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  1. Accomplishment - just need to mow the lawn, weed the garden and the kids have the perfect outdoor entertaining area. Full size air hockey table on the left, seating and view.
  2. Taken tonight, such beautiful colours.
  3. I think an update is warranted.
  4. @Iggy Inside a tyre? I'm guessing you have 3 more kitty cats!!
  5. UFO!!!
  6. To increase upload speed from 2mbps to approx 40mbps
  7. Just submitted my acceptance for a casual position I've been offered at the up coming Election in May. It's a 7 am start until all votes are counted at the end of the day (late night) Damn good pay comes with it
  8. Until now, every image of a black hole you have ever seen has been an artist's impression. Source
  9. The Highwaymen.
  10. Watched these 3 today while I worked. Annihilation Annabelle The Hard Way
  11. Congratulations!!!!