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  1. Is there any consideration for custom UIs over in Custom Edition maps which make use of their own fonts at all? I'd imagine some stuff might start to look out of place if something is designed to use a sharper or more angular font but it gets overwritten by a standard font.
  2. Alright that's it, I'm calling in the specialist to deal with this abomination: @Pfhunkie
  3. I can't technically vote since the first one I "bought" was the PC port just because my family didn't have an Xbox but we did have a computer, but I played the fuck out of Halo CE Xbox MP with my family whenever we went over to their house, or when they came here they'd bring the xbox with them. Halo is love, Halo is life.
  4. Aaannd five tickets to you! Got to help playtest this earlier today and it works really well. Can't wait to play it some more on gamenights.
  5. Metal Arms Glitch in the System. Community is still going stronger than a lot of games younger than it.
  6. High Definition AF Marines Something I've been working on, on and off for about a week and posting over in the CE Reclaimers Discord. "HDAF Marines" is a small mini-project I started as a way to greatly improve the CE marines, as they were easily hit the hardest in the asset optimization pass of CE, while also adding a lot of new stuff for people to make use out of. The models are all of the vanilla Halo CE marine assets but in a much higher-poly and refined state, some cleaned up UVs, etc. I've also taken to including full male & female variants of all the existing marine armour sets in the game, on top of adding a bunch of new bits which are either entirely original or derived from existing marine equipment in other Halo games. These marines are set up to be entirely modular, meaning any piece of armour / clothing can be fitted to any variant of the marine, so if you wanted some Chad DOOM styled sleeveless armoured marine then by all means go at it with this model. I'm in need of suggestions / taking requests for things other Halo games' marines have that I could recreate in the CE style and put on this model. Screenshots of these models being used to just recreate standard CE marines: Screenshots of the current custom additions
  7. Halo Reach 4 Trial confirmed for 202X
  8. firefox for life
  9. We're older than most of the kids playing Fortnite.
  10. I can bend all of my fingers / toes backwards at least 90 degreess; some much more. Except for my thumbs. Also I can bend the tips of all my fingers backwards as well; again except for my thumbs.
  11. Oh yeah I forgot about that one, I haven't really found a practical use for it when it comes to music. At least, not while keeping sustainable breaths. It's really good for whistling guitar parts, though. Also the DOOM 2016 soundtrack's synths.
  12. I don't know. I never studied it or learned that there even are types. I can just do many various ways of whistling by positioning my jaw, lips, and tongue in different ways. I can also do most of them interchangeably through either breathing in or out. Also if you know how to whistle at all, you can do some cool distortion stuff by doing a continuous breathing in or out through your nose. It's subtle but it's there. The most I've ever been able to make of it is annoying my friends online by doing a very high-tone loud whistle into my mic lol
  13. Literally anything to do with the HEK As a more serious one, I've been whistling along to various songs, instruments, etc since I was very young and as a result now I can whistle just about any song I know, any instrument, etc. The ones I'm the most proud of being able to whistle are Night of Nights, Sandstorm, and most if not all Halo soundtracks
  14. RIP exploding animation bug, you will be missed.
  15. Something I just thought of, I remember in the CE Developer commentary Joe Staten said something about how having bad lag on his mouse it resulted in laggy / stuttery movement when played back in the game. This got me thinking, Halo PC is known for the cutscene animations of characters looking around being jittery, was this a limitation of hardware of mice that were recorded with back then, or is it just how the system functions? E.g. if I was say working on some kind of top secret project revolving around the Bungie campaign could I go back in and re-record those inputs which are jittery and remove that problem?