced.
  2. I have updated the OP. If anyone has more information, suggestions, or anything else helpful, please share.
  3. I love very talented vocalists like him with a wide range. He's an excellent performer too. He reminds me a lot of King Diamond. Here's a festive song they did:
  4. Give it a couple months, tops, I'd say.
  5. Me too but we're still a ways away from that D:
  6. I played 2 games of team snipers before bed. Halo Reach is definitely best on PC.
  7. Thanks for the word, I had no idea it was coming out already. I'm doubly stoked that it's free with Prime right at release, which season 3 was not.
  8. For lunch we went to a pub that has the exact same name as a different sandwich shop and I was disappointed until I decided to try their fish and chips it ended up being the best I've had yet. Best mistake ever.
  9. Bought a new desk: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GS1LRDY/ And dual screen VESA mount: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009S750LA/ Also had to buy this to mount my main monitor because it has no mounting receivers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079957W6Q/ I'm trying out a portrait layout because I can now. So far I like it but we'll see if it sticks. We actually bought the same desk and mount for my wife first but I was super jealous so we got another combo for me too. The desk I had before was huge and I was starting to hate it so I went more minimalist and just got the same stuff she did. My monitors are over ten years old and hopefully over the next year I can replace at least one of them. I'm going to get ones that support VESA mounts and have removable stands, for sure.
  10. The Chrysler hit an important milestone this morning:
  11. Just the stuff up top there took me a full day with my apprentice helping me for about half of it. Having to set all 9001 blocks took most of the time. I could only drill through the roof in specific places so I had to measure approximately where I wanted the vent to come out the roof from underneath it and then get on a lift and get on the roof and measure to the approximate spot and drill in the best nearby location. Hence the offset at the end there. Getting up to the roof took a chunk of time too. I wish I could have gone straight up though.
  12. These are vents above the break room in this manufacturing facility. You don't need all of the details, but just know that it was very technical combining them all appropriately and making them all perfectly graded and square. This is some of the best work I've ever done.
  13. I've officially published only one map ever and it was a badass bloodgulch log mod back in like '08. It's lost now with modhalo.net though. I agree that log mods are awesome and can have so much potential but everyone naturally loves their meme servers.
  14. Well that's a wrap then. Upon release I'll scrub the OP and update it if there's any big news. I'll recycle it for Halo CE, too. Feel free to comment still if there's some good news we should all know.
  15. Off-topic but I have to share: I work with a guy named Berto who is recently out of the Marine Corps and one day another guy on my crew was complaining about the latrines, which were atrocious. Bero's only reply was: "I once took a shit in an ammo can in a tank in front of 3 other dudes. If you can do that, you can take a shit anywhere."
  16. @Weps Only guy I can think of who can help you figure out what the cockpit of a tank might realistically look like I can advise on controls though. I drive an excavator at work and the scorpion would almost undoubtedly use two levers. One for each side. Turret controls would probably be joysticks. One hand would be turret pivot and the other hand would be barrel height.
  17. This makes me want to play M1 Tank Platoon 2 so bad right now If you can capture the magic of piloting the various seats of the tank you have a genius idea.
  18. Well hey there now buddy, what about this? I want to hear this stuff too. We have spoiler tags.
  19. I ended up deciding against it at the time being because i need to afford other things right now but it's on my radar still. Thanks for the good review man.
  20. Even though there's multiple buttons bound can you still only perform two actions at once? I don't know what to think of the screen changes either. In the original game there are certain dungeons, for example, where even though there's one big room they still break it up into something like a 2x2 of screens and if they just made it one big bounded room it would not necessarily make it better. Did they make those changes very selectively from a gameplay perspective or was it pretty much everywhere? Also, there's pretty brief sidescrolling portions in the original game. Are those still there too? I'm a massive fan of the original game and played it on the original gameboy. It's literally the first game I ever played. I go back every few years and play it on emulator. I debated getting a switch just for this game lol.
  21. Yeah, me too, and I bet most of us have. But watch it be someone like that Thomas kid who signs up last second and gets an invite.
  22. Third flight is live until November 5th. This is where you'll get to play some good old fashioned multiplayer and 2 campaign missions. Invites are sent out in waves. If you are not currently a part of the Halo Insider Program, sign up now for free here. You might still get an invite before the test ends. Here's a release with more info: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/243780d3b80b4bb6ac7917a8942286db/topics/halo-insider-mcc-flight-three-details/8d2b73b1-ded4-4f37-b73e-a246dfd0043d/posts Also, if you get invited to any flight at all, you have the moral obligation to tell us all about your experience in detail.
  23. I respect that. Whenever you're ready buddy.
  24. As someone who almost exclusively plays PC campaign: You're a fucking legend
  25. I will never not thumbs-up the Bee Gees Lately my comrades and I have been pelvic thrusting our way through the trenches blasting German rave music