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  1. Hi

    LMFAO. Cheers, Cereal Killer :3
  2. Woke Up at 7. Got some jobs done. Went to town. Came home. Now on my laptop :3
  3. I'm gonna pop some tags.
  4. I like this idea, Tucker.
  5. LMAO "Dicking"
  6. Hahaha I just thought. I am really glad that Mars' name is red. It would really bug me if it wasn't because the planet is red therefore associating his name with a different colour would make me turn very OCD.
  7. Hi

    I know, lol.
  8. I do not know. There are many sides to this.
  9. Some of the minecraft screenshots are hilarious.
  10. This film is insane.
  11. Hi

  12. Nice
  13. Hi

    Erm, No.
  14. This thread remind me of Peter Griffin's "You know what really Grinds my Gears?!"