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  1. Amazon has moved to distance itself from insider comments about the global giant’s plans to “destroy” Australian retail. Source
  2. An amicable settlement has been made.
  3. I've picked up consisted work for the past week or so and for the following 4 but my body decides it's going on strike. I've a really bad head cold, something I don't get often at all but when it hits it strikes. I'm still slogging to work each day but feel like death upon my arrival home.
  4. Just in case North Korea wants to nuke Australia...
  5. Find an article that speaks of FB Live and it's issue and I'll post. There's too many incidents to single one in particular out and having children myself I don't feel right posting this one. Sorry.
  6. All height comes with its pros and cons. Some comments made towards me: Wow, you must eat all your vegetables. Someone put a brick in her head. You on steroids? Sit down, you make me feel short. Compliments: I'd give anything to have some of your height. Appreciation being able to reach something another couldn't. Being selected for State level Baskeball *ability based also.
  7. Worked a 9 hour day with a 15 minute break. I was bored when I stopped so kept ploughing on. Work continued when I got home for a further 4 hours.
  8. Welcome Grungie.
  9. Posted
  10. North Korea has warned Australia it could be hit with nuclear weapons if it continues to "blindly" follow the United States. Source
  11. Height has been an issue for me since 7th grade. I stopped growing that year and found Basketball my forte. I am 6'. I was the envy of some, the popular pick for sports, the hated and also the picked on. As I grew older it was less of an issue as there were younger girls that were taller than me so I became quite stunted, you might say.
  12. There are many different ways you could interpret this topic/question. Some may say are any of us ‘Free’ others may restrict it to particular area or subject. Whether it be the Government, particular Laws , the fear or relief of guns, the list can go on. How do you feel? What do you think? Consider other Countries in your response.
  13. The Espy This is one of my most fave old and not so old haunts. I've been frequenting this Pub since I was 14 up until a few years back supporting my friends bands. This place could never die and I'm stoked to see it's been picked up again after a 2 year closure and being restored. One iconic landmark for sure!!