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  1. F
  2. This could be the best submission month ever.
  3. Assets that blend seamlessly with the stock aesthetic always tickle my pickle. Nicely done.
  4. What you've done is create a place for that topic of discussion. Now you have to begin the discussion. Paraphrasing blog posts is certainly one thing. But you'll need some kind of body of work available to make the site useful. For example, look at OC. What is the most valuable thing here? Believe it or not, it's not the links to maps, although there are many. There are other sites that have more. No, it's the permanent repository of tutorials, scripts, technical discussion, and tools. Anybody at any level of experience can come here and find something useful. You need to get the ball rolling on creating that, but for fitness.
  5. Pretty flashy forum though. I don't have any criticisms. You'll have to seed a lot of your initial content if you hope to get anywhere.
  6. In your opinion is it as bad as the REE machine claims?
  7. Cabinet guy secured his vanity to our water pipe. Pulled the pipe out of the strap and everything. 2 days ago I turned the water on at about 3pm and was there for about 2 hours while I finished installing fixtures. I literally cut open the next stud bay over to install an access panel. Nothing was leaking when I left. The builder called me the next day at 2pm saying the apartment was all flooded. This was the culprit. They were all mad at me and tried to say it was our fault claiming I should have noticed it. But these things work in mysterious ways. That leak didn't start spraying until after I left. Even if I didn't notice the leak at the time, it's not my screw in it. They even had the balls to tell me the cabinet guy said it's not his fault because we didn't do something to code. (So he's fucking plumber now??) I got irritated earlier today when they called me bitching about how there's a leaking galvanized fitting in the mechanical room. As an aside, there is a difference between a leak and seepage. There was a single joint on this galvanized assembly that was a little damp and they were freaking out about it. It's totally normal, and it was very slight. I actually already knew about it but the magical thing about galvanized steel fittings is that when they seep they very quickly seal their own joints with rust and it's a self correcting problem. Unfortunately they won't listen to me and are demanding I fix it. Whatever. The super now is making comments doubting my competence. Maybe they should hire the cabinet guy. Anyway that's my gripe for the week.
  8. For the love of Jeebus, please try this recipe: It's literally my favorite dish of all time, and I think meatloaf is just average usually. It's the sauce that makes it.
  9. A beautiful memorial day near Oakley, UT
  10. Have any goals for your setup?
  11. This is a little off-topic but I'm curious why you couldn't bring your PC but can get your parts shipped in still. Seems like a weird choice for customs.
  12. Friendly reminder that the insanity plea does not absolve you of guilt
  13. Glory to the Patient Gamers
  14. It's only going to get worse because Russia exports a lot of fertilizer.