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  1. I've gotten the retail version of the game to load Halo Custom Edition maps. Setting this up is simple: Install the latest Chimera beta. Copy your Halo Custom Edition bitmaps.map, sounds.map, and loc.map files into your retail Halo PC maps folder as custom_bitmaps.map, custom_sounds.map, custom_loc.map. DO NOT OVERWRITE STOCK BITMAPS.MAP OR SOUNDS.MAP. Copy in your other Custom Edition maps as-is. You can also copy them to your downloads folder and they will work, but note that map downloading for Custom Edition maps on retail Halo PC is not set up yet. Simply copy in your Custom Edition bitmaps, sounds, and loc into your maps folder, renaming them to custom_bitmaps.map, custom_sounds.map, and custom_loc.map, respectively. Halo Custom Edition maps will use these files, and your retail maps will use the original files. There are a few things I'll need to take care of: Handle scripts that run commands or set variables introduced in Halo Custom Edition. Some maps, like coldsnap, use commands like multiplayer_draw_teammates_names or sv_say, and these will crash the game if they are not properly handled. Handle map downloading of Halo Custom Edition maps. This will require a small amount of work to get working, but it should be possible. Get the retail version to join Halo Custom Edition servers. This will require a lot of work towards reverse engineering, but it has been done before on the Mac version of the game through Samuco's sky bridge. Get the retail version to list Halo Custom Edition servers. It's easy to get it to switch between lists. Ideally, though, we want to use both lists in a seamless way. If this is done, then we can kiss this split client nonsense goodbye.
  2. So I've decided to modify my last update: Basically, I've decided to disable the "detail after reflection" and "atmospheric dominant" fixes for Halo Custom Edition. These fixes will only apply for the retail and trial versions. However, I am looking into allowing the retail version to run Custom Edition maps and possibly even join Custom Edition servers. The main reason I'm for this change is because Halo Custom Edition's renderer is a lost cause and is not worth fixing. I can do whatever I want to it, but the crux of the issue is that fog and glass are going to be perpetually broken no matter what I do. These issues are issues that need fixed, but fixing these issues on Halo Custom Edition - a version that will always be more flawed than even the base game - will only cause headaches for map makers rather than actually get Halo Custom Edition closer to a state I'd actually want it. Most maps do look better with the fixes, so if you really liked it, I'd keep your Halo PC CD handy.
  3. What Arcade CTF does is it combines aspects of CTF, Slayer, and King of the Hill into one game, allowing players to complete the game by capping, killing, and camping at the enemy base. Rather than being the first to reach a certain number of points, both teams start out with a set number of points that go down as players are killed, flags are captured, bases are held, and time passes. The goal is to get the other team's points to 0 points. The team scores are also scaled to the highest number of players that have played that single game. Score System: Game Start (+2000 to both teams) 4 players have joined (+1000 to both teams, up to 6000 total points; note that at least 4, 8, 12, and 16 players must be present at a given time to get this bonus, though it won't be taken away if players leave) Base invasion (-1 to the enemy team per second per player at the enemy team's base.) Kill (-25 to enemy team) Cap (-400 to enemy team) 1 minute has passed (-100 to both teams - note that this can lead to a tie if both teams hit 0 at the same time) Base invasion is the King of the Hill aspect. It simply requires a teammate being near the enemy base's flag stand. -1 per second may not seem like a lot, but it adds up, and snowballs with more teammates. Here is a table of how long it'll take to end the game with a set number of teammates camping the enemy base, factoring the -100 point penalty both teams incur every minute: Killing is the Slayer aspect. It requires that you kill an enemy. If you camp the enemy base and kill anyone who spawns, you can get tons of points fast. Capping is the CTF aspect. Just capture the flag. A game variant is included, which includes the following settings: Gametype: CTF - Flags do not need to be at home to score (Because there can be many caps before a game is over) Score Limit: 1 000 000 000 (this is just to remove the score ceiling; teams won't actually have a billion points) Time Limit: 60 minutes Objectives: Shown on HUD Weapons: Generic Default (Spawn with Assault Rifle and Pistol regardless of map, though modded maps may differ) Base Respawn Timer: 0 seconds (technically, that means it's 3 seconds) Suicide Penalty: 5 seconds Betrayal Penalty: 30 seconds Team is shown on HUD and motion sensor Vehicles: Default; 60 second respawn Feel free to modify it as you please. Note: I have not tested this on CE. I think it'll work, but I don't know. This script may also be buggy, as it's a direct copy of the version from the original Arcade CTF server before it was shut down on the 1st of October. Download Script (SAPP): arcade.lua Download Game Variant (PC and CE hybrid): Arcade CTF Gametype.zip
  4. Unfortunately, I don't understand the contents of your text file, but here's what I can tell from your screenshot. multiple_instance_2_sig - I can see this not agreeing with your setup, as it's possible whatever you're using to simulate split screen modifies that code. I'll see if I can make that particular feature optional in this case. cd_key_hash_sig - Are you certain you're using the official 1.0.10 haloce.exe? Modified versions of the Halo executable, even those used to bypass DRM restrictions, are not supported by Chimera. They might still work, but they might not, too, and they're difficult for me to test, fix, or ensure the stability of Chimera when running on such mods. Due to the nature of some of these mods, I will not test them locally, either.
  5. Well, his goals were a lot different from mine. He wanted to make a renderer that displayed Halo assets with additional features like screen space reflections among other things. However, I want an open source reimplementation of the Halo renderer.
  6. I've been posting screenshots around the various Halo communities, and I figured I may as well make a topic for this. Here's a mini-FAQ to answer a few of your questions: What is Dark Circlet? Dark Circlet is a program that can render Halo Custom Edition cache files via OpenGL. While I do have far more plans than just simply rendering maps, more information will be made available as Dark Circlet is developed. When was Dark Circlet started? End of December 2018 Who is developing Dark Circlet? Only me (Kavawuvi) Will Dark Circlet be open source (and under what license)? If it is released, then yes. If so, it will be open source under the GNU GPL version 3. What is Dark Circlet written in? C++, GLSL What graphics API does Dark Circlet use? OpenGL 4.3 What system requirements will Dark Circlet have? Here are the current, tentative system requirements. CPU: x86-64 with SSE4.1 - Penryn [Intel], K10 [AMD]* RAM: 4 GB** GPU: OpenGL 4.3 - ATI Radeon HD 5000 series [AMD] | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series [Nvidia] | Don't [Intel] OS: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit); Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)*** * If you don't meet the CPU requirement, you may still be able to compile it for your own system. ** While 4 GB technically isn't required to open Dark Circlet, Dark Circlet may allocate over 1 GB of RAM with some maps. If you don't have enough RAM, your system will be starved for resources. *** Dark Circlet is not limited to Ubuntu as the only compatible Linux distribution; it is being developed on Arch Linux. Also, if you don't meet the OS requirement, you may still be able to compile it for your own system. As Dark Circlet is developed (and possibly optimized), these may change. However, do not be surprised if an older PC that could run Halo Custom Edition cannot run Dark Circlet. Supporting hardware from a decade ago may be difficult or impossible for me to do by myself. Screenshots
  7. Not presently! Funny enough, I'm doing a rewrite of this renderer to use for scenario editing in Invader.
  8. It looks like you're playing the game in -useff, -use00, or -safemode. This breaks the console rendering and causes every other line to not appear.
  9. You don't. You simply uncomment "enabled=1" like this: [hotkey] ;=============================================================================== ; Hotkey configuration ; ; Hotkeys can be configured to emit EITHER Halo scripts *OR* Chimera commands. ;=============================================================================== ; Enable this to use hotkeys enabled=1
  10. Perhaps they can pirate a better graphics card.
  11. I've gotten more things done with Chimera. There are now two additional FoV settings: chimera_fov_vehicle and, by popular demand, chimera_fov_cinematic. You can set these in addition to chimera_fov if you want vehicle FoV and/or cinematic FoV to be different from your main FoV. I've added chimera_fp_reverb which enables environmental audio for first person animation sounds (e.g. firing, reloading, etc.). The default settings of Halo have been changed to something that makes sense in 2020. You will never have to visit the video settings ever again. I've also fixed a few Halo issues: Name and scoreboard fade times are now fixed (scoreboard fade time is configurable in the ini file, so feel free to set it to 0 if you want instant scoreboard opening/closing) Refined's coountdown timer in The Maw is now correctly sized. When hosting a server, Halo's netgame equipment now spawns at their correct intervals rather than being offset by floor(8.1 ticks * equipment index) shader_model's "detail after reflection" setting now does what it says (retail and trial only) fog's "atmospheric dominant" now does what it says if it's not water (retail and trial only) Holding the "ACTION" button (E by default) to swap weapons is now timed correctly, thus you can now reload with this button while standing on another weapon and having the game run at a high frame rate I'm also using a newer version of Zstandard, so decompression speed may be slightly improved.
  12. You install the script like any other SAPP script, and then you use the included Arcade CTF gametype.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/AKG-K702-Reference-Studio-Headphones/dp/B001RCD2DW Really good headphones, by the way.
  14. By "right now" I mean that right now it doesn't work. I don't know how long it's been an issue, nor does it matter, as I actually cannot do anything about the current connection issues regarding the HAC2 repo. Not only is it not working with Chimera, but the HAC2 website does not appear to be responding, either. There's no recourse right now except to wait until it's back up before I can address any issues. Apparently some HAC2 users are also experiencing issues.
  15. The HAC2 repo is having issues right now. This is not a bug with Chimera.
  16. I've noticed there are several unfulfilled script requests. Let's fix that, together! If you complete one of these script requests (or any script request in which a staff member placed a bounty on the request), you can earn a set number of tickets. The number of tickets earned will be indicated above the link. Here is the process: Reply to the linked script request topic with your script. I recommend attaching your script to your post as links can go stale after a while. Reply to this topic with the link to your post to ensure your reply is seen. I'll probably still see your post even if you don't reply here, but I recommend posting here just in case I don't. To get a link to your exact post, click the share button on the top right corner of the post and copy the link. If I verify your script works correctly, then you will be credited tickets. If it does not work correctly, I will reply to your post telling you what is wrong so you can fix it. Verify that your script works correctly before posting. Starting on the first and third Sunday at 18:00 UTC of each month, bonus tickets will be awarded to the person who earned the most tickets that session from this contest as long as that person completed at least two (2) requests that session. These tickets do NOT need to be in your possession to win, thus the standings can even carry over to the next raffle period, and if not, you can use your tickets the moment you get them without affecting your standings. If there is a tie, though, then the prize will be split between the winners. The current bonus is 4 tickets. Bounties 15 tickets Squad System 5 tickets VIP escort gametype 4 tickets Animate a biped 3 tickets Vote for lo3 Spawn weapon to the passenger Expanded weapon respawn timer Prevent portal camping Change points for an item (A market) Remake of "Breakout" Gametype Block wdel $n with the flag 2 tickets Disable Rod or Rox or OS, or camo Weapon Layout script breaks CTF Custom spawns Suicide Area Vehicle spawner Record Stats Frag spawns Block Access to Map Area Current Standings (non-staff) --: -- TIP: Lower ticket values will typically take less time than higher ticket values (with the exception of 5 ticket requests), but, of course, they have a lower reward. If you are trying to get the bonus tickets and you are one or two requests away from the request requirement, try doing these! For more information on the monthly raffle, check out the FAQ. Lastly, happy scripting! This mini-contest will go on until either there are no more scripts or there isn't activity for an extremely long period of time.
  17. Congratulations to @aLTis for earning a bonus +4 tickets. This is the first time someone has done enough requests to actually be eligible for the bonus. That said, I'm probably no longer going to do bonus tickets after this due to a lack of activity. Ticket bounties will still remain, though.
  18. I've gotten some more work done with Chimera, including more work with dedicated server compatibility. Also, people have been complaining about server timers not working properly due to Chimera's chat. In actuality, Chimera's chat can be used to enhance server timers without having them clutter your console. EDIT: I've decided to upload a build that has the new ini fields.
  19. I've added a number of features to chimera.ini: halo.optimal_defaults is now used to turn on Chimera's default commands. Chimera no longer does this by default, though the included INI will have this value set. halo.hash can be used to set either a random or custom hash to prevent servers from tracking you. halo.multiple_instances can be used to launch multiple instances of the game, though you will need to set -cport and -port yourself. halo.background_playback can be used to allow Halo to run in the background without suspending the game (this was formerly a command from a past build - now it's an ini thing, and it works much better) halo.console replaces chimera_enable_console scoreboard.font can be used to change the scoreboard font to another builtin font in the map Also, I've updated chimera_teleport to allow you to teleport a player to specific coordinates or to another player. I've also added a new command: chimera_block_extra_weapoon. This will block your currently held weapon if you are holding more than two weapons. This is useful for servers that choose to give you three or four weapons instead of two. Removing the extra weapon slot will probably give you a slight unfair advantage in this case since other players have to wait an extra 0.3 seconds or so to switch to the desired weapon, but fortunately, I don't care. I also fixed an issue with chat not working properly with certain name characters. I also fixed @Tricky's issue with the dedicated server not listing servers if Chimera is installed. Chimera currently isn't a full server mod, but I may end up exploring this route when I add Lua scripting.
  20. If they reply to this topic, then I'll make sure to award them their tickets. Or you can do that for them, too. edit: checked and confirmed
  21. Yes there is. People stream games. Have you ever considered that other people might not want doxxed on Twitch or YouTube? I added a feature to Chimera to censor IP addresses, but not everyone uses Chimera, let alone the latest version, so most people aren't going to have that protection. Also, why are you even showing people their IP address? There are better ways to obtain it than joining a Halo server. And if you're trying to intimidate your players, you could just say "Your IP address is logged" rather than potentially doxxing them.
  22. I decided to add this to the FAQ. I was actually asked this a couple days ago, and I'm surprised people still debate over this. I'm also looking into writing some documentation for Invader on https://invader.opencarnage.net at a later date, and I'm also planning on writing tutorials here as well to help people learn how to use this. After all, everyone else seems to be more interested in documenting the stock HEK rather than my stuff, so I guess it's to be expected that I should do this. For a C++ library, Qt is really easy to use, and it looks quite good in a Win32 application as well as a native Linux library when using the same code.
  23. Presently, Chimera doesn't work on the dedicated server. There's a lot of work to be done with that. Sorry :/