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  1. The fact that people can connect at all and they can play fine for a while shows that your your network settings are likely configured correctly. Is this laptop using wifi? If so, stop it. Wire it up. Doing so will likely solve this issue. If you still have issues with an ethernet cord I would start by troubleshooting the physical connection between your laptop and your router/modem, then the physical connection between your ISP and your router/modem, then take a hard look at your modem/router itself. They do go bad and from my experience it usually starts with connection issues or crashes. There are several actual network experts here that will likely add their advice as well.
  2. If you know, you know
  3. Girl on the left looks like she's wearing a hospital gown and I can't unsee it.
  4. In C# switch statements can use a string as the decision variable. When I discovered that I went back and rewrote a good chunk of code.
  5. At this point I would expect you to probably build a custom one. There's companies that let you pick your frame style, choose light options, switch options, all kinds of things. It'll cost but it's so nice. Even if you don't go that route make sure you get something with removable switches. I got a a decent mechanical a few years ago but then recently looked at getting a different keycap set and at that point I realized I should have just gone custom from the start. I realized just now you posted in the other thread that you bought a new one an hour ago already.
  6. 6 months after Infinite comes out MCC drops more content in one update than all of Inifinite
  7. I kinda liked HEK++ but I understand why it couldn't stay :'(
  8. I saw them bringing in fake ballots in vans, bro, this election was rigged.
  9. This you?
  10. Google Lens identifies it as a Chayote Looks like the Hulk's hemorrhoids
  11. Well, what fuck is it???
  12. That's the power of delegation