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  1. Something I've been working on, on and off for about a year now. Really about a half month's worth of work. My tagset (Which I usually just call VTS for short) is made with the intent in mind of creating an almost "bridged" gameplay between the Halo games. Elements from the newer games, fine-tuned to how Halo Custom Edition actually plays, while still distancing itself from traditional Halo CE gameplay. It's intention is for multiplayer, but obviously nothing is stopping people from using these tags in singleplayer. This tagset is not functioning using OpenSauce or relying on any external programs to work. Everything in here is being done with stock Halo Custom Edition functionality. In a description form, here's the kind of differences from regular Halo CE gameplay style we're talking about: Less / Limited ammo : Meaning starting ammo for weapons won't be like you're stocking a personal armory. This is a cue taken from Halo 3, you will need to actually consider and manage your ammo instead of spraying an assault rifle with 4+ extra magazines. Weapons will be placed on the map to acquire more ammo or different weapons. Ammo has been balanced based on several factors, being damage, accuracy, rate of fire, etc. Map control based weapon and vehicle placements : On the maps I will be releasing with the tagset, for example uses. Power weapons and vehicles will be placed such as they are in later games (where applicable) to create a fight for control over the map. Strategically placed turrets, tanks, weapons, etc. Grenades. Less grenade spam : This is something I've never liked about Halo Combat Evolved's multiplayer compared to later games, starting with two grenades and ability to hold up to eight total (four frags four plasma grenades). The player, depending on the map, may spawn with no grenades, or one grenade. Grenades will still be found on the maps. Vehicles. I'm personally debating on a lot of things with these. Whether or not they should be destructible, if I should include some more unique weapons (e.g. the wraiths little "miniguns"), or vehicle boosting on covenant ones. Big grey area still. Here's some pictures of stuff still WIP. Literally nothing here is finished 100% yet. Spartan: Elite (shaders early wip): Wraith (very early wip): There is more than just these done, a lot more actually, just not in a very presentable state. So yeah, as you can see in the images above, the art style itself I'm striving for is a kind of mix between Halo 3 and Reach. There's some rough spots right now where stuff is obvious, but overtime I'll be working to kind of mash them together into a more fluent design. Other small little features and details about the tagset: 44khz sounds for everyone! -- A lot of sounds are using the 44khz audio trick, to help deliver a kickass Halo experience. Halo CEA HUD -- it's cleaner, and higher resolution. No garbage stuck in your face, only stuff you really need displayed. Distant sounds -- Gunfire and explosions have their respective "muffled" distant sound effects introduced in later Halo games, tested and working to come from where the sound originates, meaning surround sound/EAX works with these. Vehicle physics, explosions, etc -- Tweaks and adjustments are being made to make a more realistic explosion physics system, similar to every halo game after Halo 1. Frag grenades may bump a warthog slightly, but no longer send it into front/backflips. Rockets will carry a heavier punch and may cause mayhem, anything above that pay-grade is asking for trouble against light vehicles. Vehicle physics, continued -- with Covenant vehicles, I am trying my best to create less "floaty" controls and make them more solid and responsive. The Banshee -- Is no longer "alien fighter". It flies using the pelican's control style. This was on my highest priority list from the start, and has already been tested the hell out of. It flies very smoothly now. Just feels more solid like the later game's banshees. Here's a list of all current and planned weapons/vehicles :
  3. I'm here for my zero votes
  4. I'm totally in. I'm working on revising the OC card pack now to make it less annoying, repetitive, and game-boring to play with enabled.
  5. Here's to the dude I've known since Xfire days. @gipro1
  6. Happy "another day of kicking death in the balls".
  7. A full or almost full lobby of people on only 1/3 of the maps regular playspace? What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Looks like I have to update some CaH cards... edit: Goodnight, sweet prince.
  9. Oh for FU- ugh... They looked fine earlier because of the fact those images are wiki hosted. I opened them in google images first so my browser probably cached the full resolution version, but since wiki likes to screw over people hotlinking (understandably but it doesn't make it any less annoying), anyone who hadnt seen the image directly first gets handed a super low res version. Fixed.