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  1. Goodness.
  2. @Pfhunkie introduced me to this band. Holy shit this is amazing.
  3. Let's begin. Setup - 3/5 The software for this tablet is annoying to set up on Windows. Linux was a bit easier (even if totally unsupported) thanks to the Digimend driver and some configuration with xsetwacom. Either way, once it's set up, you just plug it in and it works. Not bad, but some improvement is needed. Usability - 1/5 With a drawing tablet, you're supposed to use the pen with your dominant hand, and your off-hand is what operates the buttons. Most of the world is right-handed, so the tablet puts the buttons on the left side. However, I am NOT right handed, so if your dominant hand is your left hand like me, then you have to reach over it with your right hand to operate the buttons. You can SOMEWHAT fix this by rotating the tablet 180 degrees (and configure the driver to mirror the buttons and rotate the working area of the tablet), but now we have a new problem: the cable. The cable, in the intended position, is on the top left corner. When you rotate the tablet 180 degrees to make the buttons on the right side, you also make the cable on the bottom left corner - easy for your right hand to bump into. Unfortunately, this tablet has another issue where the cable does not firmly stay in place, so even the slightest of bumps causes it to lose connection intermittently - something that likely wouldn't happen if the tablet was in the intended orientation and NOT rotated. So, yeah, this wouldn't be an issue you'd likely experience if you were right-handed, but alas, I am a southpaw. Honestly, it's probably better to just use the mouse instead of the buttons if you're left handed, except for maybe the undo button. But that would negate the whole point of buying this tablet, wouldn't it? Durability - 2/5 After one year, I ran into an issue where no computer I plugged it into would recognize the tablet anymore, probably due to the fact I kept bumping the connector with my hand when trying to use the darned thing. Guess how long the warranty is? One year. So... yeah, I'm probably not getting a replacement. I tried fixing it, myself, and got it to work again for a while, but eventually it just stopped working forever. So yeah, sure, it technically lasts as long as the warranty says it does, so I suppose I'll give it that. Value - 5/5 It's usually really cheap ($50-$80), and if you're right-handed like most people, it most likely isn't terrible. It also gives you a pretty decent sized drawing surface, and it comes with some replacement pen nibs that you might use if the whole thing doesn't break. There are also plenty of buttons on the thing, too, which can help make drawing really efficient. Many tablets at this price don't even have those. So, good job, Huion! It's excellently priced - perfect for beginners (who are not left handed). Overall - 2/5 If it didn't break, I'd probably recommend it, since it's REALLY cheap and works well when it isn't broken. In fairness, I'm pretty sure it broke because I kept bumping the connector with my right hand. However, this connector REALLY should have been designed better. The cable comes out way too easily, and it's placed poorly - neither of which I can blame myself for. And, admittedly, if I was right-handed like most of the world, it'd probably have gotten a 4/5 or 5/5. Unfortunately for this review, I am not, and since this review is about MY experience and not everyone else's, it gets a 2/5. Pros: Very cheap Decently sized drawing area Works well with drawing software like Krita Cons: Annoying to get set up on Linux Makes you hate being left handed... unless you're not left handed Broke after a year
  4. I've updated the script to fix the sniper rifle scope HUD for both stock and Refined. Note that if this script breaks a custom HUD that isn't from Refined, I'm probably not going to be able to fix it since this is very map dependent. Do not expect your Halo 2/3/4/whatever HUDs to work properly. You can tweak the left/top values in the script to get things to work though.
  5. Oh, yeah, the gametype icon is hardcoded into the game. I might fix it when I add the ability to write to executable memory later. That being said, the original Xbox does NOT have a gametype icon, so you could also use chimera_block_gametype_indicator for a more authentic experience.
  6. Here's a heavily requested feature by... everyone. Safe zones (or more accurately HUD margins). It does not work with protected maps. Have fun. Download: safezones.lua Download (if on Refined): safezones-refined.lua Disclaimer: This script is highly map dependent and will PROBABLY not work correctly on custom HUDs. You may be able to tweak the top/left values to get things working. But please do not report bugs with custom HUDs (or protected maps of course).
  7. I've updated Six Shooter with support for invader-build's new Xbox map building.
  8. Xbox map support is coming along pretty well. ...And it's done. Version 0.40 is now out! I'm going to start writing a year-in-review sort of post tomorrow.
  9. Yes. I did eventually take it down when some... uh... not fun phase of my life happened, though, but I'm actually planning on making another one, mainly because the one I made before didn't work on Linux all that well.
  10. aLTis is now 2 tickets richer
  11. The nightly builds of Invader no longer have any dlls in it! Oh, and this is even with Six Shooter. This does mean that the sizes of the exe files are a lot larger (about 240 MiB) but the folder's certainly a LOT cleaner. I might add libinvader.dll (Invader's core functionality) which would cut about 180 MiB off of the file size, though this may result in user error when updating Invader, namely with mismatched .exe files and .dlls. A few people have suggested I add an installer, though I dunno if that's a great idea at this point. Also, I've fixed some issues with postprocessing with invader-bitmap, notably with blurring and sharpness. It's PRETTY close to tool.exe's output (although you should probably just sharpen/blur in whatever image editor you use anyway). Speaking of which, I've decided to let invader-bitmap produce .bitmap tags with dithering after all. In fact, the whole -x (--extended) stuff has been dropped altogether! And... wow, the year is almost over, so I'm looking into maybe making a post soon about the year in review, as Invader has improved so much across the year 2020! Anyway, I'm working on the following stuff right now: Accurate Xbox map tag extraction Improving invader-build's accuracy More features for Six Shooter Xbox map compilation And, goodness, there are quite a lot of things I have planned for 2021 that I'd love to do. One thing in particular I'd like to maybe try working on is a scenario editor. It MIGHT just make more than three people want to test Invader. MIGHT. Um... probably not, though...
  12. I've made some UX improvements as well as fixed some spacing issues with the console boxes (they weren't fitting 80 characters in).
  13. If you use a dark theme on Linux, it should match it fairly well. Though I suppose Windows, of course, won't let you do that natively. Maybe I can have it detect if you have the dark theme enabled on Windows 10 and modify the styling to match. edit: I've updated it with a dark theme. To enable it in Windows 10, go to Settings -> Personalization -> Choose your color -> Dark
  14. I've pushed a small update to Chimera that fixes an issue with the map downloader. Basically, if the download failed, it'd retry on another server. However, it would still keep trying to write to the same file, resulting in a file that was partially the old download and the new download - a corrupted map. This was fixed. That's all for today.