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  1. Exactly this. It's what they use to push their xbox sales.
  2. You should hear what @Skeezix the Cat has to say about the train wreck that Halo Wars 2 on the windows store was
  3. Good choice. I'm on my second pair. I wore my last one until they were tatters and they lasted me a little over a year, which is an excellent run in my line of work. I loved them so much I simply went and bought a second pair to replace them.
  4. I always envisaged this rendition, personally:
  5. I'd rather be diagnosed with terminal cancer than have to use monitor/tv speakers.
  6. I'd like to thank the Academy. And my mother.
  7. Some seriously cool stuff here. This guy's other videos on AI are worth watching as well.
  8. That is a private game that SteamFox, Kavawuvi, and myself were in and they were messing with SAPP commands. Kavawuvi had discovered that a player can enter multiple vehicles at a time, and he spawned himself a bunch of pelicans and forced himself to enter them. So all those pelicans in the screen were being piloted by Kavawuvi and he was just posted up in the sky bombarding the entire map with rockets. So yeah. It was an airstrike. I wish the rockets showed up better. It was an assload of rockets.
  9. wtb server info
  10. I'm not a sapp expert but it looks like the command you want might be admin_prefix <=DN= Admin> I took it from page 18 of the sapp manual, it's the very first one http://www.halo-ce.com/downloads/sapp.pdf
  11. It's not too late
  12. Okay so coming back now that halomaps isn't down and checking the link, i can see that it's probably not what you want. What I linked you to is apparently a collection of weapons tags with the accompanying files for the UI. You would have to build these into the map you wanted for yourself. If you want links to learn how to do that, ask me and I'll point you to some. But it seems what you're looking for is a ui.map file. This link is to a section of halomaps.org that is a repository of already built ui.map files of custom UIs. Once you find a download that suits your fancy simply download it, find the ui.map in the download, and replace it with the one in your maps folder. That should be all it takes. Some might have special instructions and you'll just have to refer to those. Don't forget to save a copy of the original ui.map in case you want or need to revert back.
  13. Oh yeah, you can almost completely customize the hud. Halomaps.org appears to be down currently so i can't verify but this appears to be a pretty good reach hud: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5767 Edit: i somehow got into thinking you were looking for a reach hud not an mcc hud. I'll leave the link though. Tutorials on custom huds are available and you can find a bunch of videos on youtube. But it's true that there's certainly not a lot of good tutorials on huds.
  14. I cannot believe I just read this with my own two eyeballs