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  1. Click for their website Materialize is a 100% free tool (Unity application) which can generate many different types of texture maps from a diffuse image or photograph. Now hold on, lower your pitchforks. I know. The stigma of "REE YOU DONT MAKE A NORMAL OFF OF A DIFFUSE", Let me explain. What is it? From their website: "Materialize is a stand alone tool for creating materials for use in games from images. You can create an entire material from a single image or import the textures you have and generate the textures you need." What kind of textures can it generate? Diffuse -> Height Diffuse -> Metallic Diffuse -> Smoothness Height -> Normal Height + Diffuse -> Normal Normal -> Edge Normal -> Occlusion Normal + Height -> Occlusion Normal -> Height Alright so that's cool and all but how can this be practical for Halo CE? Pretty much solely for shader environments. This tool does a very good job at generating heightmaps from diffuse maps which can be used to create normal maps within the program very effectively. Where do I download this program? From Bounding Box's website, here: http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/downloads.php They also have their own tutorials that shows three very different types of materials (dirt, metal, and brick/stone) and how to make maps for them using Materialize; though they're oriented for the PBR side so they may not hold too much use for Halo CE: http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/tutorials.php So how does one use this? 1. Open the program Obviously, you need to open the program to use it. As Materialize is a Unity application, it is simply launched from the .exe file. 2. Open your diffuse map / source image. In the top left of the program, you can see the different maps with a UI that seems rather unconventional. Simply scroll over the second one, "diffuse map", and press the "O" button. When you click the "O" (which should now be obvious stands for "Open"), you will be greeted with this navigational UI. Manually browse to the directory with your source image. For the sake of this example, I will be using one of the forerunner walls from CE. 3. Creating a heightmap from your diffuse in Materialize (If you already have a heightmap you have manually made for your texture, skip to step 4) In the left-most box at the top of the Materialize window titled "Height Map" click on "Create" You will see your 3d preview of your texture go half-and-half from the diffuse to a blurry mess of a heightmap, as well as a new window on the left side of the application with a ton of sliders. Honestly. Just play with the sliders. You'll see how each one affects your image and come to grow used to how they function globally. You'll eventually end up with a decent looking heightmap. (This could be a lot better and should not be used as a point of reference of a proper job, it's for the sake of example) 4. Creating a normal map from a heightmap using Materialize Same as before, except in the "Normal Map" box this time. And then play around with the sliders until you end up with a decent normal map to use. (Again, this could be a lot better. I did this for the sake of example and should not be treated as the "best the program can do" or "what to strive for") 5. Previewing your normal map Simply press the "Show Full Material" button. From there you can preview your texture + normal map by holding down right click to pan the framed material in the 3d space. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to set the "Parallax Displacement" slider to 0 or else the heightmap will be used in the preview to add a parallax effect to the plane. (Final note that this could be a lot better, and should not be used to judge the program or your own work in comparison. I highly recommend downloading Materialize yourself and experimenting with it before making judgements.) 6. Save your work There are two ways you can go about this. In the boxes you've been pressing letters in, you've probably noticed by now there's three buttons we haven't used. These are: P - "Paste", pastes image data from your clipboard to use in the program. C - "Copy", copies the selected channel to your clipboard S - "Save", opens the file browser from before and allows you to save your image. Edit: I completely forgot to point out that once you have a normal map completed, you can use it to generate an ambient occlusion map as well. In CE you can pretty much only really use these for adding to the diffuse map of your final texture, as far as I'm aware.
  2. From what I've found the recovery and usage is determined within the equipment itself; I'd totally do that if I could.
  3. Survival "Forge World: Survival", or just "Survival" for short, is a small project I've been working on, centered mainly around infection modes. Although I can't wait to see what kind of wacky shit people make with this in other gamemodes. The goal of this mod is to make Halo: Reach's gameplay a little more dynamic than it currently is, and elements are centered around objective-based community infection maps (such as things like the left 4 dead maps back on 360). I imagine the things in this mod could make for some neat invasion maps as well. I am open to suggestions, requests, or etc for this mod. Here's a brief list of the things Survival does / has to offer: Fully third-person, no first-person at all More weapons, weapons not normally usable by the player are usable, some weapons replaced. More gameplay differences between Spartans & Elites, so picking one as your preference can actually alter your gameplay quite a bit. Cutom & modified vehicles. Anything missing images is because the thing in question is not finished yet. Fully third-person A little self explanatory, this mod will be fully third-person other-the-shoulder with all weapons. Gameplay differences between Spartans & Elites More weapons / Replaces weapons / Equipment changes Custom & Modified vehicles Please note everything said in this post is work-in-progress and is completely subject to change.
  4. This project, as well as my tagset, is being put on hold. Reason being I'm having too much fun right now both playing and modding MCC. I will return to my CE projects at a later date. Although, if Reach modding advances fast enough I might do rolling thunder on there instead. The engine has way more useful functionality for what I wanted to do here.
  5. Inside of the spoiler below is a list of all Discord severs that are listed in the Discord server I am doing named "HaloPC Discord Directory", which you can join here if you'd prefer to join Discord servers through Discord directly: https://discord.gg/wGVa8v2 The only servers to be added to this list are ones which I have received permission to add, and this will be kept up-to-date with the Discord server itself. The lists are broken up into categories by game / community, and are sorted alphabetically within each. If you would like your Halo PC related Discord server to be added to this list, please DM me on Discord, Vuthakral#9761 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any servers prefixed with "✅" are the official server for their category, if applicable. General Discords: Master Chief Collection: Halo: Custom Edition (Trial, PC, CE): Halo 2: Vista: ElDewrito:
  6. Here's my current progress on the tank model. I've UV mapped the exterior to the Halo Online textures. Not finished with the interior yet.
  7. I'm no military or tank fanatic, and that leaves me in a weird spot where I'm not sure what kind of things I should be putting inside this tank to make it feel "proper" for Halo. I'm trying to look at references of real-world tanks driver seats to get a feel for the space they work in as well as what kind of things are present, while also trying to account for technological advances some 500 years into the future that the scorpion could be making use of. Does anyone here have suggestions of the kinds of things I should be including in the interior of this model? A list of things I currently have are: Emergency gun access hatch (between the two seats) Sidearm & ammunition storage (left of driver seat on the interior wall) Two sealed storage units (the two halves of the center console) for stuff like a fire extinguisher or things which may require more delicate handling. I'm also in a little bit of a personal debate on whether the scorpion would have steering control done via a wheel or purely with levers, or some kind of other future-tech. Here's some more pictures of the tank model, posting interior stuff in its current progress first: Also yes, everyone's favourite shovel is safe & sound... Edit: Most up-to-date interior progress
  8. Extremely similar to what I'm wanting to do; just a lot more arcade-y than most tank sim stuff. I for sure want to do more realistic tank shell projectiles, and also probably add some drop to the AT sniper to keep it a little more challenging than most CE sniper rifles. I'm a little limited in the control department for driving since Halo CE's concept of tank driving is to just orient the chassis in the direction the driver is looking but we might just have to bite the bullet on that one. I am currently working on the interior model of the tank right now though, so seeing your instruments and readouts as the driver should hopefully really help push that feeling forward.
  9. Rolling Thunder is a small idea I had for a multiplayer map that upon further consideration I really want to do. The brief concept is this: Fully first-person experience; no third-person vehicles at all. Play as marines As vehicular & equipment specialists, on-foot you aren't exactly well armed to deal with external threats. You'd be making yourself an easy target. Two-seater M808B (plus optional rider seats, of course). >> Driver seat: Drives the machine of war, and is responsible for seeing around the local vicinity of the tank via bulletproof glass at eye-level >> Gunner seat: Functioning as both the eyes & teeth of the M808B, the gunner is in complete control of the tank's cannon. Extremely large & expansive single map with varied terrain, possibly flora, rocks, and etc. Fully fleshed out tanking experience, from navigational systems to all of your tactical options. Your primary, secondary, and tertiary means of offense: The M808B main battle tank. This is a custom model using Halo CE's tank as a reference. It is equipped with: The M512 High-Velocity cannon. M231-C High-velocity Machine Gun. (It's a made up variant to remove the armour penetrating stuff for gameplay sake.) Short-to-long distance grenade launcher loaded with smokes. (not pictured, on the left side of the M512's barrel.) Digital navigation systems which provide the driver with localized coordinates of the battlefield, as well as the current chassis bearing. The gunner's digital display (its just a first person view of the cannon's cameras as seen above) has a digital heads up display to display the current bearing of the main cannon, as well as vertical notches to assist in aiming the M512. Each base (makeshift outpost) will have four tanks; all stored in separate locations. The outposts themselves have anti-tank defenses that leave their operators highly exposed. There will be two warthogs available at each outpost as well, but don't expect them to survive a tank shell. Your tank is not a death sentence if you are hit by another tank. That being said though, I am not taking this to mega-realistic lengths and making tanks destructible or destroyable. They will just provide a serious buff to damage resistance while inside of one, and the machinegun is meant to deal with infantry; it's likely not going to do anything to another tank. THAT AS WELL BEING SAID, there will be certain spots which deal more damage than others to the driver/gunner. The plate armour of these tanks is designed to bounce off incoming shells; that's not to say all shells will bounce, but that you should instead aim for core points; such as the treads, the gun's vertical swivel, or the thinner interior track guides. You will be playing as UNSC equipment & vehicular specialists. As far as combat goes it is far from your primary training, your outpost isn't well-stocked for weaponry, it's well-stocked for vehicular activity. Your value to the UNSC means you get to stride around in full body armour which is a grade above the standard marine's set of armour. Don't misunderstand, you're no spartan; but you're definitely better off on the ground than the poor SOB who thought he was just getting his college tuition. Your role has provided you with an integrated UNSC piloting helmet which automatically wirelessly synchronizes to the navigational systems of any vehicle you enter. As said before, the map will be one giant huge and open landscape. I'm probably going to do crossroads type area where a desert with a mesa meets a lush landscape. with a fair amount of varied elevations. But the map hasn't left the conceptual stage yet, so I'm open to suggestions for map ideas, themes, and etc. I plan to have a crashed pelican somewhere on the map with some infantry supplies from a marine squad which could become a very hot commodity in gamemodes like CTF where the munitions would be sorely needed to perform an all-out assault for the enemy's flag. This would also leave some heavier weapons lying around the map in the form of dropped & broken open weapon pods; which will include that armour-penetrating sniper rifle from my tagset which could spell certain doom for tanks, as they'd now be the ones with a target on them. Using this weapon on infantry would surely be a waste of extremely-limited ammunition, but I won't judge.
  10. Original Pre-Xbox Assault Rifle (Remake) As the title says, this is a remake of the presumed original model/design for the assault rifle seen in only three images found (at the time of this being made) of "pre-Xbox Halo". This assault rifle isn't guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the original, as due to the three original reference images I had to make quite a few guesses of what certain shapes and details were intended to be. I also opted to re-use the Halo CE assault rifle's textures & shaders to better help this recreation model transfer into the final game, trying my best to match the original in colour as I could. (lowkey, it doesn't have a proper collision model because honestly I was just interested in making the model for this because I found the design interesting.) = FEATURES= 42-round assault rifle with a functional grenade launcher Includes a custom weapon HUD interface for High-Res Halo HUD users (aka Refined HUD) Archive includes a tutorial map variant which just has this assault rifle laying on the ground in place of the standard assault rifle. = REQUIREMENTS = Megasean's Pre-Xbox Styled AR Tags (used with his permission): You can find them on his OpenCarnage thread. Not required, but if you aren't using the Refined tagset by now.. come on man: https://old.reddit.com/r/HaloCERefined/comments/9l9ujl/downloads/ = CREDITS = @Vuthakral : Modeling, UV mapping, getting the model ingame, the HRHH support for this weapon in specific. @MEGASEAN2812 - The original pre-Xbox AR-GL tags. = DOWNLOAD = From: Google Drive This is the original model in question that I was attempting to remake: And here's a bunch of pictures of the final product in-game:
  11. Headhunter from Halo: Reach This was a gamemode that there really seems to be a split for 50/50 love/hate among the community, but I personally loved this gamemode. I figured this might not be too hard to remake in CE by using the crazy king gametype as a variant where time can be interpreted as score, and players can drop oddballs which when touched by players will add to their "skull counter", which can be captured by entering the hill. Requirements: Skulls that can be captured by entering a KOTH hill Some way of displaying how many skulls the player currently has on them If possible, a setting which can make it so a skull will only drop on a headshot kill Starting bounty is five raffle tickets.
  12. Hey-oh, this is gonna be a large request that I'm putting a bounty of 20 15 tickets on. If its something multiple people need to work on you can split it 50/50 or whatever you agree on. Multiple Rounds Script This is a script that, as the name implies, would let multiple rounds of otherwise short objective gamemodes be played instead of having to wait for the postgame carnage report to finish doing it's thing. Requirements: Support for: Slayer, CTF (all forms), KOTH (all forms), Oddball, Race, and Elimination Support for both FFA & Team gamemodes Additional 5 Tickets: - Make it compatible with the infection gametype Honestly? I don't even know if such a thing is possible. If I had to guess though it could be doable by having gamemodes set to be one minute, one kill setting higher, or one flag capture higher than the required amount and then have the script use the actual intended score as the round ender, and it respawns everyone for round 2, and resets the scores (saving them somewhere in the memory), and then when the game (all rounds) ends, the scores are re-added to the player totals so the postgame carnage report shows the final scores. But this could be a stupid idea for all I know, I don't really have a grasp on how Halo handles those kinds of things.
  13. Would having a higher tickrate adversely affect the game's already wonky netcode at all? Speicifcally in the regard to explosives and vehicles physics.
  14. Next to nothing, to be honest. I got started on one of the exposed forerunner structures fora teleporter frame in the under area about a week and a half ago, and haven't even touched it since. I don't reasonably have enough time left with all the stuff I'm doing outside of this map right now to finish it on time, and if I don't have a timetable keeping my goals in place then I'll just about never get something done.
  15. Sourcefiles / tags released. Contrary to my last post, I know. But here it goes: I'm done working on this map. I've left a full explanation in the README.html file in this 7z archive, but summary is that I've just honestly lost the inspiration to continue working on this map. I know some people told me they really liked the concept of the map and would have loved to see it in a more finished state. Unfortunately I will not be providing that. I will be providing my Maya scene, and my 3DS MAX scene for this project (as well as a .obj file if for some reason you can't open either of those) of my last progress I made on the map. There will also be information on things I had planned to do, in a summarized form, in the README.html file if anyone ever wants to try their hand at completing the map. Download from: Google Drive Download includes: - README.html - reactant_pdb2.map - 3ds & maya scenes, and an exported obj - exported Halo CE textures used for UV'ing in Maya - data & tags for reactant_pdb2