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  1. Lmao! That is so funny, doubt it's real though.
  2. ^ Lmao! That is so true! ^
  3. Lol... I forgot about space ships... xD
  4. LOL!
  5. That made me lol! xD
  6. I catch the bus, walk and ride my pedal bike.
  7. I might have to try it! =D
  8. You're do right Andrew... there IS a perfect console!
  9. You obviously won't have a use for condoms... xD
  10. Oh I missed this.... xD Congratz everyone!
  11. I <3 music!
  12. Yeah, we won't get these years back so I am going to live them.
  13. No gaming console/company is perfect.
  14. I love Dr Pepper too!
  15. informal