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  1. immersive story, fun game mechanics. both of those equal replay-ability for me.
  2. http://exentri.com/en/the-wallet/
  3. Did this once before and it worked fine, not sure why this time is so different. (yes it is still doing whatever it is doing)
  4. Bonjour et bienvenue
  5. ye, it is a drobo, so the idea is that this should happen automagically, however i am not wholly confident it is actually doing this.
  6. one of the 3TB drives in my backup raid failed. swapped it out and in theory it should be restoring the data now, but I don't think it is actually doing anything...
  7. Alt knew how to do bsp collision compiling, but it was too much work to write it into eschaton. i don't know if it helps but he said it is possible to do it based on the bps model itself, it takes a lot of generalizing based on the model's shape.
  8. yep the systems programmer is being shortsighted on what memory consumption is like for a realistic system. I'm out. PS: I don't have a problem with the over the top hardware in the other two respects (CPU and GPU) because that is how PC people "future-proof" systems.
  9. because nothing needs that much as a set-top box console. running ONE game, I doubt that you would hit more than 4GB ever. I am paying for hardware to either stream a game from my more powerful box, in which case i really only need 256MB of ram. to play games on the box you are looking at 4-8GB at most. An optimized console won't need more than 4GB overall. 16GB is absurd to be necessary, as that has more in space memory than many games have file size footprint.
  10. I think this might be an excellent time for someone to chime in going "da fuq u doin' valve". Why does my set-top box need 16GB of ram? Doesn't the Xbox 360 have something like 512MB? My iMac G4 from 2002 has twice that of the Xbox 360 in it. My laptop has 8GB in it, what the fuck does this supposed living room console need 16GB for?
  12. what just happened here, i am so confused.
  13. In Austin for the week, this is pretty cool.
  14. +1 to this attitude, honestly i think that this is going to be an amazing thing for you. this has happened to me, and has probably been the best thing that has happened to me ever.