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  1. I've been hosting a few gaming/karaoke nights in discord and tonight's is *pumpin* !!!!!
  2. So many payments haven't gone into my bank account I'm stretched for cash, looking at selling shit just to get by FML Pay up you bastards I have a family to support!!!!
  3. With it being as quiet as it is here lately I thought a new thread of what you've been doing and where you're at in life would be good to touch base. It's school holidays again here and I've had plenty to keep me occupied since the last break when I visited Red Wood Forest etc.
  4. It's been good to be back into this game and I found some old players still around
  5. Anyone still have or play this? I wouldn't mind a game or two.
  6. bringing a smile to my face receiving these after a shitty week
  7. Home made Kiwi Onion dip with salt and vinegar chips. I'm in heaven!!!
  8. How much do you turn to forums for answers to your school assignments? Does this result in you gaining a false or inaccurate result on your assessment if others are solving the problems for you? My kids have set instructions on whether they can or not turn to the Internet for resources.
  9. I organised some maintenance on my home and just had a call to say he needed to cancel. Plans are screwed now but up side I have a free weekend I suppose.
  10. Yes, we do!
  11. Fuck NO!!!!!!
  12. To be more exact I mean like being given an assignment to conduct an experiment, whether it be scientific, electrical, technological or otherwise and be given a formula, that's broken, and having to work out the error to make said experiment function fully. You would need to test the formula to aid in finding the error, work on it to find probable cause, then rectify it in hope of a positive result, not just look it up on the web or ask in discussion groups or forums, and nut it out for yourself. If this fails then you keep working on it eventually doing your head in. Is it acceptable to gain the information required by utilising forums and discussion groups, having people from them working on it for you and receiving a creditable grade and passing it of as your own work? I see the problem being A+ graded students actually being a lesser grade reflecting in poor placement in the workforce. Hiring someone you see as having qualifications but unknowingly they may have failed their schooling if it were to be known of the 'assistance' they received in getting the grades they received. I hope that makes sense.
  13. @Pra3tor1an How many do you have in your collection now?