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  1. To increase upload speed from 2mbps to approx 40mbps
  2. Until now, every image of a black hole you have ever seen has been an artist's impression. Source
  3. Just submitted my acceptance for a casual position I've been offered at the up coming Election in May. It's a 7 am start until all votes are counted at the end of the day (late night) Damn good pay comes with it
  4. The Highwaymen.
  5. Watched these 3 today while I worked. Annihilation Annabelle The Hard Way
  6. Congratulations!!!!
  7. R.I.P Keith Flint!!
  8. Throws a smoke canister into the open to call a CP and it finds the only place off ground, go figure!!
  9. Welcome back.
  10. I don't understand how a friend of mine can listen to YouTube when gaming rather than the game sounds or music. No sound is no go but background music rather than it being in your face is good for me.
  11. The first thing I do is turn music down in a game so its only just audible, can't stand it taking away from other sounds I listen to for my game style. @Tiamat you dabbled in music for gaming or something didn't you?
  12. I saw Snow White and the Huntsman when it for came out in 2012, I think it was, watched it again last night.
  13. Expected today of 36oC and it topped 41oC now at 17:50hrs. Tomorrows prediction has been changed as follows so I am expected to take that it will be 49oC or higher going by previous day?
  14. High 30's and expected 41oC this week..........send snow, all deliveries accepted!!!!
  15. Took a road trip here for a 2 hour tour from 11:30pm Saturday night and home again by 6am Sunday.
  16. Birdbox
  17. Came across this post on a group I follow on FB ~ Thank fuck I understand 'Bogan / Redneck' as there's a valuable message there!!! I wonder if the Police caught up with her, especially considering she