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  1. Likewise. It aired on a current affair program here, well dramatised and my mum was glued to the TV. She was like you play games, then watched it so intently. I kinda laughed lol. Either way online threats aren't cool but the anonymity of the internet is well known for behaviour otherwise not acceptable in IRL.
  2. Happy Birthday =)
  3. =( I'm glad you're okay x
  4. This is how I'll always remember it:
  5. Happy Birthday TCK.
  6. Yes a convicted person has a chance of repeal but not when they're dead (capital punishment) and the period of time where evidence may resurface to prove their innocence is unknown (e.g. the man in this article). This unknown, is a chance for redemption which is the main point of the counter argument. Yes we agree it was not done as to how it's set out in US Law but most importantly, it was not a just outcome. Question the system and improve it so that there is little chance for power and corruption to be easily swept under the carpet (see my previous paragraph as to an avenue to do this). Sometimes a philosophical approach is required, considering that is primarily how modern law and justice has come about. Asking questions, finding another way instead of accepting what is and arguing about what is, quoting a textbook consitution will not always provide all the answers, hence why laws and policy are reformed accordingly using example of cases such as these. By suggesting there is no way to do this because everyone is corrupt and power hungry is an assumption that does not allow a chance for a justice system to work and is incorrect. Most of your points align to what was said by my last post, so I agree that corruption and giving someone too much power is bad. However, I disagree that the system is "fine" when there are people getting away with the above. This isn't about what's better but what's right. Additionally, there might be room for adjustment in regards to prison overcrowding for petty crime in America: http://www.alec.org/initiatives/prison-overcrowding/ http://newamericamedia.org/2014/09/new-study-prop-47-would-help-california-address-overcrowded-prisons.php * I'm not trying to be ridiculous but given the ethnicity of the accused and the circumstantal evidence (a little white kid who thought he saw something) that was then used to place him in jail and potentially capitally punished, I find it highly probable for that period of American Law and History that this would be the circumstance (there's whole books about it and degrees specialising in it- See 'The Racial Hoax' Page 284): http://www33.homepage.villanova.edu/kelly.welch/Documents/Racial%20Typification%20Article%202007.pdf I think I'll leave it at that.
  7. In context of this article of an innocent man being released and potentially acquited for a murder he did not commit (as opposed to one that is guilty of murder): I think it's hard to prove your innocence or get a fair trial, re-trial or acquital for a crime you didn't do when you're dead =\ because the "justice" system failed you at a certain point of time. Being alive and doing time is a chance for redemption, especially for those who slip through the cracks (yes at the tax payers expense.... if you were doing time and were wrongfully imprisioned, wouldn't you want the chance for redemeption and to clear your name for yourself and your familys'?). Is there even a price for redemption? This man deserves redemption, who are we to say he doesn't? If we all had an eye for an eye mentality (bar the obvious immediate self defence), what makes us any better than those we detest for crimes done to us and our loved ones? What makes sharia law any more extreme or morally detestable if we intentionally and ignorantly punish a potentially innocent man by death? I find this distasteful. Death is final, the reality is that it won't change anything that has been done or will be done, it may bring a temporary satistifaction or relief but will always be a very counter-productive sense of justice. So what's needed, however "idealistic", is to strive to improve the justice system so people aren't doing time based on circumstanial evidence and bias, if you're thinking about reducing costs and prison over crowding, rethink punishment methologies for petty crime (remember they once also locked up people for stealing a loaf of bread) and keep* the ones who truly need to be locked up, incarcerated. With improving forensic technology, there is a higher chance for cases where circumstantial eye witness accounts and cold cases can be solved/re-investigated, as evidence can now be properly analysed and prove a person innocent or guilty. Keywords I see in this article: 1975, black man, money, murder. And yes, giving false evidence/fradulent information should be punishable as based on intent and the severity of the extent of their actions (and so should racial profiling of potential suspects based on circumstantial evidence in the court of law). If this innocent man faced the death penalty and the evidence surfaced as it did of this once little boy who lied, would you wish death upon the man he is today because he caused this extreme injustice? Can you understand the absurdity.... Seeing the world through unwarranted cynisim is just as bad as looking though absent minded rose-coloured glasses. Directly unrelated but still somewhat comparable, if anyone hasn't seen the Green Mile, it's a good movie to watch and the tv series Cold Case.
  8. Yes Moses used his mighty stick.
  9. Sober Tucker933 on TS: I want to part your ass like Moses parting the sea.
  10. Happy Birthday Skeez =)
  11. Hahahaha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS4VRbsjZrQ
  12. That's such a tomb raider move.
  13. Can't stop looking at this.
  14. That's not entirely true. Although this is a great idea to encourage (and reward) those who are interested, not everyone requires a competition to participate in the community/encourage site activity. Personally, if I did win the prize I would choose to re-invest it back into the community. By not participating, this increases the probability of another who truly wishes to win the prize, the opportunity to and saves the effort required in terms of administration (handing over the prize etc). Considering the list of non-competing members is minor, I don't see it as a huge issue.
  15. This movie explores existentialism quite in detail. Definitely worth watching.