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  1. I'm going to be moving again soon (my current residence was always supposed to be temporary!), so I am considering whether or not to hold off on building the PC. Things have been going slowly but surely though!
  2. Just got the CPU! I went with the Ryzen 9 5950X. Yes, I know better CPUs are coming out at the end of the year. Unless you expect me to wait with an iPad, you can probably imagine why I would do this so hastily. The IPC improvements do not really justify this wait, either. Yes, I know I could just hold out on a 8 core CPU. However, the 5950X actually does not cost that much more and I need the threads for code compilation and possibly virtualization anyway. I may as well get the best possible CPU now even if it will probably be obsolete in a few months. Yes, I know I could just buy Intel and have an upgrade path and probably better gaming performance, but I would have spent more money on a CPU/motherboard combo that has 25% fewer threads and half the "performance" cores, and considering I am starting with my RX 580, I think it is OK if gaming performance can take a backseat. I feel like I made the right call here.
  3. It wasn't a customs issue but an "I don't want my PC to be turned into a football by TSA or pay gazillions of dollars to ship it" issue. I kept the SSD in my wallet and kept the graphics card in a canvas bag and brought them on the plane with me. And frankly, I was looking to replace it anyway. Basically, my old setup involved me using two PCs: one with Linux (Ryzen 5 2600, 32 GB DDR4, RX 580) and one with Windows 10 (Intel Core i7-6700K, 16 GB DDR4, GTX 1070). I found that having only 6 cores and 32 GB of RAM was becoming pretty limiting for my needs, so I needed a core count and RAM upgrade pretty badly.
  4. Aaa, this is a good suggestion, but I actually need the threads for faster compile times, as it is essentially more files I can compile at once. Funny enough, encoding performance, while nice, is not a high priority. If it's good enough to render a high quality 10 minute 1080p 120 FPS video within a few hours while also encoding a decent quality 60 FPS 720p video in real time, I'm OK with that. Also, the 5800X3D has an MSRP of $449, which is not much less than the current prices of the 5950X (~$540 in my region), so the savings, while nice, are not something I can really use to much benefit. It is also currently sold out everywhere, meaning I'd have to pay a high scalper fee, making the 5950X cheaper right now. I do agree having higher cache would be great too, but because I do not currently have a PC, waiting is unfortunately not an option, as waiting means more time spent being completely unable to work on my projects.
  5. I have moved. Far away. Sadly I could not bring my PC, so I'm going to be building a new PC! The CPU is going to be an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X since they've come down massively in price and are thus way more affordable. Intel just doesn't look very compelling at the $490-$590 price point right now. I plan on buying an NH-D15 cooler as well, but I'll need to make sure it fits. The GPU is going to be my AMD Radeon RX 580. Newer GPUs are too costly right now. I'm looking to start on 64 GB of RAM, but I plan to maybe upgrade to 128 GB. I'm still deciding on a decent motherboard, but 128 GB requires four DIMM slots. I'd prefer if there was no chipset fan. I'm also still deciding on a case, but the Corsair 200R looks really good. I've used this case before and found it to be very affordable but also very sturdy. Yes it's almost 10 years old, but no one makes that much better cases for $60, so this choice is very compelling. The SSD is initially going to be my older 500 GB Samsung 970 Evo, but I plan on installing a 1 TB SSD to hold games. I would rather avoid a hard drive. PSU is probably going to be whatever decent 750 W power supply I can get my hands on for around $90-$120 that isn't a nuke. PSUs are pricey, but it is better to not risk blowing everything up. Use cases for the build are coding, video editing, and gaming!
  6. Arguably the root of all evil. Aaa yes. Canola oil is amazing. I use it in so much stuff!
  7. Invader received a bunch of improvements and updates including support for hud_message_text extraction AND compilation. Sadly I can't upload anything to Invader's server for a while due to my current living situation. You will need to get the latest build off of GitHub here for now: https://github.com/SnowyMouse/invader/releases/tag/0.50.2 The script compiler was fully rewritten in Rust, is more accurate than before, and is just easier to maintain. There are also a few other improvement here and there including support for CEA's new cache file building method which involves using the data folder.
  8. What a ride.
  9. While the Doppler isn't fully accurate to Xbox (or I guess real life as the plasma pistol seems to bend in pitch when you are holding it and moving despite the fact its relative velocity to you is 0), the issue I was pointing out had to do with the firing effect not playing in both channels when strafing. Basically, it sounds like the firing effect is coming from near you rather than from you.
  10. CE's audio is pretty borked now. Oh dear.
  11. I've updated Invader to 0.49.1. This is mainly bugfixes, but support for the newer definitions of the April 2022 update of the H1AEK has been added, too. Sadly, I had to change Invader's name back. Sorry if you liked HEK++.
  12. AAA thank you!!!
  13. Happy Birthday :D

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      Thank you!!!

  14. Cool!!!
  15. As of today, Invader has been renamed to HEK Plus Plus (or HEK++ for short). People have complained that HEK++ (formerly Invader) is not as user friendly as Halo Custom Edition's HEK. So, I'm going to right this wrong and make the following changes in all future builds of HEK++. All error messages will be replaced with register dumps and assertions to source files you don't have access to. Which one will you get? Who knows! If there are any problematic tags that prevent a cache file from building, HEK++ will not print the paths of the problematic tags. Instead, you must use trial and error. This is way more fun! Most of the error checking will be removed in HEK++. This means you can now build maps with tags that would've otherwise been rejected by Invader. Maps that will probably crash the game. If a map crashes the game, it's even more trial and error. Map creation hasn't been this exciting since 2004! HEK++'s argument parsing system has been removed overhauled for most tools, thus you now only have to specify paths for everything. Gone are the days where you make bitmap tags by specifying the type of bitmap you want. Now HEK++ makes DXT1 bitmaps by default, and if you want to change it, you have to open the tag editor! All tools will later be bundled into one executable, HEKPlusPlus.exe. While this does mean you will no longer be able to tab complete, it at least means you will no longer be able to do tab completion. It's a win/win, honestly. As always, thank you for using and supporting HEK++. It's very much appreciated!