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  1. I'll take your second one!
  2. That is a sexy mortar and pestle you have there
  3. An electric pressure washer is a pretty good idea. I didn't know they made them. I borrow my grandparents' nice one and even though it uses a honda easy start engine it's still a pain in the balls get going.
  4. 1.11 content update when?
  5. Well, piss.
  6. Displaying the ip of a player on your server to the public is a colossal dick move. It should be a permaban offense, I swear.
  7. I read that it's in large part because of Europe's new privacy laws. But yeah, that's a lot of damage. As an aside, I wish the US would enact that privacy law.
  8. Yeah, Tucker, is it? This is OSHA calling...
  9. Puddin really was a good guy. I'm seriously shocked. Rest easy, friend.
  10. username checks out
  11. The tileset looks almost straight out of Red Alert 2. I've never heard of it until now but I can tell you now that I want to try this out
  12. I'm usually a sucker for anything about my buddy Satan but #2 was just too good to pass up
  13. Seen this coming for the past several years. With streaming there's no point to carry around another digital format. And vinyl has always had a superior quality. What blows the hell outta my mind though is that some people are trying to bring back the cassette tape. Like wtf?
  14. I've personally found some amount of success by performing a kind of replay attack on the server. Basically just record the packets the game client sends to the server, strip the payload and send it back. Haven't done it with HCE yet so I don't know if that will work so easily.
  15. 91F Inside.