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  1. Yeah Maybe then I'd be finally able to afford a server for matchmaking.
  2. I've revamped chimera_budget and made chimera_show_fps a separate command. They no longer use the console for showing their values. Also I added chimera_show_coordinates. I've also made a command, chimera_extend_limits, which can increase the visible object count and visible BSP polygon budgets as well as increase Halo's maximum draw distance. Another useful command I've added is chimera_block_camera_shake, and this will prevent camera shakes when firing or taking damage. Note that this does not affect damage changing the actual rotation of your camera, such as from recoil from weapons making you aim slightly higher each shot you make.
  3. Chimera version 1.0 will not work with the retail version of the game. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.
  4. Okay, but you better give me a raise.
  5. That command is only available on the latest unstable build. I don't usually post unstable builds on the site, here, but they are available on the Chimera Discord.
  6. You are using "say *" instead of "say $n" which results in all players being sent the message when the player joins rather than the joining player. If you want to send things periodically, you could use a custom command which will send a series of messages, one message being sent every 20 seconds or so, then have it execute itself at the end. You then execute this custom command in your SAPP init.txt. Alternatively, there is a script for that. If you need help with SAPP, I suggest referring to the SAPP documentation. Look for "Name and Password based Admin Management" in the Google Docs link (newer) or "v2" in the pdf (older). But to save you time, here is the syntax: admin_add <player expr> <password> <level> Also be sure to remove your existing admins by listing them with admins and remove them with admindel <index> Password based admins log in using /login <password> in the chat upon joining.
  7. If you are using CD hash based (v1) admins, then it's possible one or more of your admins are using an illegitimate copy of the game. Halo Custom Edition is heavily pirated, thus lots of people are using the same CD key. Other people who are sharing a CD key with your admins will, therefore, have admin access to your server as a result. Switch your admins to username/password based (v2) admins and purge all CD hash based (v1) admins. Requiring a username and password for admins is a bit more secure, but it is a little annoying to use and it is the only other way you can use SAPP admins. What's your events.txt? What's your mapcycle.txt? I've heard similar complaints from users who buy servers from Elite Game Servers.net. You can use sv_banlist_file to find your banlist file. If you can't access it, then I suggest getting in contact with your host.
  8. I found the function that does the thing Dab Ohai
  9. Sorry there hasn't been any recent update on this mod posted here. I've been working pretty hard on it for the past few days on releasing a version 1.0. Version 1.0 of Chimera is a nearly complete rewrite and is going to take a while to complete. Here’s a little FAQ that should detail what is being done. What is planned for this release? I’m planning on adding everything from previous versions as well as adding new features. Some things will also be improved, too. I also want to get started on multiplayer enhancements. What is done right now? Right now, there aren’t very many features in the 1.0 source code, but I’m working as fast as I can on fixing this. Here is what is done at the time of this post: Debug chimera_budget – Get or set whether to show various budgets in Halo (added 2018-07-17) chimera_show_coordinates – Get or set whether to show your coordinates (added 2018-07-16) chimera_show_fps – Get or set whether to show frame rate (added 2018-07-16) Enhancements chimera_disable_buffering – Disable buffering, potentially improving input lag (added 2018-06-11) chimera_enable_console – Enable the console (added 2018-06-14) chimera_rcon_password* – Use rcon without having to type a password each time (added 2018-06-20) Fixes chimera_fix_auto_center – Fix or disable auto centering (added 2018-06-12) Mouse chimera_block_mouse_acceleration – Disable Halo’s mouse acceleration (added 2018-06-11) chimera_mouse_sensitivity – Set mouse sensitivity granularly (added 2018-06-11) Visuals chimera_block_camera_shake* – Get or set whether to prevent Halo's camera from shaking when taking damage (added 2018-07-15) chimera_block_gametype_rules* – Don’t show gametype rules upon joining (added 2018-06-11) chimera_block_hold_f1* – Don’t show the “Hold F1 for score” message upon joining (added 2018-06-11) chimera_block_loading_screen – Don’t show loading screens except when needed (added 2018-06-11) chimera_extend_limits – Get or set whether to increase some of Halo's graphical limits (added 2018-07-18) chimera_fov – Set vertical or horizontal* FOV (added 2018-06-17) chimera_interpolate – Make movement appear smoother (added 2018-06-15) chimera_interpolate_velocity – Use velocity-based interpolation (added 2018-06-15) chimera_potato* – Wreck Halo’s graphics to get more FPS (added 2018-06-11) chimera_throttle_fps – Limit Halo's frame rate, reducing coil whine as well as unnecessary power consumption and heat (added 2018-06-20) chimera_uncap_cinematic – Get or set whether to uncap Halo’s frame rate in cutscenes (added 2018-06-14) *brand-new feature Multiplayer enhancements? This includes removal of warp as well as improvements to hit registration. I’ve already done some of these enhancements, but this mod is only available on select Good Maps Ya Fucks servers and uses a much older version of Chimera. Do the enhancements work with SAPP? Presently, it does require SAPP to load them, but I cannot guarantee this in the future due to SAPP being closed source and Chimera being open source. More information will be available whenever I come up with it. For now, I'm not focusing on this portion of the mod. When will this be released? I don't know. I will be releasing early builds of it from time to time in here, though. Some of these builds will not be released on the Chimera Discord, thus you will have to come here to get them.
  10. Yeah, and honestly, I'm not sure there will ever be a Halo FPS where Microsoft won't gimp it in some way on the PC version.
  11. Most of the time, the stuff I play on the UWP store works perfectly fine. Minecraft for Windows 10, for instance, is very fast and seems to be quite efficient, too. Halo 5 Forge is mostly stable (mostly - it's still buggy, unoptimized, and feature incomplete, and it sometimes crashes). However, other people get stuttering issues, driver crashes, application crashes, slowdowns, and the application not opening despite the PC exceeding the minimum and probably even the recommended specifications. I've even had to reinstall games before, myself, even when they were working fine minutes ago, as they'd stop opening and a restart would do nothing. And yeah, I'm also concerned that the fact it's a UWP exclusive will mean it will be dead on arrival. Not only will Halo 6 inherit all of these UWP issues, but it will be limited to Windows 10. More people are using Windows 10 than before, sure, but it's still going to greatly limit its reach.
  12. Yeah, it was a rushed port for a rushed OS. But I stand by the fact that I feel DRM and Games for Windows Live really fucked over Halo 2. I didn't see it as an attempt, either. When it came out, it was just Forge but you could play with people on your friends list. I didn't have a problem with that in itself, to be honest. Rather, I didn't see much point in it given the requirements for running it, as I doubt many people with an Xbox One would have a PC with the specifications in the game. After all, it's supposed to be something you use alongside the retail game rather than played as a game itself. Also, Halo 5 Forge was a bit crashy and laggy, the lack of an simple FOV slider was kind of dumb, and 60 FPS locks are gross.
  13. So here is their track record of Halo FPS titles on PC: Halo Combat Evolved is a buggy mess that has only one reason for its continued existence: the modding community. Halo 2 Vista was an insult to the original Xbox version of the game. Not only that, but it was plagued with DRM - something I would have expected from EA, not Microsoft. I didn't even bother getting this version of the game. Halo 5 Forge doesn't seem to have much point in existing. The rather heavy requirements limit its usage to primarily gaming PCs, and it's not even a good PC game. Also, it runs poorly and has a pretty dismal custom games browser. As for UWP, remember Quantum Broken? Or Cupstutter: Don't Deal With The Microsoft? The Steam versions were alright, but the Windows 10 Store versions were horrible. Maybe they'll get it right this time. Right now I'm pretty doubtful, and the only thing that can alleviate my doubt is a set of reviews of the PC version of this game from reliable sources.
  14. I'm really liking the art style and design of everything that was in the trailer. Also, you play on another ring? That's pretty awesome. I'm sure this could very well be the game that people have been wanting for years. Though I do have some concerns with it going on PC. The problem many people will have with this is that, on PC, it's going to be a Windows 10 Store UWP exclusive. Also, they'll probably lock vSync on and/or have a 60 FPS lock, and even if they don't, it's probably not going to run that well. Either way, Microsoft's track record of porting Halo games to the PC is rather bad, and UWP as a platform isn't much better despite being on the "best version of Windows" as Microsoft calls it. Sorry if I seem like a downer, but I personally find it difficult to be excited for this.