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  1. 70F and breezy, pretty good
  2. I bought a Jim Dunlop Capo for my guitar
  3. I downloaded it and it worked ok... its just the image that you shown and it does nothing else... Forgot to add that I'm using Windows 8.1 Also, nice domain
  4. I just bought Surgeon Simulator... because spring break is boring and I need something to do
  5. I would still pay for intel chips because its served me well over the years. Unless AMD actually comes out with something better, I'm sticking to Intel
  6. Where is the ceremony at? I want some cake!
  7. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?!
  8. This turned out to be pretty helpful. Just curious, what does bloating the map mean?
  9. It's small enough to be a HTPC but is it powerful enough to be one?
  10. Where did he get all those planes though
  11. I got... Torchlight II Underwear Chocolate $50 A pair of AKG headphones and Rocksmith 2014
  12. I agree with WaeV on the SSD... I have a 128GB drive and even though I only put the OS on it along with several other programs, its already filling up. I bought a new 256GB drive over black friday and I'll be replacing my old SSD.
  13. lego doesn't break like computers do... when I was younger, I almost broke my build by inserting my graphics card too hard... (I had inserted it into the wrong slot and I thought it was just being stubborn.)
  14. Awesome tool! This will come in handy when I fix my server this week. I wonder why no one in these 10 years have ever thought of making a tool like this
  15. What about this? I'll stop if this gets rejected http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/04/30/hacks-an-investigation-into-aimbot-dealers-wallhack-users-and-the-million-dollar-business-of-video-game-cheating/3/