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  1. I went to their website and made an account so I could see their forums. If you want to revile at the shit stains that use this company's products, it's worth checking out. One of my favorites was this guy who replied in a thread asking why they got into cheating: Fuck that guy. Also they have a large amount of user testimonials. I am grieved to see that my beloved Sea of Thieves is supported by these crooks: I just can't even with these people.
  2. Coming across this thread for the first time in 2020 is damned depressing.
  3. The changelog on v2 of the script has another important notice: So basically, you don't need to find the name of the vehicle tag which, if it's "protected", could possibly be gobbledygook anyway. With this version of the script you type the code that is the meta-id instead. To get the meta-id you just go into a game, get in a vehicle, and type "this_vehicle" and the script will supposedly output the meta-id of the vehicle you are currently in into the chat. It will also write it into the sapp log, apparently. I'm not sure if you can immediately begin spawning vehicles or if you'll first have to manually add the map you're using to the script along with the default vehicle id. You'll have to experiment at that point, or you could give me a download link of the map you're trying to use and I'll configure it for you. EDIT: As I suspected, you have to explicitly add your map to the script to enable the spawn commands. Also add the default vehicle you want.
  4. Are you still using this script? If so what you want is this: No tools required. Very thoughtful of them.
  5. My favorite part was when you got REKT by the guy with the plasma pistol below your base. This reply sponsored by plasma pistol gang.
  6. I don't see how that would be scary, it's more overdone than a Dead Space jump scare
  7. Nice to see a fellow Phanteks fanboy
  8. Well duh, it's David Bowie.
  9. I was your 5th like. I'd like to thank the academy, and my mother.
  10. 0 tickets available Ah, fuck.
  11. As an aside, doesn't imgur support mp4 videos? https://i.imgur.com/nro0JHr.mp4 It all makes sense now. Kinda odd this otherwise rich forum experience doesn't support embedding video.
  12. I have a Phanteks case myself and can't speak highly enough of them. I got this one, specifically, like 5 years ago and I expect to have it for at least another 15 years.
  13. Pre-applied patch is a nice touch.
  14. That boy ain't right.