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  1. Fecal Freak by Regurgitate Wine and dine her in a romantic fashion Meet her parents and make a good impression All her friends see me as the man of their dreams What they don't see is my lust for the obscene She first finds out on our wedding night I gently disrobe her from her gown of white I lift her thin veil with the utmost care Then without warning I smear shit in her hair She bites and claws with no avail It's too late for a reason, I'm overcome by the smell She used to think I was the man of her dreams But my only true love is that of the obscene
  2. Minnesota huh? Homes for sale in your area?
  3. Not the drug addicts I once knew
  4. Congrats, my man. Your victory was well earned.
  5. Dibs
  6. Back in 2004 many xbox controllers were put through their associated TVs in rage at the ending. My heart swells to know that you finished it though. H2 is probably the most cinematic of all Halos.
  7. I found an ancient as piss chat log from xfire dated april 17th 2011
  8. First time?
  9. I didn't play ice floe, but the 3rd level on Ivory Tower in H2 comes to mind as a prime example of this.
  10. For real dude it was -3C a few days ago and I saw some girl in tiny shorts and flip flops. I was like wuuut
  11. A demonstration that you don't have to play fast to be heavy. This whole album is gold but this song has to be my new favorite.
  12. Guess I'll finally have to abandon Windows XP. Had a good run.
  13. Dude, I'm sorry. Whatever it is, that really sucks.
  14. Remember the good old days of your stone age dial up connection?
  15. This is almost more like a manual than a review O.o