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  1. I find this the best part.
  2. My friend and I have always loved soundgarden and at work the since he died we've listened to soundgarden like all day.
  3. Got a cross-compiled standalone dedicated server hosted and working finally with an associated private wiki up and running too. Gettin' it done lately.
  4. My wife has anxiety attacks and when she feels one coming on, something to mess around with really helps her through it. Stress balls aren't enough, she needs things more interactable. My key ring clip helps sometimes but not all. I've actually considered getting her one of these to see if it might help.
  5. http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/
  6. Designing a scenery object is not designing the entire bsp. What you would do is model a scenery object with a collision model that approximates the shape of your water plane. Then you would place it probably just beneath the water in your scenario editor. The scenery object would not need to be visible, it just needs a collision model. Modeling it would be very simple. If a flat plane doesn't work well, a box with a small height would do the trick.
  7. Nope. But if I had a nicer phone I sure as hell would.
  8. The only time a Totalitarian regime was stable and consistent. I enjoy a useful, free device. I use the Android Master Race.
  9. I got this exact microphone from my mom for christmas, and I can confirm, it's amazing. I use it to record sound effects for my unreal engine dickery and it always comes out crystal clear. I don't have a stand for it, I just prop it up on my desk.
  10. I'm not at all shocked they take everyone to court over bogus things, but I am shocked that they win so often.
  11. What strikes me is the classic Orwellian doublethink of the North Korean spokesman
  12. I herd u liek butts:



  13. 2010 here. I'm a bit different because I went to a small K-12 school since it started when I was in second grade. Over half of my graduating class (which had only thirty one people in it) were in my same class from then until graduation, and most of the other half came in freshman year so I knew them all through high school. The ones that stayed in town, or have family in town, I run into quite frequently. My two best friends I see all the time.
  14. I think the deeper answer here is that a lot of people are when they don't have to be.
  15. 69 inches Good number.