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  1. 6 red bulls and a handgun, just in case. I sat on my ass for two weeks instead of getting my work done.
  2. Ordered Arthur C. Clarke's collected stories and a bunch of Shakespeare and contemporaries for my course (Marlowe, Webster etc).
  3. Exam fever, baby! Final cramming before the gallows.
  4. Kate Beaton's books Hark! A Vagrant & Step Aside Pops for my brother's Christmas gifts. She's one of the most irreverently hilarious comic artists I've ever come across. If anyone has a spare tenner to kick in, her sister has cancer and is very close to her fundraising goal. I'm sure it would be appreciated, especially around this time of year.
  5. I don't watch television or films (televisions especially; which I personally refer to as 'pleb-boxes'). I prefer to spend my time engaged in more intelligent activities like managing my uni's Tamagotchi society, or desperately vying to be the first to reply to the President's tweets. (Just finished the yearly Lord of the Rings watch through with the GF. Always a good time!)
  6. Pretty simple: just what you're reading and what you think about it. Lots of Victorian literature for my course (George Eliot, Henry James, Joseph Conrad etc.), but just finished Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go after he picked up the Nobel. In equal parts melancholic, touching, and completely tragic. I read The Remains of The Day after I saw the film, but I prefer NLMG now.
  7. Inevitably return to Mount and Blade: Butterband (ACOK mod) when I have nothing else to play. War Thunder Life is Strange
  8. Why thank you. I admit I ended up much, much more disheveled by the end of the night - wandering Brooklyn Heights for a cigarette carrying bodega at 3 in the morn. I haven't seen the cravat since. I assume demons.
  9. it was a wedding ok
  10. Volcanic, so lots of interesting geology! Lots of rare and cool species of spider and flying wildlife, warm all year round, semi-omniscient eye watching your every move from atop a tower of evil. Mordor is a great place to live. Good Mojitos.