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  1. I arrived back in London and moved into my new place, then spent £200 pounds on sheets. I didn't realise I had picked up the ultra-high thread count ones, the cashier was disarmingly charming, and there was a line behind me. Fellas, do you think I can deep fry cotton as a sort of caloric toast?
  2. I really love Dan Deacon. He has a fingerprint technique that sort of edges around my ability to interpret exactly what his music is saying; but still, at the same time, I feel totally engrossed in it. Raspy whispers layer atop arpeggios that function as much on the tone of the note as the hammering presence of the key press itself. The words you can pick out speak to the soundscape too -- he builds an idea of permanence built of perception, where age and simple meditation remind you that reality is as reality is justified. Where can you go, he asks, but deeper inside your own head?
  3. thinkin' bout that shot of adam sandler's colon in Uncut Gems
  4. I swear I once played on this server when I was a kid
  5. "summer jam '95"
  6. Not made anymore but managed to snag an unused pair. No preamp but good for travel.
  7. quarantine is taking its toll.
  8. even as a kid I was like yes?? caves are not regular??
  9. tell me this shit don't slap