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  1. 70F and breezy, pretty good
  2. I bought a Jim Dunlop Capo for my guitar
  3. I downloaded it and it worked ok... its just the image that you shown and it does nothing else... Forgot to add that I'm using Windows 8.1 Also, nice domain
  4. I just bought Surgeon Simulator... because spring break is boring and I need something to do
  5. Where is the ceremony at? I want some cake!
  6. This turned out to be pretty helpful. Just curious, what does bloating the map mean?
  7. Where did he get all those planes though
  8. I got... Torchlight II Underwear Chocolate $50 A pair of AKG headphones and Rocksmith 2014
  9. I agree with WaeV on the SSD... I have a 128GB drive and even though I only put the OS on it along with several other programs, its already filling up. I bought a new 256GB drive over black friday and I'll be replacing my old SSD.
  10. lego doesn't break like computers do... when I was younger, I almost broke my build by inserting my graphics card too hard... (I had inserted it into the wrong slot and I thought it was just being stubborn.)
  11. Awesome tool! This will come in handy when I fix my server this week. I wonder why no one in these 10 years have ever thought of making a tool like this
  12. I'm sure hosting your own server is cheaper... but that's just me
  13. Wow the rate of signing blew up today... I wonder how many we will get.
  14. I own a popular Halo server and I've announced for everyone to get HAC2 before the gamespy servers shut down. Just announced 2 days ago and I've already tracked 50 downloads.... not bad
  15. I signed it too. I'm not going to pay for Halo again though, if it gets on steam, they better put something better (like the anniversary edition)