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  1. When it comes to HAC2, "being replaced by" sometimes results in "interfere with" because HAC2 will error and not load Halo if it doesn't find a signature. I've found this to be an issue when I made things like removing zoom blur because HAC2 would end up crashing due to not finding a signature. I actually held off for months on making my widescreen fix because HAC2 has a widescreen fix on by default. Eventually, I decided to do so, and just as I predicted: not only does it "replace" it but it also "interferes" with it. Elements end up getting squished because Chimera has changed the resolution of the HUD while HAC2 is scaling elements. Then there's another thing to consider: 65k polygons. HAC2 only goes up to 32767 polygons. There is a lot of work to be done to get 65535 polygons, but it is possible. However, this would require changing code which HAC2 may want to change. This means you would have to choose between HAC2 or Chimera. As for something like map downloading, if I implemented it, then what would happen if you tried to join a server where you didn't have the map? Would HAC2 try to download or would Chimera try to download? I could work around this by just not having map downloading if HAC2 is detected, but then I may as well have not have made this feature despite so many people requesting I make it. This is the same with map queue. Nice! I'm sure people will always be using it. However, it hasn't seen updates in a long time, yet there are plenty of bugs in it. For example, widescreen fix still has the motion sensor stretched as well as the scope mask, and these were quite simple for me to figure out on Chimera. Another problem is that changing your HUD colors is broken because it can prevent you from moving your mouse vertically if you try to reset your colors. Also, if the HAC2 servers are down, simply using HAC2 becomes difficult, and forcing people to put hac.dll in their Halo folder means that they will never receive the fix for it.
  2. Sorry for the month+ long thing of radio silence. I'm still working on this project, and I have plenty of plans. I'll go more into detail as things progress. Anyway, I do have some news, but you guys may or may not take it very well. This is quoted directly from the Chimera Discord: Basically, supporting HAC2 comes with benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, it's the most popular mod out there. On the other hand, there are some things I can't do with Chimera if I want most of Chimera's features to work with HAC2. If anyone has any questions or wishes to discuss this with me, feel free to do so in this topic. There is also a poll in the Chimera discord.
  3. I wanted to wait until the end of the competition to post this. I'm hoping this constructive criticism will be helpful for when you make 0.7 or whatever you call the next version. For your original post, you should write your original post in proper grammar and spelling. If you can't write in English very well, have someone else write it for you. A well-formatted post leaves a much better impression. Make buildings look unique. Right now every building looks the same and has the same concrete texture, and this makes it easy for me to get lost. Add proper windows. I see a bunch of buildings that have indentations where there should be windows. Please don't spawn players in a (nearly) inescapable room. I had to use a few tricks to jump out of the window and get to the street without dying from fall damage. If you want people to be able to explore your map, spawn them on the ground and let them run around freely. Even if there's nothing to do, there is even less to do when the player is trapped in a room. For stairs, make the stairsteps smaller or add some sort of invisible collision so the player can climb the stairs without having to be impeded by them. This is the same thing for when you're going from the street to the sidewalk. You don't jump in real life to get from the street to the sidewalk, so you shouldn't do it in a game. Add some detail. I'd have liked to see park benches or trees where you have grass. Flat grassy areas look super boring. Also, in the buildings you can enter, you could add some objects that can make rooms look somewhat interesting. As for roads, put parked cars. You could also add trash cans and other props. Add lighting in buildings that lack it. Some places are difficult to see because of darkness. I can see where the city cuts off into the void. Try surrounding your city with buildings or land to occlude the edge of the map in some way. I see a few instances of roads that have roads on top of them, and while this is fine, the roads above these roads are being supported by walls which block the road below. Roads are supposed to go somewhere and not directly into walls. Plus there is road in between each wall. I know you said it's an empty map, but I didn't realize just how empty it was. Your choice to make this version "0.6" has left me a little puzzled, as this implies that there's a significant amount of progress. Otherwise, I do see potential in this map and I wish you the best of luck when you complete it.
  4. Welcome back!
  5. I'm beginning to wonder what won't crash iMessages, because everything seems to do that nowadays.
  6. Let's look at the command for a moment: sv_kick $name You're using the command sv_kick which takes exactly one argument, and that is either the number of the player or the name of the player. The variable, $name will be substituted for the name of the player. So, if we have a player called Weyland, the command will then look like this: sv_kick Weyland You're giving it one parameter: Weyland. Therefore, it will be successful and the player will be kicked. Let's say our player is called Weyland Sucks for a moment. The command will look like this then: sv_kick Weyland Sucks The problem is now you're giving sv_kick TWO parameters: Weyland and Sucks. sv_kick only takes one parameter, so the command will fail. The player will not be removed from the game. Although it worked once when you were just checking for Weyland, it did not work this time. Now let's also say our player is called 002 (my old name). The command will look like this then: sv_kick 002 Note that "002" can be treated as a number, here, and thus Halo may instead kick player number 2 rather than the player named "002". Unless the player's number is also 2, then the command will fail, or worse: the wrong player might be kicked. However, if you kicked players like this: sv_kick $n Then it will always kick the correct player regardless of the name of that player.
  7. To my knowledge, event_prejoin's $name uses the name of the player who last took up that player slot, not the name of the player who is joining. It's possible sehe fixed this, but I can't be certain. Use 'sv_kick $n'. Using sv_kick to kick by name is very dangerous if scripting. If you programmed this to look for a name that is just a number, then sv_kick will possibly kick the person with that number as their player index rather than that number as their name. Also, sv_kick only takes one argument, and if $name has a space in it, each word in the name will be treated as its own argument causing the command to fail.
  8. $name is not valid during event_prejoin because the player hasn't been assigned their name yet. Use event_join, instead.
  9. I updated the above post - turns out I totally forgot to specify an optimization level for the compiler, and I've also been working on the code a little bit. So rather than With_Whiteness and Blood Gulch taking 1.456 seconds and 0.30 seconds, respectively, With_Whiteness actually takes 0.84 seconds and Blood Gulch takes 0.18 seconds. This includes loading everything (loc, bitmaps, sounds, and the map file) into RAM, not just the map file itself. However, if I were to load these maps without bitmaps.map, loc.map, or sounds.map (such as for a dedicated server): With_Whiteness takes under 0.68 seconds (-19%): Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\With_Whiteness.map (796558 kB) took 0.383308 seconds. Reading all maps from disk took 0.385347 seconds. TiaraCE::Map instantiation time: 0.28488 seconds. Total time: 0.672336 seconds. Blood Gulch takes under 0.03 seconds (-84%): Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bloodgulch.map (13936 kB) took 0.00753896 seconds. Reading all maps from disk took 0.00936774 seconds. TiaraCE::Map instantiation time: 0.0168858 seconds. Total time: 0.0272645 seconds.
  10. It's been a while since I worked on this (other stuff happened), so I figured I'd share a few benchmarks. Specs for the machine tested are: Intel Core i7-6700K, 16 GB DDR4, Samsung 850 EVO SSD. As a worst-case, here's With_Whiteness.map which is under 0.84 seconds: Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\With_Whiteness.map (796558 kB) took 0.393546 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bitmaps.map (123547 kB) took 0.06261 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\sounds.map (41718 kB) took 0.0215847 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\loc.map (391 kB) took 0.000333924 seconds. Reading all maps from disk took 0.483417 seconds. TiaraCE::Map instantiation time: 0.353964 seconds. Total time: 0.838726 seconds. As a best-case, here's Blood Gulch which is under 0.18 seconds: Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bloodgulch.map (13936 kB) took 0.00748735 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bitmaps.map (123547 kB) took 0.062807 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\sounds.map (41718 kB) took 0.0217566 seconds. Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\loc.map (391 kB) took 0.00024297 seconds. Reading all maps from disk took 0.0983064 seconds. TiaraCE::Map instantiation time: 0.0739545 seconds. Total time: 0.172989 seconds.
  11. I've just moved up to 1440p from 1080p. Having over 77% more pixels is amazing. I have so much more room to work now.
  12. Acer G257HU smidpx monitor - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QS0AKVK It's a 1440p 60 Hz IPS display that costs $240. Here are my initial thoughts: Viewing angles are great. DisplayPort support is nice. I wish everything supported DisplayPort. For some reason, there's a setting called "OD" (overdrive?) on which is supposed to reduce ghosting, but I found it actually increases it. Turn it off. The speakers are tinny. They're okay in a pinch, but you should consider plugging your own speakers in. Does not overclock. It skips even when running at the supported 1024x768 @ 75 Hz, so it's likely running at 60 Hz regardless. You can't mount it apparently. The stand sucks, but it's manageable. One of the pixels was stuck when I took it out of the box. After tapping it, it stopped being stuck. The problem hasn't occurred since. Otherwise I like it.
  13. Could you please explain what it means to be "going MIA"? Does this mean the player left the server? Or left an area in the map (if so, what map and where)? Or has gone AFK? Does the player have to set this "going MIA" status or is it automatically set?
  14. Wow.
  15. A rules command could be formatted like this: rules 'say $n "1. No cheating.";say $n "2. No spamming.";say $n "3. Keep fighting in-game and out of the chat."' -1 You have the command on the left "rules" followed by the command sequence in single quotes. Then, you have -1 at the end which indicates anyone can use the command. Then, have the player use /rules. Don't send more than four lines or so. There are a limited number of lines that can be displayed at a time, and these lines are also taken up by chat as well as leaving/joining messages and kill/suicide messages.