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  1. Has anyone seen or intending to? This movie looks pretty good from the trailer.
  2. Toxic nerve agent used in murder of Kim
  3. Hey

    No pic, no proof. *send all evidence to Tucker
  4. Hey

    You getting your Forums mixed up again?
  5. Welcome to OC.
  6. Hey

    Welcome to the Funny Farm
  7. Video foootage puuuuleeease!!!!
  8. Wouldn't have thought you'd waste it Welcome to OC. Don't mind Pr3a, the fruitcake
  9. The World's Only Metallic Hydrogen Sample Has Disappeared Ohhhh shite!!!
  10. I think we experienced the last 2 hot days for this summer....35oC yesterday followed by a hot 25oC today.
  11. Some don't show or you don't see as toxic until you have departed friendship and then you wonder how the hell you couldn't see it to begin with. I think those are called narcissists :/