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  1. I don’t vote for that noob shit
  2. Not sure if you already know about them or if it'll even be helpful to you in this case, but if mutexes and threads really tickled your pickle you should also look at semaphores. C++ provides libraries for 2 types. Unlike mutexes, semaphores are not tied to the thread of execution.
  3. Legendary Bump MCC mod tools are free on steam and there's been a lot of cool work done on it. PC modding is still very much alive as well, the tools continually get better over time. There's entirely new tools now than there were in 2015 as well. I'd recommend checking it all out.
  4. As a journeyman responsible for like 30 apprental whores, I agree. I just want those little bastards to listen.
  5. Let's be honest, Halo Trial was always the superior release anyway. We all have special places in our hearts for health pack teleporters. Outstanding move, though.
  6. Don't they know there are a lot of mods for that...
  7. I'm trying to convince my wife it's worth the 60 bucks. It's hard to convince a woman to buy Dead Space bro
  8. *slaps top of server* this bad boy can fit so many tutorials in it
  9. It's okay Tucker, we'll still love you.
  10. You won't regret buying quality materials.
  11. Humans are not ruminants, you shouldn't be eating half of those things.
  12. Not sure if you are already doing this but an easy way to trim the size of data files is to only write values that have changed from the previous frame. If you are not already doing that then that is probably the main reason why the file size upon compression is so much smaller. The compression algorithm in the end would do something similar.