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  1. Well done to all entries and congratulations to the winners.
  2. I'm looking for a PDF Editor that's hassle free and easy to use for PC. Suggestions please.
  3. He's sooooo demanding, isn't he!
  4. HAPPY Trumpiversary! That’s right, it has already been a whole year since Donald Trump won the US election. Time really flies when you’re living in constant fear of a nuclear apocalypse. Source
  5. I'm undecided, keep changing my vote before I click so each of those with a submittion tell me why I should vote for your map. Oh and your response doesn't have to be a serious one
  6. Poland's government hit back Wednesday after the European Parliament launched action over concerns that the right-wing government in Warsaw has compromised the independence of the judiciary and risks breaching fundamental European values. Source
  7. I understand that but the spawn points I felt were too compact for the area. This being said I don't have the ability to view the map in sparkedit etc so it may have just been a case of loads of deaths disadvantaged the area at the time, possibly due to the bridge traffic.
  8. I did find with so many playing it was few and far between finding a specialty weapon. Maybe weapon respawn time can be reduced or an added location for each. I also found it frustrating to kill near enemy flag only for them to respawn in front of you and any other player repawning after being killed elsewhere on the map.
  9. To post this article a printable source is required to follow formatting rules. Happy to revisit and post if one can be found. I came up with no alternative for now, sorry.
  10. Only on your map *flashlight*
  11. Duke Nukem Forever because I'm bored, lol
  12. Enjoy the carnage guys!!
  13. Wouldn't crunch be considered a 'jerky'?
  14. *warning viral thread on the take* All I bloody hear about from Americans is bacon this bacon that......let it rip, looking forward to the endless posts to come. I was turned off introduced to bacon with this tune. Can an option be both as it depends on the mod or accompanying dish?
  15. I demand snow, right here, right now!!! I've just returned from Costco and it's 31oC currently.
  16. G'day and welcome.
  17. "What's up everybody" the Official Storm greeting. I think you can lay claim to it coz I'm sure, as I did, everybody that read the thread title heard you say it as they read it. Congrats on the upgrade from lurker to member, I mean welcome
  18. Whilst my back pain has subsided a secondary pain (my knee) is keeping me awake at night so in attempt to get some good sleep I've taken a 'valium' relaxant. I'm in hope that this relaxes the muscles causing my pain and sends me into a nice uninterrupted nights rest.
  19. Sometimes it's good to put something aside and revisit with a clearer head and fresh mind
  20. Here's a rare piece of good news about the environment: The giant hole in the Earth's protective ozone layer is shrinking and has shrivelled to its smallest peak since 1988, NASA scientists said. Source