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  1. Incredible
  2. Modern spin on an old classic
  3. Finally got the metal I needed and so I built my welding table today. Just need to get lag screws to hold the vice down. Gonna add a lower shelf too but that's enough for one day.
  4. I added a link to the OP for a forge content aggregator. I will add it here as well: https://forge.halocrea.com
  5. Well I guess south america won't get to play with your renderer. Oh well.
  6. I have to agree with you Pope. For me though, I think it's in large part because these IPs have not changed much, or when they do it's not necessarily better. I played the crap out of Smash on the n64 and gamecube. To me, the new smash just doesn't have the same charm that the older games did, probably because I've just played so much of the older ones and this new one is not radically new (b-but mah online multplayer! well, it's just the same shit but matchmaking now... and for a fee). I really enjoy the first and second gen pokemon games to this day, but after that they were just milking the same old cow with not much new to it. In this regard I appreciate Kava's review because I have a coworker who circle jerks the new pokemon game, but I had my doubts. I'm glad my friend likes it, but Kava's objective review showed me that while there's some good changes to pokemon recently, it's still not nearly approaching the quality I would expect from the highest grossing media franchise of all time. I enjoy mario kart only when my nieces and nephews visit, otherwise I'd rather hook 4 360 controllers to my computer and play Kart 64 on emulator. So far, the only game that I've played that held my attention was Breath of the Wild. I've also been interested in Mario Odyssey but haven't tried it yet. But there's also Minecraft, Skyrim, and Doom, so it has that going for it.
  7. @DSalimander I can't answer the first question but I can provide this: taken from a halopedia article https://www.halopedia.org/Modding#Halo:_Reach I do know that people have been making forge mods but I don't know what tools they're using.
  8. The IGN review I watched touched on many of your same points and still rated it a 9.3 For reference, they gave The Witcher 3 and Horizon: Zero Dawn the same score. Kava, I'll write your letter of recommendation if you want to work at IGN. I know you're a huge long time Pokemon fan and I appreciate your ability to still look at it objectively. Oh, here's that dumb review if anyone wants:
  9. I've been trying out the beard again:
  10. Petition to make @Enclusion the OC official Hype Man, all in favor, say "aye".
  11. While I agree, it's certainly true that Reach's firefight has vastly more customization. Somebody will probably mod it in though.
  12. I have updated the OP. If anyone has more information, suggestions, or anything else helpful, please share.
  13. I love very talented vocalists like him with a wide range. He's an excellent performer too. He reminds me a lot of King Diamond. Here's a festive song they did:
  14. Give it a couple months, tops, I'd say.
  15. Me too but we're still a ways away from that D: