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  1. I've added threading to invader-sound. This will allow you to take advantage of modern, multi-threaded CPUs when resampling multiple sounds or encoding lots of sounds or split permutations. Here's an example graph: I included tool.exe as a baseline. Here are some notes about it: This test is being done on the latest version of Wine. When running the same tests on Windows 10, I've found it to be, on average, about 5% slower to compile sounds on Windows 10. Not really a significant discrepancy, and it does ultimately make tool.exe look better, but it's an unfair comparison nonetheless. tool.exe was not able to do entire albums. It'd fail to do some tracks, and the massive number of permutations due to being split exceeded its maximum permutation count of 256. Edit: Fixed an issue with invader-sound -j 1 being more than 4x slower than four threads.
  2. So it seems Qt 6 will be dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. https://www.qt.io/blog/qt6-development-hosts-and-targets Invader uses Qt for invader-edit-qt. This means that, if I use Qt 6, then Windows 7 support comes into queston. Basically, there are a few options on how this project can proceed: Stay on Qt 5. This only works for the short term, as Qt 5 will lose support as time goes by, especially on Linux. Pray that Qt 6 doesn't break on Windows 7. Since we have zero guarantee ANYTHING in Qt 6 will work, we don't even know what all will work. Drop Windows 7/8 support. Let me put this front and center: Windows 7 is better than Windows 10 and it isn't even close. I'd be impressed at how catastrophic Microsoft fucked up when making Windows 10 if it weren't for the fact that I have lost so much productivity on that operating system. Dropping the last decent version of Windows to ever be made by the good people at Redmond, Washington would suck massively. But Windows 7 is now considered "legacy" software, having fallen out of support years ago. Fewer things are supporting it these days, even if some software is dropping it for really dumb reasons. Switch to another GUI toolkit. I really don't have time to commit to such a massive project.
  3. You install this script That's it.
  4. Yeah. We used to have a means to embed videos when we were on IPB 3 when we had custom BBCode. That functionality was lost, so we'd need to install a plugin (costs $$$ or time if we want to write it ourselves) to readd it. Also, if you try to embed videos by editing the HTML directly, IPS will filter it out. The forum only supports embedding from the following sites:
  5. The camera shake is now fixed when playing the game at a high frame rate. In addition, the camera shake is interpolated. Here's the rocket launcher, for example: The forum doesn't allow me to embed videos, so I made an ugly gif that sort of looks okay. If you want to see the 120 FPS video recording of this, I posted it on Discord. Also, the F2 (game rules) screen is also now interpolated, and it's no longer instantly appearing/disappearing at high frame rates unless you edit the chimera.ini file. This is similar to the scoreboard fix. Lastly, I fixed an issue where the scoreboard faded too slowly at low frame rates.
  6. For a while, Chimera has had the option to randomize your CD hash whenever you join a server. We've decided to make this option default in the chimera.ini. Basically, a lot of servers have functionality to store the names of players. While this feature won't prevent your name from being recorded by the server, it will prevent your name from being associated with other names you've used by CD hash. Note that this will NOT block IP based tracking. This will also not allow you to circumvent bans if by IP (which is typically what most servers use now). You can opt out if you want, such as if you use a modded server that requires your CD hash for admin functionality, by commenting out (putting a semicolon at the beginning of) this line: hash=%
  7. I know SAPP requires its mapvote.txt file to be USC-2 with LE BOM ("UTF-16" in some text editors). Regular ASCII won't work sometimes. You did not actually upload your mapvote.txt file, so I don't know if this is the issue. What you can try doing is renaming the mapvote.txt, let SAPP regenerate a new one, and then open the new one in a text editor that supports the format, such as Notepad++.
  8. I've updated Invader a bit! invader-bludgeon can now fix invalid strings caught by invader-build. invader-build now takes rotation into account when placing objects and determining if they wouldn't spawn. It also now has some more checks. invader-compare can now look for duplicate tags. Fun fact: There are over 800 instances where a tag is a duplicate of another tag in the stock tag set. If you were to dedupe these, you could possibly save quite a bit of tag space in some maps. invader-edit-qt now has some help text for bitmap tags to help guide you through the various formats. invader-extract: You now have the option to not load resource maps. If so, then tags that require them cannot be extracted. However, this is required for some maps. invader-info: I've refactored it, and I've updated some of the checks in it to better diagnose issues. invader-refactor can now copy tag directories while also updating all references internal to said directory. For example, if you copy weapons\assault rifle to weapons\assault waffle, then the weapon, model, shaders, bitmaps, etc. will be copied to the new directory with the references updated to match the new paths. invader-string now checks to see if your last string ends with ###END-STRING###. This is to prevent you from generating string lists where the last string is missing. tool.exe does NOT have this check, interestingly, so it can have the issue. Anyway, Invader is now 0.37!
  9. I don't know if this is your issue, but the "Restore EAX" or "EAX Enabler" is basically just a version of Creative ALchemy modified by someone to work on hardware not authorized by Creative (which, it's just a crappy DRM thing - the sound processing is all CPU). In all honesty, Creative ALchemy is really bad, often times sounding worse than just not having a dsound.dll present in the first place. Use DSOAL instead. http://vaporeon.io/hosted/dsoal-builds/dsoal-latest.7z
  10. Chimera is distributed as a single .DLL because it's the least likely to be screwed up when installing. Let's just say that, throughout my days of making these kinds of mods, I've seen a lot of people fail to follow simple directions in the most spectacular of ways (though I'm... uh... not saying I've never messed up simple directions, myself, before O-O). For example, one of the ways people commonly mess their install up is by only partially updating something. That is, they replace a file with a new file, but that file requires a new version of another file, except they didn't update the other file. Of course, I'm don't think Lua is susceptible to this since the DLLs are named lua52, lua53, lua54, etc., but hey, better safe than sorry. So, at this current point in time, the official builds I put out will probably be static linked. You're certainly free to choose not to static link, of course, and this may be useful for having Lua scripts load DLLs that depend on the same Lua DLL (since you won't load the same exact Lua DLL twice).
  11. First off, after posting the previous news post about Chimera's Lua scripting, I was informed that requiring people edit the ini file in order to install -5XX scripts was, in fact, super dumb. Having thought about it, I agree. So, instead, I'm going to have a folder based on the Lua API version: Newer scripts go in to api-3 as such: scripts\api-3\my-1.0-script.lua Older scripts go into api-2 as such: scripts\api-2\my-5xx-script.lua I'll still allow you to configure in the ini whether or not you want scripts to load automatically or load certain scripts not automatically, but the default option will be to load everything automatically. Next, some frequently asked questions I've gotten over the new Chimera Lua API. What is the expected release date? I don't typically promise release dates. Sorry! Even though I have been working on a lot of other things, I'm still working on this Lua API to get everything I want in here, and maybe more based on feedback. Will scripts be available on release? There are a number of scripts I've written or will be written that will come with the newer API. Here are some examples: Auto balancing If teams are unbalanced, then the next player to die gets switched. This is retuned so it does NOT switch players who have contributed towards the team score in objective games. Xbox safe zones Elements at the edge of the screen will be drawn towards the center of the HUD. Taxi If you type "taxi" in chat, then you will be teleported to a vehicle, with the following order of priority (so if it doesn't find one, it checks for the next): Driver seat of a vehicle that is occupied by a friendly gunner or passenger Gunner seat of a vehicle that is occupied by a friendly driver Passenger seat of a vehicle that is occupied by a friendly driver Driver seat of a random unoccupied vehicle (optional) A warthog spawns at your location (optional) If you recently exited a vehicle, you will not teleport back to it unless there is no other vehicle to teleport to Recommended for Race Anti-glitch If you are outside of the BSP for longer than three seconds, you will be respawned Spawn protection If you spawn, all damage taken will be heavily reduced until you move. While protected, you will be unable to damage other players or throw grenades. As I give copies of the new Lua API to more testers, I imagine some people may even make scripts of their own and submit feedback. This is something that I want to be "semi-open" in which you may ask for builds. Of course, any time this is distributed, source code will always be public under a branch as per version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Do Lua scripts have to be GPL? Generally, they'd only have to be GPL if your scripts use GPL code or they are distributed alongside a GPL library or program such as Chimera. Merely writing a script for a GPL program's API does not make the script GPL. Will all scripts work with all version of the game? No. Many scripts already use memory pointers specific to one version of the game, and while I am providing a means to abstract these hardcoded addresses away in more sane and more universally compatible manner, I imagine some people will stick to what they're used to regardless. To ensure people on other versions of the game do not load scripts that break the game, I'm adding optional functions that scripts can run to tell Chimera what version of the game ([retail, custom, demo] and [client, server]) they can use. Will scripts for -5XX work with the newer API? Ideally, most older scripts should work fine, but some may not, and that is due to a number of limitations: It has one of the incompatibilities listed due to the switch to Lua version 5.4 It was compiled for Lua version 5.3 (we aren't supporting compiled scripts anymore, though it still wouldn't work even if we did) Subtle differences in the behavior of some functions (since they're being reimplemented) It is a map script (we're redoing how these are done) How will I be able to tell if a script is written for the newer or older API on the forum? Script releases will have tags. Will compiled scripts work? Probably not. Script compilation is more-or-less a form of unnecessary obfuscation. There are plenty of (more) effective ways to obfuscate your scripts without compiling your scripts, and while I wish people wouldn't do it, that's life. Will scripts work with protected maps? That will depend on the script. Some scripts require functionality that simply does not work on protected maps. I'll be looking into adding a variable you can check to see if the map is, indeed, protected. Chimera can already determine this with the chimera_map_info command. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask away.
  12. I've fixed a few font override issues with the Spanish version of the game. This notably fixes the text issue with entering vehicles. The issue was caused by a line break which was likely added due to the text being so long.
  13. Chimera's Spanish translation is pretty incomplete, so I'm going to be offering a raffle ticket bounty for it at the following rates: 3 lines = 1 ticket 5 lines = 2 tickets There are 36 strings right now. If you were to translate all of them, it would come out to 15 tickets (36 -> 30 + 6 -> 2 x 6 + 1 x 3 = 15). At the time of this post, that would give you a 55.56% chance of winning the monthly raffle. EDIT: The bounty has been claimed. Thank you! Here are the strings: chimera_allow_all_passengers_command_help Disable team restrictions for vehicles. chimera_block_auto_center_command_help Set whether auto centering is disabled. chimera_block_button_quotes_command_help Set whether or not to remove quotes from button prompts. chimera_block_equipment_rotation_command_help Disable rotation from equipment spawns when hosting (emulates Xbox behavior). chimera_block_extra_weapon_blocked Blocked %s chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_cannot_get_object Failed to read your object (you are dead) chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_cannot_get_weapon Failed to read the weapon chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_not_enough_weapons You need to be holding at least 3 unblocked weapons. chimera_block_extra_weapon_error_weapon_already_blocked Your held weapon is already blocked. chimera_block_extra_weapon_help Block the weapon you're holding (must be holding at least 3 weapons) chimera_delete_empty_weapons_help Delete empty weapons when hosting (emulates Xbox behavior). chimera_error_cannot_download_retail_maps_1 Retail Halo PC and HaloMD maps are unsupported by the map downloader. chimera_error_cannot_download_retail_maps_2 Modify chimera.ini and set \"download_retail_maps\" under \"memory\" to enable. chimera_error_failed_to_open_init Failed to open init file %s chimera_error_must_be_in_a_server You have to be in a server to do that. chimera_fov_vehicle_command_help Set field of view for vehicles. Use \"auto\" for automatic FOV or suffix FOV with \"v\" to lock to a vertical FOV. chimera_fov_cinematic_command_help Set field of view for cinematics. Use \"auto\" for automatic FOV or suffix FOV with \"v\" to lock to a vertical FOV. chimera_fov_error_invalid_fov_given Invalid FOV given. Expected \"auto\", <FOV>, <FOV>v, or \"off\" chimera_send_chat_message_help Send a chat message on the given channel. chimera_send_chat_message_invalid_channel Invalid channel number %i chimera_send_chat_message_throttled You are sending messages too quickly! chimera_set_color_command_help Set your color. chimera_set_color_command_invalid_color Invalid color %s specified. chimera_set_name_invalid_name_error Invalid name \"%s\". Argument must be between 0 and 11 characters. chimera_teleport_help Teleport to a player or coordinates. chimera_teleport_invalid_arguments Invalid arguments were given. chimera_teleport_dead Failed to teleport: target is not alive chimera_teleport_dead_self Failed to teleport: teleported player is not alive chimera_teleport_success_mp Teleported %S to %f %f %f chimera_teleport_success_sp Teleported to %f %f %f chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_fail No weapons were blocked. chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_help Unblock all extra weapons. chimera_unblock_all_extra_weapons_success All weapons were unblocked. chimera_widescreen_fix_command_warning_cannot_disable_font_override_enabled Cannot disable widescreen fix while font_override is enabled custom_edition_netcode_command_error_needs_custom_edition_map_support Custom Edition map support is not enabled on your client. custom_edition_netcode_command_help Enable Custom Edition support. Note, anything written in snake_case should not be translated as those refer to configuration data or commands. Also, proper nouns like Halo or Chimera should not be translated. Lastly, double quotation marks require an escape character (i.e. \") but single quotes (i.e. ') do not. Substitutions (e.g. %s, %S, %i, %f, etc.) are used for substituting data in to make the message. For example, %s is substituted for text. They don't need to be in the same same exact part of the message, but if there are multiple substitutions in a message, they have to retain the same order. If it isn't possible to translate something without changing the order, let me know.
  14. Oh yes I'm going to be downloading all the RAM today!
  15. One of my favorite ads