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  1. You're not like that, seen it in many of chats You're your own damn person, you are not your Dad He made mistakes and you learned from them I've made my mistakes, you're what I earned from them
  2. @Iggy Gandaaaaaaaaalfffffffffff!!!!!!
  3. And I don't understand this. It's a FREE earning and simple to achieve it. More editors would be helpful but I also understand time commitments are scarce even if it takes 2 minutes to post an article.
  4. My pics are only taken via my phone, nothing special. Whilst I am happy to share snaps taken I don't need the tickets if I was fortunate to win. I hope some of you would be interested. Maybe I should pressure Nick a little to post his here.
  5. So far so good. I'm looking forward to utilising all the attachments.
  6. Thanks for the fun!
  7. Fraud, scams, and "unfair" terms and conditions all need to be cleaned up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, the European Commission has said—warning the US firms that any failure to comply with the order will lead to sanctions. Source
  8. Intel announced today the first Optane-branded product using its new 3D XPoint memory: the catchily named Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X. It's a 375GB SSD on a PCIe card. Initial limited availability starts today, for $1520, with broad availability in the second half of the year. In the second quarter, a 750GB PCIe model, and a 375GB model in the U.2 form factor will be released, and in the second half of the year, a 1.5TB PCIe card, and 750GB and 1.5TB U.2 stick, are planned. Source
  9. CQ CQ CQ DX!
  10. I unlocked my server - it's been full most of the time so I've opened a 2nd
  11. Posted
  12. Companies may ban staff from wearing Islamic headscarves and other visible religious symbols, the European Union’s top court has ruled, setting off a storm of complaint from rights groups and religious leaders. Source
  13. The experience I have had with any anxiety medication is that it is usually prescribed to take 1/2 a tablet for 4-7 days to see if there are any side effects before taking a full tablet. I presume it wasn't a new med in your case though just a fuck up. The he most recent script here is for Escitalopram and it's been the most effective and least problematic. It's used for anxiety and OCD. It may be worth looking into if you're still in early stages of sourcing treatment.