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  1. Called in before going into work today on the off chance they 'don't need' me only to be told that the worker mentioned above won't be in all this week as she is too sick. Our entire production team are ill with the same thing but varying symptoms. On a side note, I work with a 200oC press so I hope I sweat it out of me today. Back to the grind tomorrow.
  2. So sorry to hear Pra3.
  3. Britian's Queen Elizabeth is reportedly set to abdicate and make Charles king in all but name in a secret Palace plan for her retirement, it has been claimed. Source
  4. She works in a different room than where we were and came in because she had nothing to do for the last 1/2 of her day. She has plenty of leave available too. Anyway I feel like death warmed up today even after spending the last 24 hours in bed.
  5. Spend most of the day in bed feeling like crap thanks to one of the workers at work refusing to go home as she was unwell coughing and splattering her germs in the office. My weekend will be nothing as I need to be at work on Monday as a guy has arrived from America to help me with the next UV print job I'm doing.
  6. Next it will be a Pole
  7. So 1234 is out of the question?
  8. Could this be because most men are not the major dealer in day to day home duties therefore don't have the information processing in their heads as females do? I'm wondering if a 'stay at home' father would inherit the same social stigma women have, whether it's a learned thing or a situational thing. If a male returned to the workforce after such would they be no different to their male counterparts or would they be more open and vocal than the average? Interesting thought.
  9. Passwords suck. They're hard to remember, we all have about a million of them, and they're not supposed to be anything easy or memorable like your cat's name (sorry Furball1). Source
  10. Google has fired James Damore, an engineer who wrote a controversial essay arguing that the company has gone overboard in its attempts to promote diversity. Damore confirmed the firing in an e-mail to Bloomberg. Source
  11. The rollout for SpaceX's most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy, has been handled with a nearly concerning level of nonchalance. On July 28, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that its maiden voyage will be some time this November. Now, the SpaceX founder and self-proclaimed Boring Person has released an animation showing the rocket launch on his Instagram. The humans enjoy social media, and so Elon does, too. Source
  12. When the master or masters of the WannaCry cryptoransomware worm emptied the bitcoin wallets associated with the malware earlier this week, they apparently did so to make future movement of the funds more anonymous. According to researchers at the Italian information security firm Neutrino, the bitcoin were exchanged for XMR, the "untraceable" private digital currency backed by Monero. Source
  13. In a lot of ways, stars are our model for creating nuclear fusion here on Earth, with fusion power often promoted as "harnessing the power of the Sun." For all that, however, we have some surprising gaps in our understanding of what's going on inside stars. That's partly because we must infer what's going on there based on the elements and particles that reach the solar surface, and partly because finding ways to test our theoretical models of fusion reactions is so difficult. Source