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  1. We have 27 Saturday, 32 Sunday and a high of 37 Monday - FML!! Edited to add: 82.4, 89.6 and 98.6 for those that think it was cold, lol.
  2. Would tapatalk be a possible solution?
  3. Happy New Year everyone!! Here's to a trouble free 2021 and the eradication of covid.
  4. For the first time in years, new tree and a rich surrounding. Thanks covid for forcing the online shopping to me.
  5. Christmas Tree impersonation!
  6. Glad to hear its resolved.
  7. A friend of mine has an issue with CE but not PC after a new build. I don't know exact details but if anyone has an idea to throw at him please comment below and I will forward it to him. Here's the issue:
  8. https://medal.tv/clips/37693179/d133780Is7uV Some game play from yesterdays custom game - we defined our own rules for this one, grenades, RPG and vehicles only. Clip courtesy of Morlock_
  9. Xera:Survival - early access on currently on sale
  10. And if you have VR the scenery is amazing I hear.
  11. Elite Dangerous is FREE on Epic Games for this week only.