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  1. Built a log home in Minecraft. If that wasn't enough, I also built a large statue of my character over it. I think my ego just exploded. edit: I think Mojang should add anti aliasing so I can make better screenshots. Downloading a mod to do it with the new launcher is a hassle, with versions and stuff.
  2. I try to do that, too. With Paypal, you don't have to give everything your credit card number, since Paypal is the one that actually pays the seller. Norton didn't have a Paypal option . Lesson learned here.
  3. This happened yesterday, but I purchased Norton the day before, you know, to try it out. I spent $40 (it was a 50% off sale). On the same day, my credit card got charged $72.54 and AUS$89.99 for annual renewals for two different men, one in Great Britain and the other in California. Identity theft? Wow, that was fast. I check my account history every day, maybe twice a day at the most, so I checked it yesterday and saw these charges, then contacted the bank and blocked the number from making any future transactions (so I can't lose any more money). Norton's "fast" 24/7 online customer support was a longass wait in a big queue, being about 40 minutes in an empty chatroom window. I get out of bed faster than that. While I was waiting, I contacted the bank on their 800 number, which didn't take longer than a minute to wait. I talked to the agent and we decided to delete the credit card number altogether. I was sitting back, watching some old Pokemon episodes, until finally I got rung into the queue. I told them what was wrong, and then suddenly my internet stopped working, because my router is a piece of shit. I waited about 2 minutes and waited ANOTHER 40 minutes to get back into the queue. Once again, I told the agent what was wrong, and they told me that I should call them and give them my FULL credit card number. Since my number was shut down, I wouldn't lose anything from doing this, so I talked to their phone support, which was much faster, but still a 10 minute wait. Finally, one of their agents decided to get out of bed; some woman with an Australian accent. I gave her the full number and she told me the name of the two men and asked if I wanted them to be cancelled, which I agreed. They were cancelled and I got two email notifications. The day is saved! Long story short, just because Norton has a 60-day refund doesn't mean it's safe to try. Next time I get antivirus, I'll just get Kapersky.
  4. I'm about to see the movie in an hour. It sounds really awesome. Thanks.
  5. That's a matter of opinion. What's more important? Outer space or Earth? Who cares if we're blind if we're not alive. At least when we lived in caves, we weren't threatening each other with death 24/7. edit: What I'm saying is we should be careful how we do our science. Instead of looking for alien life, which isn't likely to help us in any way, we should be spending more money on looking for cures for diseases. I didn't say that we should suddenly halt our scientific progress. That would be VERY dumb. How would humanity survive without science?
  6. No. We should be putting our resources to fixing humanity rather than sending probes into space. If there are sentient extraterrestrials, we can't be certain we'd be able to communicate with them (other than blowing them up), let alone the chance that these aliens are interested in such a volatile race, hostile enough to attack itself.
  7. and blindly killing everyone makes us no better than the "terrorists". It's a kill-everyone-or-get-killed-first world.
  8. No. Although, drone warfare does provide a peace of mind when worried about dying yourself, traditional warfare is man killing man, though. Drone warfare is drone killing man. You can't exactly program who to kill since a guy with a gun can be anyone. Therefore, innocent bystanders can become casualties. It's pretty inhumane, since one side doesn't risk anything, kind of like ICBM atomic bombs, which are fired intercontinentally. ICBMs have been the biggest fear of the Soviet Union versus the United States during the cold war. Although drone warfare currently is a much smaller scale, its use is much the same as nukes: to kill everyone and anyone once it gets to its destination. The goal of warfare is not to kill everyone, but to force the enemy into submission. The creation of small automated killing machines only causes death to innocent people; people who don't want war.
  9. He did ask if it was from the PC or not.
  10. I live quite distanced from most of my family, so I benefit from the long summer vacations I got in high school, plus one month of summer wouldn't be quite long enough as was proposed a few times. Even though it makes sense, long summers probably don't make up half of the problem. I usually catch up in the first three weeks, or 15 out of 185 total days, since I try to get all core classes (Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts) in every semester. When I lived in the slums of Kansas for 3 years (two in junior high, one in high school), I was surrounded by people who were complete idiots who didn't want to learn; these people had failed their classes and couldn't participate in co-curricular activities due to the two failing class policy, so they would procrastinate even more, since they had the extra time, and believed it was too late for anything. I don't think those students would benefit from lengthened school days or year-round school. What they would actually benefit from is the intuition to learn. The problem isn't that people are forgetting, I think that it's that they're not learning.
  11. This was from the Xbox 360. You can take screenshots using the theater and upload them to your online Halo 3 profile.
  12. Speaking of price, my high school apparently charged me a $30 graduation fee. People are actually going to court over this fee, since it violates their rights to free education (through high school) in the United States. While it would make sense to get more money from participating in school, since a ton of schools in the United States are actually dilapidated from lack of funding (my dad being laid off from his job as the band director of a college for one), raising admission would probably turn down more students, further reducing funding, and throwing everything into chaos and making the poor people suffer. It's quite a cost already, and that's why many poor people simply go back to their families after high school, trying to keep a small job with a high school education.
  13. Flooring a warthog into a sentinel on Halo 3, the last level. The sentinel's laser seemed to clip into the warthog's windshield, though.
  14. Hi

    Can it do backflips on rollerscates? (because that would be interesting to see) in all seriousness, hi! So you're here, too.
  15. Minecraft does not look any better in fullscreen. I just discovered it had a fullscreen option. I'm such a noob even though I've been playing it for nearly 2 years. (wow, it's been that long)
  16. Hi, I am 002, but some of you may know me as 002. I came from Mac Gaming Mods earlier. nil kept telling me I should register here, so I did, but I've seen a bunch of topics from other people on this forum before. There are so many different people; so very diverse. I live in the United States, for those of you who want to backtrace my location to find me leading an super awesome exciting life that is totally not boring. I'm in Minnesota, so there, you've got another hint. No more hints. Anyway, I started in Mac Gaming Mods a long time ago, and I don't really want to talk about that. I looked at one of my posts from 2006 and wondered why my parents ever let me use the internet. Yup, embarrasing. I do mod Halo sometimes, and I am working on a new map right now for Halo. I hope to get that done sometime this July. I play Halo, mostly, and I do play some Minecraft. Being in a PC community in real life, I have two windows computers, one on Windows 7 and one on Windows 8. Then I also have this MacBook Air that I use primarily. It's not really that special, but if it plays Minecraft smoothly, then I'm happy. Jokes aside, I'm glad to be here, and I hope I can contribute to this community, if ever possible.