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  1. Assuming you're referring to the HaloMD mod of Ambush? I put that together and unfortunately it is messed up somehow. Started doing another build of the original Ambush (too lazy right now to finish it) as I used some POQ mod of the original Ambush as a base for my first build (big mistake).
  2. Lol damn I guess I was just totally unaware that you didn't use Macs (I for sure thought you did back when we played on Phoenix 2 like 4 years ago). But ok guys I guess I'll just stick to Eschaton 0.8.1 as it is the best/most advanced tool for Halo editing on Mac in my humble opinion.
  3. This question is primarily for Tucker or 002, as I know you guys use Macs (002 especially). So ever since I upgraded my Mac OS to Sierra I've been having issues with Eschaton 0.8.1 in terms of internalizing bitmaps. Would anyone know if there is a workaround to this issue (like a different version of Eschaton I can use)? It's not a huge deal at the moment but when CMT releases the second part of SPV3, it would be nice to check out some of their assets, which I could normally easily do through Eschaton on OSX Mavericks. Thanks guys.
  4. Replaying Half-Life 2 again, such a great game even 12 years later! Edit: Source engine also holds up pretty well when compared even to contemporary games, the lighting and environments were so well put together by Valve.
  5. I found NeX's latest version of Coagulation this morning when I was organizing all the Halo map files I have on my computer lol. I was interested in looking at it again too as I think its a pretty good build so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. I uploaded it to Mediafire and here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f6j8zhnmz1ubhr6/rev_coagulation_test.map.zip
  6. Lol thats me. And yeah bro I did use a couple of the textures you utilized in your Danger Canyon and Chiron map updates for some of my metal shaders. I was really impressed by them. Decided not to release some of your stuff I showed in some of the screenshots on the Halo Update topic though as it didn't really fit what I was going for. I'll be sure to credit you for the shaders of yours that I use whenever I get around to finishing the project. Also I apologize for not crediting you in my initial topic on here (I have alot more people I need to credit too).
  7. Boom... Thanks again NeX From one of the maps I did... From Revolution's Portent. Whenever I finish this project, I'll certainly be sure to credit you for a number of things you did in Revolution, some of which I utilized and added to make Halo Update even better.
  8. Interesting. Yeah I'm currently kind of stuck with Eschaton as my main tool rather than the HEK as I'm doing these mods all on Mac. I have done a ton of trial and error work with the icons and did manage to come up with something today: I used some Halo 3esque weapon pickup icon bitmap and have inserted Reach weapon icons when needed to replace the Halo 3 icons as I'm trying to be as detail oriented as possible when it comes to all the weapons this time round (as they are a mix of Halo 3, Reach, Halo Anniversary inspired). It's a pain but I'm pretty confident that it should work. I'll of course explore other alternatives when I finally get around to testing these mods and if people don't like what I did. Edit: these pickup icons look way too small in comparison to the icons on your map and the stock maps, will probably try something else.
  9. NeX, so I'm currently working on the weapon pickup icons bitmap(s) for my mods and I really liked the ones you used. Some are shown in the pic below: Did you find the weapon icons you are using from a particular place? Or did you create them yourself? They are really cool. Just looking at options and I will use what looks best and takes up the least amount of map space.
  10. I agree, storm rifle would be a pretty good addition to the tagset or even the plasma repeater. Just finding good model(s) for them would be the main issue I think as I don't think Zteam released a Reach plasma repeater. The H4 storm rifle is around on some maps though.
  11. Downloaded rev_hangemhigh and its nice man, good work. One thing I noticed though almost straight away.. looks like you removed the sniper rifle screen effect? So no more nightvision? I am debating doing the same thing but for night maps I think having it does make a difference. Just curious if you intend to get rid of it for the final release or if its just a temporary thing. I did notice that CMT seemed to have removed the sniper rifle screen effect in B30 evolved too. Also NeX I should have given this to you awhile ago. H4 carbine including a third person model from one of Azurex117's mods. Mod and of course the weapon itself was protected but I started renaming the tags and adding some of the revolution stuff into the weapon tag but thought you might want to add your personal touch to things so I didn't do a whole lot. Its in the flamethrower itmc and takes the flamethrower's place in the matg. Halo MD map format: http://www.mediafire.com/download/77axfu2gf6vc16m/carbine_1.map.zip
  12. So I know most people here don't play Halo on Mac but slowly I've been making progress with these Halo MD exclusive mods. Being one of the few active modders on MD is a huge pain sometimes.. but oh well. Did the HUD myself and drew inspiration from CMT, Halo 3 and Mooseguy's Descent Firefight mod. Probably the only thing I'm really happy about from these mods at the moment... lol. Teaser images of my take on Hang 'Em High (thanx for the snow flurries NeX):
  13. Sometimes its best to step back for a bit especially with school and work. Projects like these can be pretty time consuming and draining. Recently I finally found the time to work on the Halo Update mods for Halo MD, but that was after I graduated and moved out of my old apartment. I will likely slow down with modding again soon as I will get busier with my new part time job and will also need to start looking for a full time big boy job. I would just release it when you feel ready. People have been happy with what you've released so far and I hope you don't feel pressured. CMT are certainly taking their time with SPV3 and they said they would release that awhile ago.
  14. Cool well that's good to know. Haha and yeah that is an old old version compared to stuff you are working on now. I am also curious about your Hangemhigh variant, I really dig CMT's Dissolution bsp (their version of Hangemhigh) and was thinking of incorporating that into Halo Update, which I've resumed work on.
  15. Hey NeX what rocket launcher model are you thinking of using for your final release? I haven't been active on the forum in awhile so I'm not totally updated on what you've chosen. Its just that I was fooling around on your first release of Halo Revolution the other day (the version from way back in summer 2013) and noticed that the rocket launcher fp model is probably still one of the best Reachish rocket launcher models I've seen. Have you ever thought of using that for your final release and getting someone to make a third person model of it for you? It just looks very comparable visually to the stock rocket launcher (which I think for your project is a plus). Dat launcher still looks pretty good two years later (in my opinion)