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  1. I wrote a program that generated this monstrosity. 1000 trees placed in a line to test my visible object limit modification. It was successful, but it isn't quite ready for everyone yet. The new visible object limit will likely be equal to the maximum number of objects possible (2048) in a game, increased from 256 objects. The limit is already increased on HaloMD via an extension made several months ago, and it may soon be available to the likes of Halo PC and Halo CE. While too many objects can significantly reduce performance (this screenshot reduced my framerate to 21 fps), making objects randomly appear and disappear to improve performance is a lousy alternative.
  2. Could you upload your script? There are many different zombies scripts out there. Also, I moved this topic to SAPP. The Questions & Suggestions section is for site-related questions.
  3. Okay sure. So let's say that... gdonut.exe's path is C:\Users\SomeUser\Downloads\gdonut.exe Your original map is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bigass.map Your modified map is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bigass - modified.map You want your lua script to be saved in C:\Users\SomeUser\Desktop\script.lua Then this is what you would put in your command line: C:\Users\SomeUser\Downloads\gdonut.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bigass.map" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps\bigass - modified.map" "C:\Users\SomeUser\Desktop\script.lua" If you want to save a lot of typing, you can also drag files into the command prompt window, and it will automatically enter the path for you.
  4. I'd recommend asking @aLTis if you need help with his map. Otherwise, you could try swapping it in Eschaton. You'll find it in the globals tag. Then use Glazed Doughnut on the new map and the original map to create a script.
  5. PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking, who died today aged 76, is being remembered for his colossal achievements in astrophysics - and for defying the odds to live a long and incredible life. Source
  6. Wherever he is (whether that's heaven or simply nowhere), at least he's no longer struggling with ALS. That living hell is gone, now. The world sadly lost one of its greatest minds, though.
  7. I bought a laptop! Specs: CPU/iGPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U (4C/8T @ 2.00 GHz; 3.6 GHz boost) | AMD Radeon Vega 8 RAM: 16 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz SSD: 256 GB It's certainly not a gaming laptop, but here is the iGPU's specs for anyone interested: Compute units: 8 Frequency: 300 MHz base; 1100 MHz boost Stream processors (CUs x 64): 512 TMUs (CUs x 4): 32 ROPs: 16 GFLOPs (stream processors x frequency [GHz] x 2): 1126.4 For comparison, the Xbox One GPU has 12 compute units @ 853 MHz, or 1310.2 GFLOPs. This is only 16% more compute performance than my laptop's integrated graphics.
  8. (Icon is by SteamFox) Chimera is a mod that adds additional functionality to Halo Custom Edition. Features: Enables player_magnetism without requiring HAC2 or devmode Fixes descoping issues in multiplayer servers Fixes aim assist, enabling it for both the movement and aiming versus just aiming (chimera_magnetism) Adds diagonals to analog input when in multiplayer servers (chimera_diagonals) Mimic's Xbox's automatic uncrouching when using analog input (chimera_auto_uncrouch) Enable anisotropic filtering without using config.txt (chimera_af) Override HUD with splitscreen HUD (chimera_split_screen) Allow video input to continue playing even when tabbed out (chimera_tab_out_video) Disable multitexture overlays (chimera_block_mo) Disable multiplayer map fade transition (chimera_skip_loading) Disable zoom blur and pixelation (chimera_block_zoom_blur) Make objects' movements appear much smoother to take advantage of higher framerates (chimera_interpolate) Allow mouse users a more granular sensitivity control (chimera_sens_mouse_<h/v>) Set deadzones for controllers (chimera_deadzone_looking and chimera_deadzone_movement) Show budget information for map developers (chimera_budget) Disable the 30 FPS lock in cutscenes (chimera_uncap_cinematic) Throttle your frame rate to a set frame rate (chimera_throttle_fps) Prevent your vehicle from aiming for you (chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling) Fix the scope when scoped (chimera_widescreen_scope_mask - requires HAC2 widescreen fix) * This feature requires Halo Custom Edition to function properly. Cyan features are enabled by default without user input. Green features are disabled by default and require use of the console to enable them. Use the chimera command to list commands. Download (build 49): chimera build 49.7z Source code (GitHub): https://github.com/Halogen002/Chimera/tree/master There is also a Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2 FAQ Very frequently do people ask me the same questions about Chimera, so here’s a little FAQ about it. How do I install Chimera? Place chimera.dll into your controls folder. What OS do I need? Windows 7 or newer OR Linux with Wine 3.0 or later. Older versions of Windows or Wine may work, but they are unsupported. If you are on an unsupported operating system, do not submit bug reports. Is there a list of commands? All commands are listed in the help menus using the chimera command. Is Chimera compatible with HAC2 and Open Sauce? Yes. Is Chimera compatible with HaloMD? No. Will Chimera be integrated with HAC2 or Open Sauce? No. What levels of interpolation do what? This graph details what levels do what: Note: Off is 0, Velocity is 1, Low is 3, Medium is 6, High is 8, Ultra is 9. Ultra has the same level of interpolation as High, but no distance check optimization is in place. Will interpolation work on frame rates higher than 60 FPS? Yes. Objects are jittery with interpolation on. Here is what I'd do: First of all, if you're not using the latest version of Chimera, install this. If you have vSync turned on, try turning it off. vSync causes poor frame pacing in Halo and can result in dropped frames even on fast hardware. If you need to throttle your framerate, use chimera_throttle_fps 240. If you need to play without tearing, use HAC2's borderless window feature (play in -window and set resolution to Windows's resolution). Using -vidmode always enables vSync. If you're getting bad performance (lag spikes or average frame rate dropping below refresh rate), turn your interpolation setting down. It's likely your PC cannot keep up. I recommend these settings if you want to use chimera_interpolate 3 or higher: If you're going to use chimera_interpolate, I recommend you have at least these specifications. These should get you chimera_interpolate 3 (low), max Halo settings (make sure you aren't locked to 30 FPS), 1080p, at approximately 60 FPS: CPU (Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 GHz) or better CPU (AMD): AMD Athlon II X2 250 (3.0 GHz) or better Graphics (Intel): Intel HD 3000 or newer Graphics (Nvidia): NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or better Graphics (AMD): ATI Radeon HD 5450 or better RAM: 4 GB Note: These values are listed only for reference and are recommendations. The chimera_interpolate command does not directly utilize the GPU, nor does it use a large amount of RAM for interpolation, but your game will run better if you have enough RAM for the rest of your PC. If you're getting good performance but your interpolation setting is less than 9, try turning it up. It's possible the object in question isn't being fully interpolated. Is the retail version of Halo supported? No. Halo Custom Edition on version 1.10 is the only version supported by Chimera. Are versions of Halo earlier than 1.10 supported? No. Does Chimera work with scrim mode? Client-sided features (interpolation, anisotropic filtering, zoom blur removal, etc.) are not affected by scrim mode. However, the server-side Lua script, which includes fixes for lag and analog movement, will not function. Does Chimera automatically update or have update notifications? Currently, you are responsible for keeping Chimera up-to-date, and if there is an update, you will have to come back here to get it. Notifications are planned, however auto updating will not be included. Is Chimera open source? Not yet. Why are Chimera releases slow? Chimera does not function on donations, thus development is done on a portion of my personal time. If it takes a while, it takes a while. SPV3 includes Chimera. Are you in CMT? No. Can I install Chimera on my Mac? Yes. Install Windows, buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. I can't install Windows on my Mac. Can I still install Chimera? Yes. Simply buy a PC, install Windows on it (if Windows isn't preinstalled), buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Older downloads If you need an older version of Chimera, here are older versions:
  9. Happy not quite birthday!
  10. I will also be awarding a bonus raffle ticket to anyone who submits a map that makes good use of Chimera's Lua scripting. Presently, SAPP does not support Chimera's Lua scripting, so if you do something that is not a visual effect, you will need to either make it single player or make an equivalent SAPP script. Here are the requirements: Lua script must enhance visuals or gameplay Map must be submitted and accepted into the 2018 Map Competition and adhere to all 2018 Map Competition guidelines Map must work with Chimera build -560. Note that build -3XX Lua scripting is different from -5XX Lua scripting and will not work If the map is a multiplayer map, the map must work on a SAPP server (you may make a SAPP script, if necessary) Only one (1) ticket maximum per entrant
  11. Oh yeah, I fixed this five days ago. The build with the fix is on the Chimera Discord. I'll also post it here: chimera_build_-560.7z I'll be posting another build with lots more features sometime within the next day or two.
  12. I may consider changing my name (and profile photo) on this site, as everyone outside of here knows me as Kavawuvi.


    Is everyone okay with this? I don't want to cause any confusion.

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      It'll be the dawn of a new age. We'll have to make sacrifices, some of them potentially being live ones, but I think we'll pull through.

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  13. It's only the hash that's being publicized, not the key itself. If it was a legitimate key, you wouldn't be able to steal it in any reasonable way. If it's not a legitimate key, well, that's your fault for pirating the game. However, client IP addresses should not be publicly shown. Any server administrator should know better. As such, I've obfuscated the CD hashes and IP addresses in the post.
  14. Here is a new build of Chimera, build -556. From build -552, there are two new commands: New command: chimera_block_mouse_acceleration. This allows you to toggle Halo's mouse acceleration. New command: chimera_mouse_sensitivity. This allows you to override the horizontal and vertical sensitivity of mouse movement. There are also some miscellaneous changes: The Chimera build number and Lua API versions are shown in a separate color in the chimera command to make them stand out The simple score screen command has been updated a little bit for slightly better positions. You can also see your placement in the scores (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) There is some new documentation which will be enclosed in all full updates (e.g. build 50, 51, etc.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OmkwbJTLmuVEqJGTtkLlbRpbdZ_QBHoj86MzC7mXM_g/edit The author in the DLL was changed from 002 to Kavawuvi. Kavawuvi is the name I primarily use outside of Open Carnage, so don't worry, I'm still developing it. Download (build -556): chimera_build_-556.7z
  15. Happy birthday!
  16. Okay! I don't think I've done any testing with Halo CE Mouse Tool before. Are you running it with Chimera? Also, are you running any mods in your controls folder? I'm asking, by the way, so I can figure out how to reproduce your issues.
  17. Hi! What build are you using? Also, if you're using build 49, try uploading your chimera.bin file, located in your Documents\My Games\Halo CE folder. You will need to put it in a .zip, .7z, or .rar file to upload it here. Also, try using -552, instead. You can get it at the bottom of this post. If you're using build -552, upload chimerasave.txt, located in Documents\My Games\Halo CE\chimera, instead.
  18. Ugh. Why did you make the topic? Now we have to wait ANOTHER year. Also, this forum turns six years old tomorrow. Yay!
  19. Here is another video which pits Chimera's widescreen fix against the likes of HAC2 and Open Sauce. I've also made a little table that could save you over 4 minutes: Weapon HUD: That's your weapon's HUD. HAC2 has issues doing this with some defects (number spacing and it breaks the split screen HUD) and breaks the sniper rifle HUD, an issue I noticed after making this table, and Open Sauce does it perfectly except for the sniper rifle's HUD which the indicators for distance and elevation are broken. Chimera does it perfectly except for multitexture overlays, but these are broken even without a widescreen fix, regardless. Unit HUD: This is your health, shield, and motion sensor. The motion sensor is broken on HAC2. NAV points: These are markers for where objectives are. All three mods do this correctly. Score screen: HAC2 stretches out the in-game score screen. Postgame carnage report: No mod fixes this. This cannot be fixed because the postgame carnage report background is all one image. However, Chimera's implementation is more readable because it doesn't stretch it out, at least. Team indicators: The green arrows above people's head get stretched out in HAC2. Team names: The names over teammates' heads that appear when you press F3 are stretched out in HAC2. HUD text: The blue text on the top left corner is stretched out on HAC2 and can be difficult to read at wide aspect ratios. Post processing: The scanline effect on 343 Guilty Spark appears to be fixed in Open Sauce but not on any other mod. Menus: No mod does this perfectly. HAC2 doesn't bother fixing menus. Open Sauce stretches out the Halo menu and it keeps the mouse restricted to the 4:3 center area on the screen, and the splash screen and text are stretched out, another issue I noticed after making this table. Chimera has a minor issue with the splash screen only appearing in the center part of the screen but the text is fine. Scope mask: Only Chimera correctly fixes this. On Open Sauce and HAC2, the pistol scope looks oval-shaped and the sniper rifle scope isn't scaled correctly. Console text: Only Chimera correctly fixes this. It is stretched out on Open Sauce and HAC2, making it difficult to read at wider aspect ratios. In conclusion: The newer Chimera and the more mature Open Sauce have the best widescreen fix implementations. However, Chimera fixes more things than Open Sauce, making Chimera the better widescreen fix of the two, objectively speaking. If you use Open Sauce, you cannot turn off widescreen fix without modifying the source code, thus you cannot use Chimera's widescreen fix with Open Sauce. However, Chimera does have a chimera_widescreen_scope_fix_command which can be used so the pistol and sniper scope can at least be fixed. If you can ignore the elevation and distance indicators being off, this is a very close second. HAC2, however, comes at a distant third. While it does a decent job and it does work with the retail version of the game, some elements are spaced weirdly at different aspect ratios, the motion sensor is distorted, text is stretched out, and it causes issues with Chimera's split screen HUD. If you are using the retail version of the game, this is all you get, and while it's not bad, it's a bit incomplete.
  20. I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies.
  21. Aliases are going to be stored in your sapp folder. As for where your banlist file is, try using sv_banlist_file.
  22. Here is build -549. Since build -544, there have been some changes with chimera_widescreen_fix: The text is now positioned correctly. The cursor is no longer confined to the center 4:3 part of the screen. This is probably useless, but at least menu navigation is that much more mouse-friendly. The teammate indicator text (F3) now properly renders on the left side of the screen. There have also been some miscellaneous changes: chimera_widescreen_fix and chimera_safe_zones no longer blow up the HUD if map_reset is called in the console. chimera_throttle_fps no longer uses Halo's built-in throttler. This decouples it from chimera_uncap_cinematic. chimera_widescreen_scope_fix (formerly chimera_widescreen_scope_mask) no longer requires HAC2 to function (for Open Sauce users). chimera_widescreen_fix no longer functions if Open Sauce is present. If one attempts to turn on this feature, chimera_widescreen_scope_fix will be activated, instead. The cinematic camera is no longer interpolated if chimera_uncap_cinematic is disabled. There are also some minor bug fixes: A bug was fixed with chimera_vfov giving an error if it was turned off. A bug was fixed with the descope fix. UPDATE: Here is another build, build -552. This introduces a bunch of changes that were too awesome to wait 24 hours to double post for. The in-game console is now widescreen. The main menu is now widescreen. There is also a command for disabling the letterbox, chimera_block_letterbox. Download (build -552): chimera_build_-552.7z
  23. A man's gotta eat, you know.
  24. Here's build -544. Since build -539, these changes have been added: New command: chimera_devmode. This command enables developer commands. Note that if you have HAC2 installed, you already have developer commands, so this feature is for those who do not use HAC2. New command: chimera_simple_score_screen. This simplifies the score screen similar to the Xbox score screen, showing only score and ping. Additionally, another command from sub-build 50 has been added: chimera_split_screen_hud (originally chimera_split_screen), which swaps the HUD with the more streamlined split screen HUD. This command now also patches Halo to prevent the crashes that would occur if you had HAC2 installed simultaneously. Map support for split screen HUDs may vary. Note that stock Halo maps' split screen HUD is a little broken (the shield and health are out of alignment and are too small), but maps are being made to support this HUD. Download (build -544): chimera build -544.7z