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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Welcome
  3. PubG - free to play now because Super People has almost killed it.
  4. Praying Summer will end early - hot hot hot and not cooling down so much overnight
  5. For those that like PubG - Super People CBT
  6. Thanks for picking that up - I don't know where my mind was.
  7. Back4Blood 40% off on Steam If you couldn't get enough of Left 4 Dead then this might interest you. Mixed reviews but game play is fun
  8. Lovin the vibe of this one
  9. How you finding it @Sceny ? After plans falling through a long time ago I've finally watched Rabbit Proof Fence Finished watching the 9 seasons of Wentworth and now on to Lost in Space s3 which I'm finding a disappointment. I've just seen a new season of Five Bedrooms is available so it's on my 'to watch' list.
  10. Finally watching the series 'Wentworth'. I grew up watching a tv series called 'Prisoner' and this is the follow on so looking forward to some nostalgia.
  11. Try this @DestroyerDarkNes - it worked for me https://www.windowscentral.com/how-uninstall-update-kb5001330-fix-issues-windows-10