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  1. My apologies for not being very prompt on crediting news articles for these past few weeks. The truth is I've not been feeling well this time. I scheduled an appointment at the hospital a few hours ago, and I will be seeing a doctor next week. While I am in pain, it's nothing too bad, yet, so hopefully I'll live in the meantime. :P


    In other news, I set my cover photo to something cute/festive. I got this particular artwork yesterday from an artist who has drawn Kavawuvi, before. As always, I've left information about this artist in my About Me.

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    2. Kavawuvi


      Don't worry about me giving into demands about Chimera.


      It hurts a little, but it's not excruciating.

    3. Badga666


      Bruh, you're an admin, apologizing is a sign of weakness! On the health front, I hope you're alright bruv, don't go dyin on me!

    4. Kavawuvi


      I'll try not to.