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  1. Inevitably return to Mount and Blade: Butterband (ACOK mod) when I have nothing else to play. War Thunder Life is Strange
  2. Why thank you. I admit I ended up much, much more disheveled by the end of the night - wandering Brooklyn Heights for a cigarette carrying bodega at 3 in the morn. I haven't seen the cravat since. I assume demons.
  3. it was a wedding ok
  4. Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain tumour https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/07/19/sen-john-mccain-diagnosed-with-brain-cancer/
  5. Volcanic, so lots of interesting geology! Lots of rare and cool species of spider and flying wildlife, warm all year round, semi-omniscient eye watching your every move from atop a tower of evil. Mordor is a great place to live. Good Mojitos.
  6. Done these before and gotten INFP and ENFP. Never really been convinced by Myers-Briggs, tbh. I have moods, ya know?
  7. http://newsthump.com/2017/07/16/fictional-time-travellers-dont-have-vaginas-insist-morons/
  8. ATH is always solid. My first recommendation for anyone dipping their toe in the hi-fi world. I have a pair of old M50s that are still going strong after 3 years or so. Great mixing headphones too - all we used in my old school studio.
  9. I still have to explain to people that Ned didn't fuck his sister... It's infuriating! One guy refused to believe he was wrong as "incest is like, the main thing".
  10. I am so fundamentally obsessed with GOT / ASOIAF that it is beginning to take a toll on my health. Last night I woke up, nude save for a longsword, dripping blood and laying on a wolf's pelt with no recollection of how I got there. I live in New York City. Someone is missing their husky. In all seriousness, I've read through the series twice now - the show as well. I'm hoping that someone else is as deranged as I am for the books, because they're so damn good. Thoughts, theories, scathing criticism?
  11. You know, I'm tired of the diatribe against vegans. I'm vegan and frankly I'm kind of offended the attitudes you all purvey. Just because your stomach is a graveyard doesn't mean mine has to be. There's a picture that I once saw that finally made me make the jump from carni-whore to a state where I can be happy with my moral consumption. I'd like you all to see it, in the hopes that it will convince you too. It's horrifying, graphic; you will be shocked, but in the off chance one of you changes your ways I know my job will have been done. NSFW
  12. officer i'm gonna be honest with you: not sober at this moment warning: that image is strangely huge
  13. I have to fly to get back home from university, so I've got a ton of stories about terrible flight companions. The worst was flying with this huge dude, maybe 6'4 on a Ryanair plane so we were incredibly cramped. On top of that, he had a huge fear of flying. I, in the middle seat, had claimed both armrests. At the barest hint of turbulence he would grab my hand with all his fear & force. And when I say huge, I don't mean fat as well. He could have been playing for Fiji in the rugby sevens. Left that flight with a decimated left hand, which I actually couldn't use to play guitar for a couple of days after. The worst consecutive ones are fucking English lad types on flights. Always wrecked, screaming and just ridiculously arrogant. Ugh. Stewards and stewardesses don't care, either. They've seen it all before.