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  1. Ha, comes across just like you. You're doppelganger in text maybe??
  2. Ahhh I didn't realise it was just the one map. I was awake and saw who was playing but didn't have the other maps so didn't join, obviously didn't need any more. I actually tested the map before going to bed last night and found the wind noise overbearing, yes can turn sound down, but it didn't change even when going through the tunnels, otherwise it was an okay map.
  3. Was gameplay streamed?
  4. Leaving it late to announce final details. I put my apologies in as I can't attend at 5am my time. Have fun all that play.
  5. Dirt Rally - Free on Humble Bundle
  6. Applied via Freedom of Information for some reports and received a reply for payment of 39 pages. Paid cost, received documents only to find it being 39 pages of 'fill the gaps' and totally useless for what I needed them for. I understand authority is required to name names of the other party/ies but entire pages of nothing helps me zip!!
  7. America needs help!!
  8. The Dirt - An insight on Motley Crüe Sand Castle - based on a true story in Iraq 2003