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  1. ...I have to admit, I only really have one question: red laser of semen? I have no idea how to respond to the fact that I used a weapon named that...
  2. Whelp, crappy, about 30% feature complete, and a callback to PC modding at its finest, but has the most important thing: flying crap! mirror link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvnpz9mb8ho0b64/deathspiral.zip?dl=0 deathspiral.zip
  3. Well, releasing a beta version (no scenario edits, due to Sapien deciding it doesn't like me... link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvnpz9mb8ho0b64/deathspiral.zip?dl=0 In short, the banshees are suicidal ramming machines with no ranged attack, the hogs are elegant and beautiful flying machines, the ghosts are annoying, it's daytime, and everything else needs Sapien to stop complaining at me, which will have to be a version 2. In short, this is almost a mockery of CE development! For modding this, I actually ended up using Harbinger to convert to PC (Pearl 2 took a crap over my face, and refused to work) and used HMT to edit models. That being said, I intend to make this as much fun to play as possible, with at least some mind towards balance... though the key feature is and always will be flying warthogs.
  4. Heyo! I'm back, after what is like, a decade? I kinda wonder how many people remember me lol... Anyway, blame Tucker, I decided to work on a project which I'd always thought about, but never really got working nicely; making everything fly. Full warning: I never was much one for doing modeling, so my work has always been in fiddly tag work, for example I believe I wrote some of the first tutorials on chainspawning, back when HMT 3.5 was the tool of choice for modding if that dates me any... Back in the day, I played around with various tricks to get a warthog to fly; swapping models didn't work well, it tended to have single-person hogs, collision was all screwed obviously, etc. Collision models didn't help since the physics tag was mostly not understood, but did handle in-motion collision, and other similar challenges all caused a fairly lacking result. I recently however dove back in, re-installed CE in the first time for years, and HEK for the first time in the better part of a decade, and dove in. Awhile of fiddling with Mozzarilla, I managed to get flying ghosts, complete with working in-flight model, etc. A few days later, I have warthogs looking rather good, and now lack a good reason to not attempt, say, tanks... Did some basic tweaks to how ghosts fly (reminded me of the good old days making banshees into crazy stunt machines), and decided I had enough for a first WIP video. Since I've gotten this much done, I'm swiftly running out reasons (other than, you know, willingness/time) to not put this together for a map in the HCE competition, so any recommendations on a good backdrop (level) to start from are welcome, etc. I'm a PC modder at heart, so my work will mostly be tagging, scenery movement, etc; never really got the full pipeline to do BSP edits, and never got into much modeling... Considering a race/team race focused map, with ctf and team deathmatch support, with some weapon tweaks to make ground-to-air combat possible, and encourage having a bunch of your friends riding in the passenger seat of a hog, and possibly on a tank... Anyway, let's see how possible flying tanks are... (Also, the ghosts and Tucker are to blame for the name of the map)
  5. Owls are cool. Also, naps are nice, and sleeping during the day is fun. Nocturnal is fun. C'est la vie.
  6. Also, I'd get a bigger HDD, in part because the $/GB mark makes the 500G a bit of a lesser value than the 1T or 2T drives. Aside from that and the obvious issues with the processor (already mentioned) I'd say to double-check the inside dimensions of the case vs the card you plan to put in, and to see if there are any fan slots in the case that aren't filled. If there are slots that have no fan but support one getting a few fans never hurts, more airflow would really help a fermi...they run hot =p
  7. Only way to make custom collision models is through messy hex editing of the meta data, (Eg Hamp's Log mod things) or making an entirely new one through 3ds max and the custom edition tools. You can't just inject one like you can with normal models. It unfortunately just doens't work.
  8. Oh god...top ten? Honestly its pretty split pretty evenly, the one I play tends to vary based on what I feel like at the time, and what other people I tend to play with are playing, but here goes... 1. Dungeon Defenders 2. Minecraft (usually Tekkit) 3. Team Fortress 2 4. Tribes: Ascend 5. Diablo 3 6. Borderlands 7. Left 4 Dead 8. Terraria 9. League of Legends 10. Magicka And honestly, there are quite a few others that I would put over these depending on the situation... *replaces a few* and there are still more... *sigh*
  9. *waits for picture reference for decisions*
  10. Debateable, I personally prefer the 'feel' of L4D to L4D2, but melee weaps are fun...*shrugs* I like both =) </offtopic> Steam is definately the place I'd go to for games, there are also several really good F2P (Free to Play) games on there as well. the F2P ones I recommend: Team Fortress 2 (obviously) Tribes: Ascend (Really awesome game) Vindictus (Interesting MMO built on the source engine) Alien Swarm (Another valve game, one of the best top-down WASD shooters I've played) the P2P ones I recommend: Borderlands Dungeon Defenders Magicka Terraria (kinda like Minecraft, but current-gen/mario-style 2D graphics and more combat) L4D, L4D2, Portal, Portal 2 (been mentioned but worth rementioning ;P Serious Sam HD First/Second Encounter For pretty-much all the P2P ones I mention, I would never get them unless they are at least 75% off FYI, it happens often enough to make it worth it, on Serious Sam I even wait til its 90% off xD
  11. Well, I drink no soda! Apple cider is win though...