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  1. Sure, they could very well be using dedicated hosting, but they've not given any reason to be taken at their word, from what I can tell. There are just way too many big red flags that it's probably best to just stay away from them.
  2. Generally, if you're buying something, you ought to do a little research into what you're buying, even if it's not part of your background. You definitely don't want to get screwed over, here. To explain, AWS and Azure are both cloud computing services provided by Amazon and Microsoft, respectively. If a service is using this, then rather than physically hosting, they are using these services to host it. This is cheaper, as they don't have to purchase the hardware, Internet connection, housing, etc. There is nothing wrong with using AWS or Azure, as doing this is a great way to save money. However, if what @Solaris is saying is true and they are trying to sell VMs as "dedicated" hosts, then there is definitely something shady going on. The fact that they've got a lot of really bad, recent reviews on sites like Trustpilot or that they're trying to sell something that obviously does not exist (32 player Halo servers) doesn't help. Not to worry. You didn't offend anyone. You simply asked a question, and any good question should deserve a good answer.
  3. It's obviously fake. Do NOT do it. Here's why it's fake: Halo allocates a fixed amount of memory for players and player machines. Because they only allocate exactly enough for 16 players and player machines, you'd need a heavily modified server AND client for it. Such things do not exist (to my knowledge), and if they did, I doubt you'd find 31 other people with it. Even if it wasn't fake, there aren't any maps that would be good with 32 players, let alone even work with them. Most stock maps would run out of spawns, so you can kiss your dreams of 32-player Chiron TL34 or Blood Gulch goodbye here. And no, meme maps like Coldsnap and Extinction won't work with 32 players either. The only reason these maps are large is because they have vast amounts of empty, useless space. As a result, these maps end up being terrible even with 16 players. Bigass won't be good, either. It may be big, but most of the terrain is just empty and hilly. People will just crowd the bases, assuming there are even enough spawns for 32 players. Personally, I think it's a bad idea and that you will obviously get ripped off if you do it. But if you want to foolishly throw money away for a service that they cannot give you, go right ahead. Be my guest. At least when you complain that it doesn't work, it'll be on the Internet and people will know to stay away from them in the future. Or, of course, you did the smart thing of not doing any business with them.
  4. I'm currently working on allowing users to convert HSC scripts to serpent scripts. Note that comments do not get preserved here. UPDATE: I've just released 2.1.0. Here is a link to the changelog: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/serpent/blob/2.1.0/CHANGELOG.md [2.1.0] Added Added --pretty for converting to Halo Script if a human-readable output is desired Changed --strip is now on by default for if converting to Halo Script [2.0.0] Added HSC scripts can now be parsed HSC scripts can now be converted into serpent scripts (parse_hsc_script() and compile_serpent_script()) Added --strip to make stripping of unnecessary characters optional Changed Changed the behavior of removing the quotation marks from strings so that only alphanumeric strings (with or without underscores) have their quotation marks removed rather than strings without spaces. Reorganized the file structure. All functions for converting scripts are now stored in a submodule. compile() is changed to compile_hsc_script() parse() is changed to parse_serpent_script() Python's argparse is used for parsing arguments now Fixed Empty strings are now properly handled
  5. Serpent is a tool that provides an alternative scripting syntax for users to use. The script can be then be converted into a .HSC script and put into a map. Here is a sample script: global string hello_world = "hello world" startup start developer_mode = 127 if (4 + 1) > 4 print(hello_world) print("5 is greater than 4!") elseif 5 / 0 print("wait, what?") end end This script is then converted into HSC's Lisp format. To keep size down, the amount of whitespace characters are kept to a minimum. This produces an unreadable blob of data like this: (global string hello_world "hello world")(script startup start (set developer_mode 127)(if (> (+ 4 1)4)(begin (print hello_world)(print "5 is greater than 4!"))(if (/ 5 0)(print "wait, what?")))) Documentation Here is a link to the readme: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/serpent/blob/2.1.0/README.md Requirements Python 3.7 (or newer) Windows and macOS users can get it from the Python website. Linux users likely already have it (try running python3), but if not, you can probably get it from your package manager. Halo Editing Kit To put a script into a map, you will need Sapien and tool.exe. I also recommend getting Mo's Editing Kit. It's probably not required, but Guerilla sucks, so it might as well be. Download Serpent (2.1.0): serpent-2.1.0.zip Serpent (2.1.0 - GitHub): https://github.com/Kavawuvi/serpent/tree/2.1.0 Serpent (Unstable - GitHub): https://github.com/Kavawuvi/serpent
  6. Here's a progress video for the past month.
  7. Download Sparky's Plugins (if you don't already have it). Select the scenario tag. Make sure Sparky's Plugins is selected. Go through each script in Scripts. Change each script's script type to Static or Dormant. Either of these will prevent the script from automatically executing unless called by another script, which you prevented from executing, too. An alternative is to open the map in a hex editor and change the script count to 0, but if you aren't sure how to use a hex editor, the other method works, too, though it will be pretty tedious.
  8. No, unless the plugin is specifically programmed to tell SAPP that it is running, similar to HAC2 and SAPP's Anticheat.
  9. The survey closed a few days ago. Here are the results: Operating System Most people who responded were on Windows, most of which were on Windows 10. No surprise. 11% of people who responded were on Linux, with Arch Linux and Ubuntu being the most popular distributions. No Mac users were recorded. This was not very surprising. RAM Most people who responded had at least 8 GB of RAM, with most people using 16 GB or more RAM. This did surprise me a bit, though I imagine if there was a larger sample size, the results would be different. Dark Circlet requires 4 GB of RAM. It can and will use more memory than Halo, but this will make it faster (faster loading times). In most cases, people who had less than 4 GB of RAM did not meet the required OpenGL version. I'm fairly confident this is a safe assumption for most users with less than 4 GB of RAM. Here's another graph to show you supported vs. unsupported: OpenGL version Dark Circlet requires OpenGL 4.3, and most people exceeded this. Most people who were on OpenGL 4.3 as a maximum were on Haswell Intel graphics, and nearly everyone who was on a discrete GPU met the requirements. People who were on 3.3 or older were on either old integrated graphics, 4000 series Radeon HD, or old Nvidia cards such as the 8 series. Thanks for responding. This has helped me in finding what people use.
  10. "And The Horse You Rode In On"
  11. If anyone wants to, I have a quick survey to find out what people are using. The only information I ask for is your operating system, CPU, GPU, as well as the amount of RAM you have. Please note that the operating systems listed are for the latest versions of those operating systems (with Ubuntu having two latest versions if you count the LTS). https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wOue0QIzyHFeRGbbcVhekF1z1Vc36HwPhNqUupJQu-0/ I'm going to be looking at the results in a couple days to make a decision on what I'll be supporting with Dark Circlet.