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  1. And it comes to life!!! Awesome job thus far Shiku, a mind numbing task but you got there.
  2. A twang instead of a strum? and not for it being out of tune.
  3. Coles and Woolworths should stock it also. Ask for the product to be ordered for you they should oblige.
  4. @Badga666 this was taken in a Supermarket called Maxi Foods, one I don't frequent often unless out that way. Oh and if they stock it then IGA stores should also, apparently.
  5. I still demand snow!!!! 37oC (98.6oF) here today but working in a room that held a temperature of 28oC and working with a 200oC press was the pits.
  6. I would have thought it would be a perfect combination. The varieties here
  7. Recipe with Rum
  8. Make your own. I'm sure it's within your time requirements to make and consume
  9. Yeaeeah, I suggest a Chrissy gift for him, maybe. Many a gift could be found there.
  10. Your story reads exactly as a provider store over here in Australia. What's with this glimmer of hope sales staff give by approaching you almost instantly as you enter the store, only to be told wait over there and they'll get you some help? @Puddin
  11. Don't preach to me, don't try and turn me and I couldn't care what you are as long as you treat me with the same respect I treat you.
  12. Equality being they have the same rights as a married opposite sex couple but 'protect' the religious beliefs maybe. Idk.
  13. I think a lot of the 'NO' voters were against the idea of it being called a marriage and felt it should be called a 'union' or similar.