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  1. Please give yourself 5 tickets for this.
  2. One of our first days in the first year of plumbing school our instructor was talking about the importance of PPE and taking care of your body. He said something like "You're all pretty young. Take how you feel now and realize it's only going downhill from here." Class was at 6pm at the end of a long work day and the entire class let out a collective "Awww... fuck". He was right though. 5 years later and I feel like trash. I'm only 29 :|
  3. Exploiting pokemon as sweatshop workers in a gun factory is everything I've ever wanted in life.
  4. I've always heard it said bud. I don't think I've ever used that phrase though because only old people say it.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=nampa+id+weather I think all the homies west of the Rockies are doing this bullshit
  6. Real men of quality have low resolution Starcraft 2 avatars
  7. Damn, I've been so lazy even Sceny got his before me. I need to go do that today.
  8. Did you try loading the desktop version? That's the first thing I do in situations like this.
  9. I love Streetlight! I don't think they've put out a song I don't like. For those that might not have heard of them here's another hugely popular song by them.
  10. Best one I can think of that I don't already know you've seen is Person of Interest. My wife is currently into this show called Lucifer, but it's not my cup of tea. Might be yours though.
  11. The hamburger that seems attainable and is so close but never achievable really hurts my soul.
  12. Hey I bought that TV a couple of years ago and I promise you won't miss that old Vizio. I recently wall mounted it and the only downside was trying to find the right spacer configuration to put the plate onto the curved back of the TV.
  13. What texture pack are you using and what's the version you've currently updated it to?
  14. I think a key disadvantage to this is that there's already a couple orders of magnitude more empty servers than there are players. Also hosting your own server is already free. Some other issues to this would include latency, low phone performance, and battery life.
  15. I get all my hot takes from new0001