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  1. So at this point a lot of my friends are getting married or having kids and I'm not. Current job sucks and haven't had luck finding a better one. I feel like I'm lagging behind but one thing that kind of cheers me up a bit in a somewhat messed up way is that several of these apparently "happy" friends have confided that they are not too happy in reality. Some complained about their spouses and others admitted that their job sucks even though they're making good $. This does bring some comfort but overall I still kind of feel like crap at times. Trying to improve my social circle as well, want to avoid the bar scene right now, any tips aside from professional mixers?
  2. That's awesome, good to see geeks gathering to solve problems together
  3. The bad reviews on the Steam page concerned me when I was looking at it on sale during Black Friday...for those that have it, did Tripwire screw us over this time?
  4. I wanted to get some video games but didn't have enough money so priotized over geting some new work clothes.
  5. I agree. Aside from critical thinking, simple basic skills also deteriorate. Spelling is a good example, many people would spell horribly without spell check which is sad. At work I constantly get people asking me how to spell simple words when they are doing handwritten forms.
  6. I can see the performance reasoning but damn that's a low amount, I could see XP pulling that off but I'd expect at least 1mb from 7.
  7. I played this a while ago, it was ok but didn't really catch my attention, I do like TPS but the game just didn't grab my attention although I was playing with randoms which sometimes makes the experience less amusing.
  8. Till they capture one of the aliens and allow them to have their own Instagram I'll be happy.
  9. Yeah awesome game, really looking forward to KF2 as well. I'm sure it will be even more awesome.
  10. A little late but man, what a situation. Good to hear it has apparently worked out and I too applaud your efforts, I don't think I could handle that sort of decision myself. That girl got lucky that she didn't stumble across someone just as bad or worse than her father.
  11. Doom I Good times.
  12. Someone in the office had their screen flipped and had the monitor physially tilted until I noticed...a few keystrokes later, they believe I had conjured magic
  13. It's not those math or coder ones where you have to be a tech geek to figure it out..these are plain old puzzles except that they use videos instead of pictures. Pretty fun for a few minutes: http://www.vidpuzzle.com I like the invaders one the most, best time is 97. Have any of you tried these before?
  14. That's a cool resume, the best I've seen was the guy who did the Mario HTML5 game one or something like that, still, comes pretty close in terms of creativity.
  15. For years I've heard great things about the series but never played them. Next time they go on sale I'm going to drop some cash.