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  1. Weps is still absolutely right. There's very little solid facts and definitely no sources cited in the entire thing. The guy also uses the word "I" at the very beginning of the second paragraph. This isn't a news article; it's a blog post. The author seems to have no journalistic training whatsoever. Which is a shame, coming from a site by the name of news.com.au. I will admit it was pretty neutral though.
  2. I chose it primarily based on vehicle design. And as far vehicle design went, Halo 3 made amazing use of their lighting engine with their vehicles. Ghosts and Phantoms in particular are just gorgeous in Halo 3. Covenant cruisers also in the times where you see them up close like on Tsavo Highway. Even though they are basically identical to their Halo 2 counterparts, it's the lighting effects that sold them in a much more glorious way.
  3. I'm not really a huge fan of bacon. I mean, I like it, but people tend to overdo it on everything. I'll eat a slice or two with eggs or something and I like it soft. Like, basically half cooked. I probably like it that way because my mom likes it burnt (seriously blackened) and eating burnt bacon as a kid got really old.
  4. You only picked Halo 3 for one of them though. Clearly you're only 33% correct.
  5. Oh I was dabbling in something a few months ago but it fell by the wayside. The issue with it was my lack of artistic ability. I resolved recently to practice more, and this will give me some ideas of things to make. You can expect scenery and animations. You know, the easy stuff
  6. First month started a little late for me and I won't have time for this one but I really like this contest idea and I plan to enter into it next month Just so you know
  7. I'm going to try to get in on this action but i'm not available until like 4 hours after it starts fffff
  8. Happy Birthday bro. Make it a good one.
  9. Will there be a single archive posted with all the hosted maps?
  10. Fagnog.
  11. This thing has more potential than any mod I have ever seen before. And I've seen a lot.
  12. Are you talking about just the screenshot or are you emulating it?
  13. This is a big deal on both sides of my family. It's important to other people for as much family to be present as possible for the festivities. So for things like Thanksgiving we might have the big dinner on Friday or Saturday as opposed to the big day itself. Christmas as well we sometimes bump to a few days before or after to accommodate those travelling to get to the meeting place. Which is fine, sure. Convoluted story time: My mother in law lives like a mile away from us and all 3 of my wife's sisters live out of state. This year, only one of them is going to be travelling over here for Christmas and New Year's, and she's not big on holiday celebrations either. So to appease the other two sisters (that are huge about holidays) that are not coming over for Christmas, we're actually celebrating Christmas during Thanksgiving because that's when they will be here. It really blows my mind. Why bother, at that point?
  14. Dangit, beat me to it. HBD anyway
  15. Masseuse's also have customers. They just call them clients.