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  1. I just went on a texture downloading rampage so don't judge me. I've been busy.
  2. There's a bakery called Kneaders, I guess, and my wife brought home a loaf of cinnamon roll bread. That's the best way i can describe it. And I cut thick slices off it and made french toast. It was magical.
  3. I had the lower two cut out and had to go under for it. Whatever they knock you out with made me epically loopy. I found out that day how people get addicted to drugs. As far as advice dude... I'm fresh out. This is one of those things where you just gotta tough it up.
  4. Oldfags, unite!
  5. Always makes me feel better.
  6. Foggy as liver-failure piss.
  7. So a buddy and I did a remodel job at work about a month ago. They wanted some funky looking shower valve I'd never seen before, and my boss told us both exactly how he wanted it soldered up and my buddy went and did it. Then he shows it to the boss and he tells him how it should be mounted. My buddy did that too and he was meticulous and he spent time getting it exactly perfect. Today the boss calls us and he's all pissed because the shower valve was soldered upside down. He's all "whose ass do I chew out for this one?" How about your own, jackass, because you don't know how to give directions.
  8. Trebuchets have longer range. Props on their craftiness but they could have done way better.
  9. Way I look at it, employers earn my two week notice. If I have no respect for them they get nothing. What they expect and what they get can be different things.
  10. You need an avatar!

    1. Sunstriker7


      Well there you go

  11. Nope. And as long as it works at all I'd consider it not broken.
  12. My understanding of those are hyped for would be web based applications. My recent epitome was double integrals.
  13. Well you were making some kind of website I remember that much. You had your Bomb Run Redux mod on it or something. I can't even remember what day of the week it is anymore so I'm not surprised if I got it all mixed up.
  14. Washing the semen out of my beard. Stuff just doesn't want to come out.