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  1. If they released it for windows 7 I'm all in no questions asked. They've been needing to strive for a universal Minecraft for a while. It seems they're finally heading in that direction. I'm aware of the immense amount of time and resources such a project takes, and so I'm okay waiting a good long while for that to happen.
  2. I just tried Tocino Spam. When cooked following the instructions on the can it is to die for. It's only sold in the Philippines so you have to buy it online. Worth every penny though.
  3. This. Because I absolutely hate having to sift through the apps that have 4-5 stars but when you look at the reviews they're basically empty because the only reason people reviewed was to get a deal, or unlock something. The few genuine reviews you find on those claim it's absolute trash.
  4. "No" is magical word. I've been in basically this exact situation and screwed myself. Don't make my mistake. Stick to your guns and try to get him to see why it's worth the price you're asking.
  5. Played around with a Demo setup at a microsuck store. It really is an incredible experience. Good to hear a report from someone who's spent more time with it. Unrelated, but interesting, is that my brother has such a console.
  6. I'm a plumber. I've seen exactly zero female plumbers in my time as a plumber. Nobody is making a fuss about a lack of women in the construction industry. Issues like this are only even issues because people are just plain stupid and narrow minded. If a woman can do the job, no matter what the job is, they should be paid what the job pays. No more, no less. If I was to hire an assistant, I'd be willing to budget somewhere between 10 and 14 dollars an hour depending on what they know and can do. If a woman can do what I'm willing to pay 14 for, I'm not going to pay her less than that just because she's a woman. It should be like that no matter what the job is.
  7. Stage fright. Takes a good couple of minutes to get it started. No doubt the camera made it worse.
  8. ^ What he said.
  9. Elfen Lied That is all.
  10. N64

    I don't know anything about trying to buy some nowadays, but I'd agree with the idea that people are trying to sell them for outrageous prices thinking they're worth something. For games though: Super Smash Bros still holds it's own to this day. Perfect Dark is another solid one but it requires the memory expansion card to play the campaign. Worth it though. And for the love of god why did you not mention Ocarina of TIme?
  11. This topic was well timed because just a few hours ago I decided to play some Destiny for the first time in a week or so and chose to start with some multiplayer. The first match was a nailbiter where we were behind most of the match but ended up winning by mere seconds right at the very end. Mostly because of some incredible plays this one other guy and I pulled off together by the seat of our pants. I was shaking from the adrenaline afterwards and decided to quit while I was ahead. After that one match I switched to Fallout 4. Moral of the story is that I rarely play so well but a short break was all it took this time I guess.
  12. If you really want, I can still hack you though.
  13. I saw the same references you did and that was also my only possible solution I haven't tried yet. The manual shows a computer connection using an HDMI to DVI adapter. I don't really care about hooking my comp to it, but I considered seeing if using an adapter for the PS4 fixes it. Problem was that I don't have one, so I'll have to make a trip to the store before I can try. And the FORMAT button doesn't change any formatting options for HDMI inputs. It's locked at Standard. That's another reason I considered DVI. Even if it overscans DVI I could at least, theoretically, mess with formatting settings to get it to fit. If I try that and it doesn't work I'll have to do what DiSiAC said and find a service manual (ffffs). Thanks guys, I'll get back to you with what I find. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is probably going to merge my posts so I left this border. ISSUE SOLVED To wrap up this thread: I got my hands on a HDMI -> DVI adapter and it did the trick. The DVI input has only 2 picture formatting options: Standard and Reduced. Reduced scales the picture down by about 5% or so. It leaves a small black border around the screen, but everything works fine and I'm okay with that. Only a couple of applications would actually be reduced anyway, most everything else works with Standard. Just want to take a moment and publicly thank you two for taking the time to offer some really good educated advice. Good lookin' out, bros.
  14. It's a Mitsubishi WD-65732. It's an older DLP 1080p television. I very rarely have any issues with it, but the biggest nuisance is the terrible overscan that crops up on with certain inputs and this blasted TV has absolutely no setting to disable overscan in the menus. With PC input I just scale it on the gpu drivers and it works fine. There's no display problems with anything else though, with the exception of a couple PS4 games: Diablo 3 and Skyrim. Diablo 3 I can just set the UI safe area and call it good, but Skyrim doesn't play so nice. I've been dealing with this for a long time now but it's finally getting annoying and I want to figure out how to get rid of it. I'm curious if any of you have heard of this or struggled with it yourselves. To save some of you the time of posting suggestions I've already exhausted: 1. No, there is no setting in the video settings of the PS4 to combat this. None whatsoever. This is strictly a television issue, and not at all a PS4 issue. 2. Yes, I've dug through every menu on the TV and researched every possible configuration to beat it. The truth is that this TV has like basically no menu at all other than the input selector. 3. And yes, I've read the owner's manual in it's entirety, found here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/104600/Mitsubishi-Wd-Y57aa.html#manual I'm just at a complete loss and am open to any suggestions.
  15. Mines right on the floor. But it's deep in the corner of a room without a lot of traffic.