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  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!!
  2. Welcome to OC. Looking forward to seeing the content you provide posting here.
  3. As far as I can remember any zombies / infection gametype should work but the bipeds won't change to 'flood' once infected.
  4. I'm considering renovations!!!
  5. If you visited Austin’s Waterloo Records recently, you might have noticed a construction project that was unthinkable not so long ago: The 36-year-old Austin music staple was replacing 24 feet of CD racks with space for more vinyl. “After 30 years of CDs, a lot of people are moving on from that format,” says Waterloo owner John Kunz. “Whether they’re going back to vinyl, or streaming, people are selling off those CDs.” Source
  6. Arrival The Losers Paper Towns 3 very different movies but all enjoyable in their own way.
  7. My bad - deleted
  8. Good to see you Nick
  9. He spoke recently about how he thought he should have been born in Australia because all the good music he listened to and what is coming from here (Australia) today. He was in ore of Parkway Drive most recently.
  10. Bawled my eyes at the loss of a true unforgettable friends passing. His last Post!! R.I.P Puddin
  11. About to watch Well that was full of shit so next up is and it was a tear jerker!! Well worth the watch.
  12. Recovered from last night, not that I get hangovers
  13. as a skunk awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!!!!!
  14. Really bad choice of name there
  15. Had har Daayam!!!
  16. Taken today at Redwood Forest