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  1. I remember watching a Let's play of Lost Silver the writing was really well done it wasn't a cliche, and the first person narrative just added to the realism I think all the Pokemon cps are really impressive...
  2. ​So what's happening you guys with Halloween coming up I was wondering; Are any of you interested in: Creepypastas? If so what are your favorite 'Gaming' cps, for those of you that don't know what Creepypastas are they're a collection of stories, and legends made to scare or frighten the reader/viewer many of these Creepypastas are gaming related, and if you don't know what a Creepypasta is you must have heard of a few [The infamous Slenderman being one them...] Some speculation, or really good writing makes some of these seem real and really makes you think as a gamer, "Could any of this actually happen?" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ //My favorite Creepypasta so far is the: SCP Foundation, "Secure. Contain. Protect." This organization keeps a collection of sentient, or anomalous objects that are kept in a secret, or secure location for study. These SCPs are interesting all that have different characteristics, or functions such as a key called the; Skeleton Key a notorious item in the gaming world [sightings in The Elder Scrolls series and the popular Xbox live indie game: Total Miner] it has the ability to unlock any door regardless of the type of lock... Some of these SCPs are quite harmless even helpful [SCP-458: Otherwise known as the, "Never ending pizza box." is as the name would insinuate a pizza box that never ends fulfilling the needs of any hungry person based on their thoughts.] However... A lot of these SCPs are dangerous the most well known is SCP-173 The Sculpture It is constructed from concrete and rebar that gained sentience this SCP must be monitored 24/7 if not... It comes up behind you... And then it kills you. [similar to Weeping Angles in Doctor Who] It makes for some really interesting gameplay... But what are your thoughts on Creepypastas any favorites? Or any you think could be real, or had you wondering? --____________________________________-- Picture of The Sculpture...
  3. Oh hi Edgar.
  4. This entire time no one has ever made that connection xD Good one, and thanks.
  5. Hello.
  6. Lookin foward to it^
  7. Thank ya^ :T
  8. Now before I begin... There was an introduction section? [ ] I'm A10 I do videos on the tube, and I have a fan base of 297 [used to be 300+ But I stopped posting... :/ ] My favorite genres of gaming: FPS, RPG, Action/Adventure, Stealth, and Horror. I love Halo [Ce being my favorite] I've done tons of speedruns on LASO [Legendary All Skulls On] I am the leader of a clan called Army of Ten [A10] that's em pretty much it for now... [That was a good introduction wasn't internet? >_>] Follow my anus on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/A10spartanap117O.D.S.T [Team follow back]
  9. Tardy to the party, I too enjoy F2P I just don't generally enjoy the 'Pay 2 win' aspect...
  10. Controller Add-on I made inspired by my Girlfriend: Ayre :T
  11. I think this mod has great potential literally the best Graphic mod I've seen for CE. [Aside from Anniversary ]