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  1. This song destroys. I don't care what people think.
  2. As I mentioned in a previous post, you will need to patch Halo Custom Edition for IMAGE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE (you can use my laa-patch tool for this) to use a few more of Chimera's features. If you do not do this, you will still be able to use Chimera, but a few features will not be available. Here is a table that details this: If you have any questions or comments, reply here.
  3. (Icon is by SteamFox) Chimera is a mod that adds additional functionality to Halo Custom Edition. Features: Enables player_magnetism without requiring HAC2 or devmode Fixes descoping issues in multiplayer servers Fixes aim assist, enabling it for both the movement and aiming versus just aiming (chimera_magnetism) Adds diagonals to analog input when in multiplayer servers (chimera_diagonals) Mimic's Xbox's automatic uncrouching when using analog input (chimera_auto_uncrouch) Enable anisotropic filtering without using config.txt (chimera_af) Override HUD with splitscreen HUD (chimera_split_screen) Allow video input to continue playing even when tabbed out (chimera_tab_out_video) Disable multitexture overlays (chimera_block_mo) Disable multiplayer map fade transition (chimera_skip_loading) Disable zoom blur and pixelation (chimera_block_zoom_blur) Make objects' movements appear much smoother to take advantage of higher framerates (chimera_interpolate) Allow mouse users a more granular sensitivity control (chimera_sens_mouse_<h/v>) Set deadzones for controllers (chimera_deadzone_looking and chimera_deadzone_movement) Show budget information for map developers (chimera_budget) Disable the 30 FPS lock in cutscenes (chimera_uncap_cinematic) Throttle your frame rate to a set frame rate (chimera_throttle_fps) Prevent your vehicle from aiming for you (chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling) Fix the scope when scoped (chimera_widescreen_scope_mask - requires HAC2 widescreen fix) * This feature requires Halo Custom Edition to function properly. Cyan features are enabled by default without user input. Green features are disabled by default and require use of the console to enable them. Use the chimera command to list commands. Download (build 49): chimera build 49.7z There is also a Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2 FAQ Very frequently do people ask me the same questions about Chimera, so here’s a little FAQ about it. How do I install Chimera? Place chimera.dll into your controls folder. What OS do I need? Windows 7 or newer OR Linux with Wine 3.0 or later. Older versions of Windows or Wine may work, but they are unsupported. If you are on an unsupported operating system, do not submit bug reports. Is there a list of commands? All commands are listed in the help menus using the chimera command. Is Chimera compatible with HAC2 and Open Sauce? Yes. Is Chimera compatible with HaloMD? No. Will Chimera be integrated with HAC2 or Open Sauce? No. What levels of interpolation do what? This graph details what levels do what: Note: Off is 0, Velocity is 1, Low is 3, Medium is 6, High is 8, Ultra is 9. Ultra has the same level of interpolation as High, but no distance check optimization is in place. Will interpolation work on frame rates higher than 60 FPS? Yes. Objects are jittery with interpolation on. Here is what I'd do: First of all, if you're not using the latest version of Chimera, install this. If you have vSync turned on, try turning it off. vSync causes poor frame pacing in Halo and can result in dropped frames even on fast hardware. If you need to throttle your framerate, use chimera_throttle_fps 240. If you need to play without tearing, use HAC2's borderless window feature (play in -window and set resolution to Windows's resolution). Using -vidmode always enables vSync. If you're getting bad performance (lag spikes or average frame rate dropping below refresh rate), turn your interpolation setting down. It's likely your PC cannot keep up. I recommend these settings if you want to use chimera_interpolate 3 or higher: If you're going to use chimera_interpolate, I recommend you have at least these specifications. These should get you chimera_interpolate 3 (low), max Halo settings (make sure you aren't locked to 30 FPS), 1080p, at approximately 60 FPS: CPU (Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 GHz) or better CPU (AMD): AMD Athlon II X2 250 (3.0 GHz) or better Graphics (Intel): Intel HD 3000 or newer Graphics (Nvidia): NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or better Graphics (AMD): ATI Radeon HD 5450 or better RAM: 4 GB Note: These values are listed only for reference and are recommendations. The chimera_interpolate command does not directly utilize the GPU, nor does it use a large amount of RAM for interpolation, but your game will run better if you have enough RAM for the rest of your PC. If you're getting good performance but your interpolation setting is less than 9, try turning it up. It's possible the object in question isn't being fully interpolated. Is the retail version of Halo supported? No. Halo Custom Edition on version 1.10 is the only version supported by Chimera. Are versions of Halo earlier than 1.10 supported? No. Does Chimera work with scrim mode? Client-sided features (interpolation, anisotropic filtering, zoom blur removal, etc.) are not affected by scrim mode. However, the server-side Lua script, which includes fixes for lag and analog movement, will not function. Does Chimera automatically update or have update notifications? Currently, you are responsible for keeping Chimera up-to-date, and if there is an update, you will have to come back here to get it. Notifications are planned, however auto updating will not be included. Why are Chimera releases slow? Chimera does not function on donations, thus development is done on a portion of my personal time. If it takes a while, it takes a while. SPV3 includes Chimera. Are you in CMT? No. Can I install Chimera on my Mac? Yes. Install Windows, buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. I can't install Windows on my Mac. Can I still install Chimera? Yes. Simply buy a PC, install Windows on it (if Windows isn't preinstalled), buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Older downloads If you need an older version of Chimera, here are older versions:
  4. I've done a bunch to Chimera since then. This includes support for compressed .vap maps, fixes for commands like chimera_interpolate and chimera_auto_center, as well as being able to use chimera_interpolate. As usual, it's protected like approximately 25% of Halo maps out there. To break the protection, you must find the answer. For there is only something in this universe that is powerful enough to defeat the encryption. What is that, you ask? It's in this post that you just read! Download: chimera-20190504T231621Z.7z edit: I previously broke interpolation. If you find that there is no interpolation and chimera_interpolate doesn't work, try redownloading. It's fixed now.
  5. Here's what I bought: 16 GB microSD card Raspberry Pi 3 Model B CanaKit Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board Bundle I also bought this glorious bottle a little bit ago: 32 Fl Oz. Maple Syrup (Robust Taste / formerly known as Grade B)
  6. quack
  7. I don't think walking scenery will sync over multiplayer. Oh wait, different type of scenery. Anyway, nice!
  8. Hello. A while back, I made a Lua script for this. I'm unsure if this script still works, as SAPP has undergone many significant changes since the script was released. I cannot find it on this site, either, which probably means I released it on the SAPP forum (which is now gone). At the time, Open Carnage probably didn't have a scripting section, but in retrospect, I should have moved all of my scripts here when the scripting section was made. Anyway, max_idle doesn't check if the server is empty. max_idle actually checks if the server is not running a game. To my knowledge, SAPP does not have such a feature for what you want. What you want is doable with events.txt and custom variables, but a SAPP script will be easier to configure and install. If you want a SAPP script that does this, I recommend creating a script request here: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/60-sapp-script-requests/&do=add Hope this is helpful.
  9. I've also written a patcher. Simply place this program in your Halo Custom Edition directory next to haloce.exe and haloceded.exe and run it. If you don't have write access to Halo Custom Edition, you should give yourself write access, or you can try running this program as an administrator. Download: laa-patch.zip
  10. Something I'm working on is loading Halo maps directly into RAM. The benefit to doing this is mostly performance, but it will also allow for compressed maps as well as not having to worry about the 23 MiB tag data limit outside of BSPs. However, to do this, you will need a slightly modified haloce.exe file. This isn't a modification in Halo's code but rather a flag in the .exe header, LARGEADDRESSAWARE. This is required in order to allocate such a large amount of RAM. To lay it out for you, here are the pros and cons: Pros Performance can be significantly improved even on high end PCs. This is because all of the disk reading is all done on load, removing the need to read from disk, removing hitches when loading assets. BSP transitions are now nearly instantaneous. Again, all of the disk reading is done on load. Map compression means that maps now take up a lot less space. To put it in perspective, @Vaporeon, using the compression tool I wrote, managed to compress over 3000 maps down to under 100 GB. I'll repost those map compression tables for you to see. Monochrome bitmaps can be used, drastically reducing the file size of bitmaps such as those used in HUDs without any loss in quality (lossless). The 23 MiB tag data limit is no longer an issue (outside of BSP tags which can now take almost all of the 23 MiB uncontested though I might even make those not limited), allowing for more complex maps with more content than ever. Because I've allocated a whole GiB, you can use as much as you want of that GiB for your maps. Cons You need a haloce.exe file that is patched to support LARGEADDRESSAWARE. This will allow Chimera to allocate larger chunks of RAM than what is normally possible. Loading times for Halo maps are increased to around 0.5-3 seconds depending on your PC specifications. This is because the entire map has to be loaded into RAM, and compressed maps have to be decompressed. Halo may use over 1 GiB of RAM. Loading 700+ MiB maps directly into RAM uses a lot of RAM. Map Compression Benchmarks Here are some familiar tables you've probably seen before. As you can see, the whole Refined campaign takes up nearly 2.65 GiB. When compressed, the Refined campaign takes up under 1 GiB (1024 MiB = 1 GiB). Compression ratios are usually at or under 40%, and with features like monochrome bitmaps, they can be dropped even further. On a mid-ranged CPU like the Ryzen 5 2600, these maps do not take that long to decompress. Here's another table containing some popular maps. Obviously compression ratio varies from map to map, but LZMA's compression ratios are really good.
  11. The flag tag is the banner that's attached to the flag weapon tag. This banner is basically a tessellated plane that is affected by wind and movement of the object.
  12. Cool! Does SAPP's map downloader not work?
  13. This is the quality content I've come to expect from this site. 21/10
  14. If you mean how much damage occupants take, check out the value @giraffe mentioned. If you mean how much damage a vehicle can take before exploding, the singleplayer Banshee, Ghost, and Wraith use health. When that runs out, all occupants in the vehicle die and the appropriate effect from the collision model is played. You *can* use shield for this, too, which can be useful if you want the vehicle to have recharging health, but that's more work, especially when you're not using the Halo Editing Kit and you have to compute some of the hidden values in the collision model for that.
  15. I am excited to play Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST on PC, myself. I just don't really want to get my old Xbox 360 out when I want to play these games, nor am I interested in buying an Xbox One. Also, I don't want another online subscription to pay monthly for just to play on Xbox Live on an Xbox. That said, I'm still going to be sticking to Halo Custom Edition for most/all of my Halo Combat Evolved needs at least for the foreseeable future. Simply put, Custom Edition always going to be better than CEA, feature-wise.
  16. Here is the semi-open alpha. It's 83% instead of 85%, so you got it early. However I'm hungry now after working on all of this all day... I wonder what I'll eat. Download: chimera-1.0-semi-open-alpha-1-1.7z
  17. If you want to view progress on this mod, I have a Google Sheets page that you can look at. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzUCMm99xvPDXumGyC4tmmWb_BmJ-ZR-caQUcdAfeRk/edit#gid=0 View the Stats sheet to see completion as a percentage and when builds will come out. Watch out for when this hits 85%, as I'll start posting builds for people to test. Because I like to play favorites, Open Carnage will be the first place to receive builds.
  18. I've sped up master server listing by a lot.
  19. Custom chat is pretty much finished. Here's an overview video of it
  20. You could disable SAPP's ping kicking, give players level 0 admin access, and then write an event in events.txt to handle ping kicking (event_alive will do the trick). event_alive $lvl<0 $ping>300 'k $n "High ping ($ping)"' I think ping kicking might also ignore players with level 0 admin access, too, so try just doing that, first, before messing with events. I can't remember though.
  21. Working on a new custom chat. This is intended to eventually remove the dependency on the Keystone library that comes with the game. This library has issues working on Wine as well as some installations of Windows. First off, something that has been commonly requested is custom chat colors. Another problem of Halo is that there is no distinction between team chat or vehicle chat. Server messages can also be pretty annoying. This moves them out of the way so they don't clutter up the chat and, soon, your console. Lastly, chat messages are animated. This looks better, and it makes it easier to follow along with the chat.
  22. SAPP is an amazing extension for the Halo dedicated server, being the only extension that supports no-lead. However, its online documentation is a little frustrating to read through either because part of it is outdated, or sehe's site isn't up for whatever reason. Download: sapp-2.4.pdf (56 pages) View it on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RAnl68RN8z0RAvJcPqnv94ngzWZ6xavaX1EHsAqHeJU/edit?usp=sharing Older versions:
  23. I do like it when there are more platforms to get games, as that encourages competition. For example, GOG is a really cool platform, as there's no DRM, for example. Many Steam games do have DRM, however. GOG offers something that Steam doesn't have, and that's what I want to see. It means we can choose and pick the best option for ourselves. What Epic Games is doing is not this. Quite a few companies have actually broken promises such as a Steam or GOG release of a game, and they've done this in exchange for whatever money Epic gave them to keep them exclusive to Epic for a year. We aren't getting a better option when they do this. Instead, we're getting shafted. This is anti-competitive. I have nothing against choosing to release on just Epic Games in itself. Sure, that's disappointing and I probably won't buy that game, but that's it. What is wrong is the way they are being deceitful about it.
  24. Here is another table. This one is for the entire Refined campaign. Here are the important points: On average, compression ratio is under 40%. This reduces the total size of the Refined campaign on disk from around 2.65 GiB to around 1 GiB. Decompression on 8+ threads provides the best decompression times. It is worth noting that times and scaling can be improved further, but it will come at the cost of compression ratio. Even on CPUs that don't have 8 physical cores but have at least 8 threads (e.g. desktop Intel Core i7 CPUs, Ryzen 5 CPUs, etc.), SMT/HT can still provide improved throughput. Decompression on 4 threads provides worse (longer) decompression times compared to 8+ threads. CPUs that are dual core but have four threads (e.g. pre-Cannon Lake Intel Core i3 CPUs, Kaby Lake and Cannon Lake Pentiums, etc.) will perform worse than true quad cores but may still get better times than those that have only two threads. Even when locked to 2 threads, decompression usually takes under 4 seconds. Note that PCs with CPUs that actually have only 2 threads will probably perform worse due to having low clock speeds, slow memory, etc. Also, the operating system may be doing tasks in the background, consuming CPU time.
  25. NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED! Please use MosesofEgypt's Refinery tool, instead, from the MEK. It is better than Deathstar Map Deprotector in every way, plus it can even extract tags without breaking them, unlike HEK+! What is Deathstar? It's a map deprotector that deprotects Halo cache files using mapped out dependencies (courtesy of Sparky's plugins), rather than guessing and checking, making it faster and more accurate. It can also deobfuscate tag paths. When you open the program, by default, it will do both of its functions, but you can uncheck one of them if you only need one function. Zteam deobfuscates tag classes, and Name deobfuscation deobfuscates tag paths into: deathstar\map name\tag class name\tag_number example: deathstar\bloodgulch\weapon\tag_473 (the pistol tag in blood gulch) Originally, it was meant to be just a library for programmers, and I will continue to update the library for as long as I update the application. The source code to the library is open-source under the BSD license. https://github.com/Halogen002/Deathstar I'm still unsure about required specifications, but it's been tested on a Windows 7 PC, and it might work on Windows Vista. If you have Windows XP, go ahead and try to run it, but remember that Microsoft declared it dead, so I will treat it as such and only help you with instructions on how to use it. The Mac version should be compatible with OS X versions as early as 10.6, though if you want to be sure that it'll open, you should upgrade to 10.9; it's free. I will not be supporting PowerPC Macs or Mac OS X 10.5. Windows: Deathstar Deprotector - win32.zip (Mac) OS X: Deathstar Deprotector - osx.zip If you find any problems with Deathstar on certain maps, then let me know. I would also prefer a link to the original map.