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  1. Next on my watch list is Red Sparrow.
  2. Halo Infinte brings the series back to PC
  3. Quake Champions free on steam till June 21.
  4. Hacksaw Ridge
  5. Dedicated to my ex
  6. Watched 'Black Panther' while I was working tonight.
  7. Gotta love dropping work back only to stay for a bbq lunch.
  8. vs's
  9. As pre-E3 hype ramps up, fans have reason to anticipate new sequels and entries from their favorite game series. Today brings a surprise announcement of a brand-new Halo game—the kind of news you might expect as an E3-keynote surprise. Source
  10. In a bid to assist gamers with restricted mobility and to champion inclusive design in gaming, Microsoft has officially unveiled a different kind of controller: the Xbox Adaptive Pad. Source
  11. What a bitch, I feel your pain.
  12. Apple device users are being warned about a new “black dot of death” bug that could completely crash your iMessages. Source