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  1. Money taped to her boobs. lol I got to see this movie.
  2. Da OC Shitletter (OC Newsletter) Porno night
  3. Gravity. Awesome movie.
  4. The Declaration of Independence
  5. No class until 1pm today! Whoo!
  6. There should be an achievement for this. That video was glorious.
  7. Somewhere in the outer reaches of the internet...
  8. Hello and welcome! There's a lot of stuff here to read up, so you won't be disappointed.
  9. I hate winter, after that last winter I had...
  10. What's wrong with 11 years? I think an extra year would be very helpful.
  11. I last obsessed over playing Pokemon Y, until I decided that there were better things to do with my life... Now I am obsessed with getting 2 posts per day. I never found better things to do with my life...
  12. I'm kind of glad this isn't my grandmother...
  13. After the 6-month winter I had last winter... I would rather have summer all year every year. It snowed so much on May 1st, they cancelled school.
  14. Fog today, fog tomorrow. I hate fog.
  15. After I heard this... wat.
  16. This morning, I just realized that I only have to go to one class today. Got worried for nothing... Oh, I also found $20 in my jeans pocket after I took a shower.