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  1. Looks like I have to update some CaH cards...
  2. Oh for FU- ugh... They looked fine earlier because of the fact those images are wiki hosted. I opened them in google images first so my browser probably cached the full resolution version, but since wiki likes to screw over people hotlinking (understandably but it doesn't make it any less annoying), anyone who hadnt seen the image directly first gets handed a super low res version. Fixed.
  3. The Halo 3 Covenant style to me was the best because it felt like a very natural and fluent mix of what made the Halo 1 and 2 styles good on their own, and brought them together. As we're discussion the art style, all fields go. The way the lighting reflects off the curvy armour while also still showing it's edges is damn near perfect, same goes for stuff like the ghosts, wraiths and banshees. The shaders on them are just amazing. Texture job I'm sure would look a lot better pre-compression (Because oh god are Halo 3's textures compressed to hell). Anyways, I've attached images below of some examples of what I mean, especially on the environments you can really pick out the where Halo 1 and 2 took influence in their design. Edit: Site screwed up my spoiler formatting. Thanks, I guess? It threw the elite and wraith pictures under the "Heretic" section for some reason. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Assembly_(level) http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Heretic_(level) Heretic: Assembly: Misc:
  4. Stock Halo 2 gets my actual vote for UNSC, but it's not on the list, so I had to choose Halo 3. I really liked the modernized approach Halo 2 had, it wasn't a perfect design but I feel like it was a great concept design, was a shame it was scrapped for Halo 3. (Not to say Halo 3's were bad, but stuff felt... large and kinda clunky. Fidelity wise Halo 3 UNSC is miles ahead of Halo 2, but I liked the actual style more)
  5. Thanks for the quick answer, and it's good to know you have a workflow set up. One more question I just now thought of, As this is an open-sourced client, does this mean it's entirely possible people will be able to make maps or functions only able to be run on a custom build of the client? I'm just worried something like this could cause a split similar to what we saw with Opensauce.
  6. With this application, would it be possible to do things such as implement new render features & functions, as this is all open source? Or will it all be taken right from CE? If it is possible, what would the limitations be on the map-file end? As far as bitmaps go would it be limited to what we can already use? Or would it be possible to make the new program understand custom shader passes/effects? (E.g. normal maps, or possibly parallax mapping on environments if someone were to put enough time into it. Hell, if someone was talented and patient enough, maybe even a global realtime lighting system?)
  7. In due tradition...
  8. I have very fond memories of co-op campaigns of both Halo 2 and 3 on the OG/360 dropping players randomly. While a fix for these would be appreciated, the multiplayer is not fine. Refer to these videos in the spoiler below for just what's wrong with Halo 3's multiplayer on MCC, Halo 2 is another broken ball of wax entirely, and Halo CE is just Halo PC so we already know how much stuff there is already broken.
  9. Cue all the log mods... I'll be partaking, I'm not sure how much of my tagset I can get away with since it relies heavily on a hell of a lot of rips from halos 2-reach though. I might just try going in old school and making modifications to the bungie tags.
  10. I'm definitely interested, I've got to ask though, would there be any restrictions on what we can and can't do? Also in regards to "not consist primarily of third party rips" what would be considered "too much"?, I currently have a few tags using models from other Halo games but are defined by a custom bitmap or shaders, as I could never get any of the jms plugins to work for some reason
  11. Happy Birthday, aLTis