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  1. Let's say you're some sort of weird dickhead who wants to hurt people by setting off a homemade explosive, but you don't exactly know what ingredients you'll need in order to instill a feeling of lifelong terror in the people you don't kill outright. Amazon — the place where you buy bulk toilet paper and bed risers — has some helpful suggestions for you. Source
  2. Our Sun has sent forth seven flares in seven days. One is headed our way. Source
  3. Wow what a turn of events. Congratualtions on the hasty birth of your precious boy.
  4. Wow, big boy. I forgot about the diabetes, that complicated things although I don't know much about birthing and having diabetes.
  5. What size is he? Do you have small hips?
  6. Iran may have been secretly helping North Korea rapidly advance its nuclear weapons program, it has emerged. Source
  7. Florida might be dealing with one of its worst storms in human history — but at least they’ll have their pizza. Source
  8. A CRACK team of astronomers, researchers and amateur star gazers are preparing to track the historic flight of a NASA spacecraft as it skims over Australia later this month. Source
  9. The US Air Force's secretive X-37B spaceplane returned to Earth back in May after a mysterious two years in orbit. Nobody knows what it was doing up there, since the mission is highly classified, but it's heading back into orbit in just a couple of days. And this time it's getting a little help from SpaceX. Source
  10. Nation-sponsored hackers have penetrated the operational networks multiple US and European energy companies use to control key parts of the power grid that supplies electricity to hundreds of millions of people, researchers warned Wednesday. Source
  11. North Korea has confirmed a large “earthquake” felt throughout the region today was created by a hydrogen bomb. Source
  12. Yup to the above comments. Vegemite a good source of vittimin B, beetROOT spread is vegetable consumption, whereas that cheese is over processed , clogs your guts and is hard to swallow period.
  13. Sorry but that doesn't look appetising at all. Meeeeeericans and their cheese, sheesh
  14. Received a call mid morning that the position had been filled but he would keep my number on hand for the odd casual day if needed.
  15. Google has removed roughly 300 apps from its Play Store after security researchers from several internet infrastructure companies discovered that the seemingly harmless apps — offering video players and ringtones, among other features — were secretly hijacking Android devices to provide traffic for large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Source
  16. More like a new fridge, lounge suite and car, lol. Dream big!
  17. Yes. I called from work yesterday and explained the inconsistency I experience hence looking for something extra with stability. I intend to go for the interview and just lay it out there and see what happens. I think that speaking with him on the phone I sold myself quite easily, acceptance of my situation will be the life or death of a successful outcome.
  18. Just received a text from the worker I have been filling in for due to illness to be told she has pleurisy. FML, my interview, is it worth it because I will be working pretty much full time until she returns.