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  1. Use a name ban. He's too stupid to work it out.
  2. Neuromorphic engineering—building machines that mimic the function of organic brains in hardware as well as software—is becoming more and more prominent. The field has progressed rapidly, from conceptual beginnings in the late 1980s to experimental field programmable neural arrays in 2006, early memristor-powered device proposals in 2012, IBM's TrueNorth NPU in 2014, and Intel's Loihi neuromorphic processor in 2017. Yesterday, Intel broke a little more new ground with the debut of a larger-scale neuromorphic system, Pohoiki Beach, which integrates 64 of its Loihi chips. Source
  3. Up until the last few decades, our picture of what might reside around distant stars was shaped entirely by the planets, moons, asteroids, and other bodies in our own Solar System. But the discovery of thousands of exoplanets has dramatically improved our picture of what's out there in terms of large bodies. Comets and asteroids, by contrast, are well below our ability to image for the indefinite future. Source
  4. Chevron crews have begun to clean up a massive and ongoing oil spill in California after nearly 800,000 gallons of oil and water were dumped into a canyon near Bakersfield in May. Source
  5. Soon after Bianca Devins was killed on Sunday morning, pictures of her bloodied body were circulating online. Source
  6. Pudding you gave me some of the best memories and now you are a memory. I can't believe today marks 12 months since your passing, I still remember our last words. {{{{ HUGS }}}} to your family today and always. Boomer is growing into a fine young man.
  7. The Hitman's Bodyguard __Dayam it was good!!!
  8. In its attempt to keep pace with SpaceX and other competitors, Amazon is seeking FCC approval to put 3236 interconnected broadband satellites into orbit. Source