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  1. All i gotta say is don't work construction because they'll try to make you do that on a regular basis. Many a day have I worked 7am-10pm. Sucks they big-timed you into that.
  2. Is there a day planned that we'll play? Disregard
  3. Hey 002 will you make chimera for Halo PC?
  4. Yeah I know, what a nice employer.
  5. I highly doubt it can. What I think is really going on here is that your ISP or Speedtest is fudging something.
  6. Tie broken. For now.
  7. I'm in Idaho, in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC -7). Historically game nights have tended to start about 6pm for me, which just falls at a bad time. If it's possible, a little later on a weekend evening/night would be awesome. But I also totally understand if you won't cater to me, jerks.
  8. Oddball on Wizard Shotguns on Chiron The classics never die.
  9. I spent a good stretch of time in prison. Prison isn't made any easier by the knowledge that you did it to yourself. One time I spent 67 days in solitary confinement where I said probably 5 words to another human being during that time. I know what it's like to contemplate suicide and I know what it's like to be in a very bad place you think you will never get out of. But it goes away. It gets better. Time moves on and things change. That low that you think won't ever go away does gradually go away. Sometimes you just have to wait it out, even if it feels like forever. Know that I feel for you, Krazychic, and your friend. Show this to him if you have to. Nothing is more valuable than life and I'll help anyone struggling any way that I can. That goes for the rest of you suckas too. Except Tucker. He's on his own.
  10. I think maybe it means they're more self aware than we thought.
  11. You should sell this review to PC Magazine or something. Also there's no shame in liking Fallout 4.
  12. Super weird. I'd first try running the game as admin and making sure that "installed drive letter":\Users\"your user"\Documents\My Games\Halo is not write protected. From what you described I don't think that's the problem but I honestly have no idea where else to start besides there.
  13. Girth over length.
  14. Nice dick.