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  1. I may consider changing my name (and profile photo) on this site, as everyone outside of here knows me as Kavawuvi.


    Is everyone okay with this? I don't want to cause any confusion.

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    2. Kavawuvi


      It'll be the dawn of a new age. We'll have to make sacrifices, some of them potentially being live ones, but I think we'll pull through.

      Maybe we could sacrifice one of the HaloMD players?

    3. Java


      As long as it is not Murduck

    4. Kavawuvi


      It is done! I am now a duck.

  2. For the next 24 hours, I will be awarding tickets to anyone who successfully resolves a scripting request.


    Note that January's raffle period ends in 10 hours. You need only one ticket to have a chance at winning, and each ticket increases your odds.

  3. My apologies for not being very prompt on crediting news articles for these past few weeks. The truth is I've not been feeling well this time. I scheduled an appointment at the hospital a few hours ago, and I will be seeing a doctor next week. While I am in pain, it's nothing too bad, yet, so hopefully I'll live in the meantime. :P


    In other news, I set my cover photo to something cute/festive. I got this particular artwork yesterday from an artist who has drawn Kavawuvi, before. As always, I've left information about this artist in my About Me.

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    2. Kavawuvi


      Don't worry about me giving into demands about Chimera.


      It hurts a little, but it's not excruciating.

    3. Badga666


      Bruh, you're an admin, apologizing is a sign of weakness! On the health front, I hope you're alright bruv, don't go dyin on me!

    4. Kavawuvi


      I'll try not to.

  4. I'm trying a new web browser. Let's see if I can actually post status messages with it.

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    2. Kavawuvi


      It's a text-based web browser called Lynx. I've played with it before about 10 years ago, but I wasn't sure if it could handle a modern web browser, so I was curious and tried it. It seems to work fine, though.

      It's a text-based web browser called Lynx. I've played with it before about 10 years ago, but I wasn't sure if it could handle a modern web browser, so I was curious and tried it. It seems to work fine, though.

    3. Badga666


      Nice double post there bud :P


    4. Kavawuvi


      It's not a fan of replying to status messages it seems.

      Okay this one seemed to work fine.
  5. Due to a lack of server activity, the Singularity server network will cease hosting servers for HaloMD as of today. These servers are affected:

    • Bomb Walk 4K 144 Hz
    • Drunk Tank

    It has been a good few years, but I felt it was no longer worth maintaining these servers a long time ago and finally got around to pulling the plug. My apologies if this brings any amount of inconvenience to you.


    The Phoenix 3 CE server is unaffected and will continue to operate normally until further notice.

    1. Takka
    2. Caesar


      Pressing F to pay respects

    3. Pfhunkie


      We still need to get a good video of Drunk Tank at some point

  6. Until further notice, I am not going to be regularly using my 002 account on Discord. I'll still occasionally come online such as to check and respond to messages, but should you message me this way, it may take a while for a response.


    If you need to contact me for something that is on this site (e.g. a script I made or Chimera), please post your inquiry in its respective topic. That way I or someone else on the site can help you much sooner.


    Thanks for your understanding.

  7. I am now a blue circle again. Rejoice!

  8. A few minutes ago, I got a surprise gift from someone, which will be my cover photo for the rest of this month.


    As always, I put the credits to the artwork in my About Me.

  9. News articles are back on Facebook (hopefully Facebook doesn't break it further). Unfortunately, posting links is still just as gimped as before. Fortunately, a workaround has been found.

  10. New profile cover photo. Just got this yesterday!

  11. Facebook seems to have broken some required features for sharing news articles, and I can confirm it's broken on Google Chrome (Windows and Mac), Safari, and the Edge browsers.


    I'm not sure if/when it will be possible to feature new articles. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Huh, I change my cover photo every once in a while, but I don't think I've permanently changed my avatar in years.

    1. WaeV


      What is your current avatar?

      Other than a blue orb lol

    2. Kavawuvi


      My avatar is a blue plasma orb. I made it from random effects in Pixelmator, followed by inverting the colors. It looked cool, so I went with it.

  13. I am Divine. I shall now demand a sacrifice.

  14. As a reminder, I do not accept script requests directed towards myself. Please use the proper sections for these types of requests. See my "About Me" section for more information.

  15. Oh boy, another holiday. That means another festive profile photo. Yay!

  16. I've updated my About Me to clarify more things when sending a private message to myself for requests.


    Basically, if you want something from me, then I can say no if I don't want to do it or can't do it. If I choose to do it, then not only can I take any amount of time I wish to, but I take no responsibility for downtimes on the requester's part as a result of waiting for me to complete something. After all, I'm doing it on my time. If you want people to do things on your time and set a deadline, then that's fine: use the raffle system.

  17. There's nothing like having a blue sphere of plasma as an avatar for over three years.



  18. Today is the last day Dropbox allows free users to have a public folder. Here's the last file I'll ever upload to Dropbox's public folder: me reading off a script I wrote that makes fun of PC and console elitists: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30298900/peasantvselitist.wav

  19. I may change my profile's cover photo sometime within the next few weeks. I'm thinking something ice cream related...

  20. Too bad you can't like statuses. IPB4 can't come soon enough.

  21. There's more to life than your profile, you know.

    1. Takka


      I'm performing science!

  22. Played some Halo 5: Forge. Will start writing my game review on the 10th and post soon after. Writing a quality game review that fulfills the guidelines will give you 6 tickets, though, if anyone writes their review first.

  23. There's 4 days remaining until the Windows 10 free offer goes away, which should hopefully get rid of many headaches.

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    2. Sceny


      I can just seem them locking you out of Windows 7/8, insisting that you pay to upgrade.

    3. Kavawuvi


      Classic ransomware

    4. WaeV


      Install Gentoo