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  1. Lol It's not the hex that bothers me, it's the hacky nature of modding stuff this way. I suppose there's no decent alternative available than to completely learn the HEK and then convert back from CE to Xbox format. Best of luck
  2. Started watching Black Sails. It was pretty slow for the first season, some action here and there but a lot of 'set up'. Classic political scheming and the like, but mostly character development. Second season has been fantastic so far.
  3. This is gross...
  4. Started watching The Americans. It's...actually really good. Blew my expectations out of the water.
  5. So I have the next ~ 3 weeks off before I start my new job, so I figured it's time to watch some movies that I never got around to watching (mainly because my wife doesn't really want to watch them with me :P). Just finished Ip Man, and I have to say, even though it's obviously embellishment - a movie about the legend of Ip Man, not a biopic - it was pretty damn good. Some solid drama, decent acting, and really good choreography for the fight scenes. I feel like a little bit of the dialog was lost in translation (I watched it with subs rater than dubs, which helped), which was sad. Some of the contextual and cultural stuff didn't quite translate well into English, maybe some idioms or the like. All in all, I'd say a good 7/10, fun Kung Fu movie. About to fire up Ip Man 2, or maybe The Raid: Redemption. Gotta get some Kung Fu in my life today!
  6. Yeah, that's the cycle alright. That's also the reason that I want to get something fresh - I know it'll be outdated in a few years, but that's a few extra years I get out of it. If I buy something that's already outdated....well...it's already outdated. Microcenter is about an hour away from me....how are they in terms of customer service reps knowing their shit? If at all possible, it'd be great to go in and get all the parts I need in one stop, even if it's a bit more expensive on some of the components. Especially if there's a way to build it in-house so I don't have to deal with shipping and warranties if one of the components is bogus
  7. Definitely. I think with all the advice, my current estimate is that I'm not going to end up coming in at $1000. The real consideration now for me is how far towards the $2000 mark do I really want to get, and that is going to boil down to how far into the future do I want to not mess with needing an upgrade. If I go full on towards the 1080 Ti, and drop an extra bit on the i7 for the virtual cores it gives (clock speeds aside), that'll sit me right up into that $1700 - $2000 range. That's not really where I wanted to be at, but it seems like a more sound decision in the long run. The 1070 will definitely give me what I need right now, but on the off chance that the Vega ends up being some enigmatic breakthrough and at AMD prices, I may end up just burning my cash on it with respect to price:value ratio. At this moment I'm leaning towards sitting on my hands - 002 made a great point that what I'm running now will definitely do fine for 90% of the things I want to do, and it'll handle the other 10% well enough to live with for the time being. I'll keep saving up some cash for this eventual build in the meantime while I wait to see how these new reveals go; if they're anything short of what they claim, I'll just aim towards the higher-end marks and end up with a rig that I can be satisfied with for the next 4-6 years either way. Thanks for all the help! I greatly appreciate it.
  8. Interesting for sure...wouldn't the lack of another 8pin limit the OCing ability of the card, if it can't physically draw as much power? After doing a bit more research, it looks like a lot of people are pretty hopeful for dual-BIOS 1070s and being able to unlock some of the intentionally disabled features that differentiate it from the 1080. I'm also interested to see what AMD unveils with this spooky mysterious Vega chip. They claim it will compete with the 11GB 1080 Ti, but with it only being 4GB-8GB, I'm skeptical. However, I'm willing to wait until there's at least some benchmarks released to see whether or not it would be worth it to get the AMD chip. Then again, that sounds like at least a few months away, which sucks. I was hoping to get this all built and set up in the next....2-3 weeks.
  9. Makes me wonder if you've accidentally overwritten some of the stock assets that come with the HEK. I remember vaguely some mention of those tags not being able to be extracted properly by HEK+, and it corrupting them if you tried. Maybe try reinstalling your HEK, which should restore all of those and trying the stock BG again
  10. Hey hey hey. I think it's about time for me to start thinking about building a new rig, and turning my current one into a livingroom media center. Here's my current specs: CPU: i7-2600 (4core 8thread) RAM: 8GB DDR3 (Corsair) GPU: MSI GTX 970 (4GB GDDR5) MOBO: Gigabyte something or other, does its job but nothing special. Mini ATX PSU: Corsair 750W Modular So far this guy has done pretty much everything I need it to, but I've been noticing some gradual loss in FPS in newer games due to my CPU bottleneck. Don't get me wrong, it's a great little processor and has served me well for its >6 year lifespan, but it's not (easily) unlocked, so I can't overclock to compensate, and I'd have to get better cooling even if I did. My GPU rarely hits over 75% load when I notice performance hits, so it's doing OK, but even though the 970 is no slouch, there are a lot more future-proof items on the market. I think this PC will do great as a low-budget living room rig, it'll serve up my Plex media and some couch gaming just fine - but it can't really handle the smooth ride I'm looking for in my main rig, and I've had these components for a long time. It's a bit of a frankenstein's monster, with my having upgraded the mobo and GPU along the way (there's another story on here about that and my fuckups along the way lol), so it's time to get the backseat sometime soon. So I'm asking you guys, since a lot of you have a ton of experience in building PCs and the nuances of the compatibilities of hardware I may not possess - what should I do here? I'm trying to keep my budget around $1000 - I also think I can salvage some parts from the current guy if needed, such as the PSU. That PC doesn't pull 400W, so I can easily use the 750W for the new build, and but a cheaper PSU to put in the old one as a more reasonable replacement. Same goes for the case. It's nothing special, but it's large enough to house all the components I could fit without issue, so i can always get a cheap ass case for the old rig's parts since it's going to be sitting in the living room doing nothing anyway. I'm hoping some tradeoffs like that could save me a few hundred without having to sacrifice any specs of consequence along the way. Things I definitely need: new CPU (unlocked), better GPU, new MOBO + RAM (DDR4 obv), SSD, water cooling system - preferrably not overly complicated, just a simple bolt-on with a vent fan is fine with me. Here's what I've got in terms of an ideal build, but it's around $1400: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/N2rYtJ CPU: i5-7600K RAM: Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4-2666 (2x8GB) GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 (8GB VRAM) MOBO: MSI Z270-A PRO (ATX) (LGA1151) PSU: EVGA 650W Full Modular Case: NZXT S340 ATX Mid-Tower SSD: Samsung 850-EVO 250GB 2.5" HDD: Seagate 2TB 7200 RPM Cooling: MasterLiquid Pro 280 Total: ~$1500 So my final questions are: Do you think the 1080 is worth the price? The 1070 is about half the price, and the RX480 is even cheaper, but the benchmarks aren't even close to the 1080 at the moment. If it is, would the step up to the 1080 Ti be worth the extra money? That's a serious beast that should be solid for several years to come. Should I fuck with an external sound card? I have a Yamaha Audiogram 6 for my microphone, which handles its business pretty well via USB, and I've never had a big issue with sound quality, but then again I may just not know what I'm missing. Are AMD processors worth it for gaming? I'd be down to try one out if the price:specs ratio was good enough (although that means a MOBO change, not a big deal). I'm down for any and all suggestions here, I'd love to knock off that $400, but not if it's a massive sacrifice in specs. By switching to all AMD I may be able to come in around $1000, but if it's also 1/3 less powerful, I'm not looking for a 1:1 tradeoff in price to performance. Thanks guys!
  11. Mmmm. Is it any map? It sounds like something is corrupted in there, but obviously process of elimination is about the only way to find out what :/ Maybe try adding your assets to tutorial.map or something like that until it breaks again... It's been a long time since I've messed with CE, was just hoping it was something I'd seen before.
  12. Is there anything else output above it? Those are just stop codes, probably won't help much, and the EXCEPTION halt message isn't very helpful either (thanks tool lol)
  13. Got PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds installing at home right now, drooling to play it when I get off work.  Lol I actually remoted into my desktop from my phone so I could make sure I got it when it dropped today.

    1. WaeV


      Remote desktop from a phone still kinda blows my mind

  14. About to start my last week of work at this place. Got offered a new (much better) engineering job at Ball Aerospace, doing waaay more interesting work. Oh, and on top of everything else, it's going to cut my commute from 40 minutes each way, down to 5. I mean come on, what's next, a daily massage? I have to get security clearance, but that's not too bad. They do significant tuition reimbursement, so I've been toying with going back to school for a masters in Machine Learning. My alma mater just opened a brand new neuroscience engineering building which is partnering heavily with our computer science/engineering department, so that's bad ass. And I'm taking 3 weeks off between jobs for a little 'me' time. All in all, this may be one of the best turns my life has taken in a long while