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  1. Our brethren south of the equator disagree.
  2. The multiplayer was big of course but let's not leave out the split screen co-op. Like you, I had a friend begging me to come over and play it with him, but he wanted someone to play the campaign with. We spent many hours playing 1v1, of course, but when that got old (as it always did) we went back to the campaign. I think that's how the game was played most often. The LAN parties were a more rare treat.
  3. It's only a matter of time before this becomes a pirate-speak translator
  4. Your computer, dumpy as it is, is more than enough for Halo. First place to start is your graphics drivers, as usual. Make sure you have the latest driver installed. If you recently updated it, try a prior version.
  5. It was a ghost! Ectoplasm!
  6. FAQ

    I thought for sure there would be tons of lurkers but it's only about 1/6th of all members. I half expected there to be more lurkers than members. Also, shoutout to @InvaderVeex, the oldest Lurker profile.
  7. Swooped Elite: Dangerous on sale a couple weeks ago. Wasn't able to get into it until last weekend. Hot Damn.
  8. I wanted to include this in my post so bad but the only way to enjoy it that I know of is now illegal.
  9. Not gonna lie it's kinda already lost me. Reach and CE are cool but playing the same 4 games over and over got really old. Server browsers allow for a vastly larger amount of options rather than some curated playlist. Adding wait times to the monotony only fuels the boredom. Besides, the only thing it would take to make mods blow up is a server browser. It's almost unconscionably stupid that they elected to not have one right from the start. Time will tell if they add one. I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Matchmaking can stay where it belongs with the console plebs.
  11. That's probably what they said about Oblivion, and Morrowind before that. Still hasn't proven true. I'll add StarCraft (which is f2p now). Diablo (which has mods that allow for LAN games) and DIablo II. (Old School) Runescape. Battlefield 1942. Super Smash Bros: Melee.
  12. gm_flatgrass ftw
  13. He could probably really use those, tbh. Happy Birthday, bro.
  14. Logs... logs everywhere...
  15. Bonus points if you bump the oldest topics imaginable.