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  1. Sanghelios? ARBITER CONFIRMED I miss the Arbiter
  2. Nothing ever will
  3. That's all well and good, but we all know who the best second playable character is...
  4. As it turns out I'm not actually The Arbiter, I'm just a drunken fool
  5. THE MARATHON CONTINUES It's been 15 hours My eyes hurt
  6. Some friends and I about to start a 24 hour levelling marathon, surrounded by dead Grells that our level 90 friend decided to come and kill while he was waiting for us to start. Yup.
  7. Living in Manchester has really rubbed off on me
  8. I spent a good deal of time thinking that there was a game called "Unanswered" that had a lot of different art styles going on, before I realised what was actually happening... sigh
  9. The open beta for Wildstar started today, or yesterday, depending on where you are in the world. I've played maybe an hour of it and it's okay. Definitely has a very NCSoft feel to it, comparable more to games such as City of Heroes as opposed to WoW. The combat actually involves a slight degree of "skill", actual aiming, which is a pleasant change. Played fairly badly on my PC though, which these days is a fairly competent machine. That annoyed me a little bit. Anyone else had a go of it yet?
  10. Hey man!!! I would've been around more often but I just kept getting distracted... The forum is bookmarked now though so I have no excuse. I've been pretty good yeah, started university this year so that's been pretty fun. How are things for you? //hijacks thread for personal conversation
  11. SURELY you don't hate ALL people that smoke? Seems a bit of an iffy reason to hate someone, especially if they're the nicest person in the world otherwise. EDIT: I'm so tired, it's nearly 5AM here, I didn't realise how much of a bump this was
  12. 2014 has been a bit strange so far. I went a bit wacky in January because of a bunch of silly stuff that's of no real importance and locked myself in my room for a week, occasionally venturing out to get food (maybe once every couple of days? My appetite basically died out). Since then things have been better though, I've been doing pretty good at university, social life has recovered pretty well and I haven't starved to death despite spending all my money on alcohol and things I don't need. So yeah, I probably don't win the "worst year so far" contest, thankfully.
  13. Whatever, no Hayden Christensen means no Star Wars. Am I right, guys? ...Guys?
  14. I've not really been paying attention to Destiny very much, as I recently converted to the "PC Gaming Master Race", which obviously means I won't be getting it. It's made me miss Bungie though, I definitely agree that it has their familiar look and atmosphere.
  15. Won my first 3 Dota games after a 6 months break, I'm on top of the world
  16. Aw man a Halo 3 PC port, if it's as open as Halo Custom Edition, would be the only game I'd ever need to play. It's a shame that the H2 Anniversary is only coming to XBONE because I actually adore that game, I don't wanna miss out
  17. A lego movie had so much room to look completely awful so they've done an amazing job making it look like a film that I'd actually go and see. I'm actually excited!
  18. Good to see you, cap'n
  19. There's always the issue of incorrect convictions. If evidence comes out 10 years later that proves a guy is innocent, but he's already been killed... That's pretty much murder.
  20. According to my ISP, these are supposed to be the fastest speeds in the country... Hmm.
  21. Sounds like a plan! I was looking on ModHalo just to see if it was alive again yet (nope), and then I remembered this place... I'm glad everyone's still fairly active around here
  22. I don't remember a time when I wasn't bored
  23. That is all.
  24. Had two teeth extracted yesterday. That hurts. Also developed a massive ulcer on the inside of my lip. That hurts too. I MISS EATING FOOD.
  25. Hey guys. I'm sure you've all missed me hugely Nice to see everyone active somewhere again anyway, I'll do my best to be active and such EDIT: And by "everyone" I mean more people than are on Modhalo, which these days is approximately 0