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  1. Sadly, the region of Minnesota I live in is notorious for having very little options for available housing. However, the local fiber optic ISP is great and the pricing and speed punches my previous ISP (CenturyLink) in the teeth.
  2. Turns out I had a crappy cable. Here's the new speed.
  3. (Icon is by SteamFox) Chimera is a mod that adds additional functionality to Halo Custom Edition. Features: Enables player_magnetism without requiring HAC2 or devmode Fixes descoping issues in multiplayer servers Fixes aim assist, enabling it for both the movement and aiming versus just aiming (chimera_magnetism) Adds diagonals to analog input when in multiplayer servers (chimera_diagonals) Mimic's Xbox's automatic uncrouching when using analog input (chimera_auto_uncrouch) Enable anisotropic filtering without using config.txt (chimera_af) Override HUD with splitscreen HUD (chimera_split_screen) Allow video input to continue playing even when tabbed out (chimera_tab_out_video) Disable multitexture overlays (chimera_block_mo) Disable multiplayer map fade transition (chimera_skip_loading) Disable zoom blur and pixelation (chimera_block_zoom_blur) Make objects' movements appear much smoother to take advantage of higher framerates (chimera_interpolate) Allow mouse users a more granular sensitivity control (chimera_sens_mouse_<h/v>) Set deadzones for controllers (chimera_deadzone_looking and chimera_deadzone_movement) Show budget information for map developers (chimera_budget) Disable the 30 FPS lock in cutscenes (chimera_uncap_cinematic) Throttle your frame rate to a set frame rate (chimera_throttle_fps) Prevent your vehicle from aiming for you (chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling) Fix the scope when scoped (chimera_widescreen_scope_mask - requires HAC2 widescreen fix) * This feature requires Halo Custom Edition to function properly. Cyan features are enabled by default without user input. Green features are disabled by default and require use of the console to enable them. Use the chimera command to list commands. Download (build 49): chimera build 49.7z There is also a Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2 FAQ Very frequently do people ask me the same questions about Chimera, so here’s a little FAQ about it. How do I install Chimera? Place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Is there a list of commands? All commands are listed in the help menus using the chimera command. Is Chimera compatible with HAC2 and Open Sauce? Yes. Is Chimera compatible with HaloMD? No. Is Chimera compatible with Wine? Wine compatibility isn't directly tested by myself, so I'm not sure... Will Chimera be integrated with HAC2 or Open Sauce? No. What levels of interpolation do what? This graph details what levels do what: Note: Off is 0, Velocity is 1, Low is 3, Medium is 6, High is 8, Ultra is 9. Ultra has the same level of interpolation as High, but no distance check optimization is in place. Will interpolation work on frame rates higher than 60 FPS? Yes. Objects are jittery with interpolation on. Here is what I'd do: First of all, if you're not using the latest version of Chimera, install this. If you have vSync turned on, try turning it off. vSync causes poor frame pacing in Halo and can result in dropped frames even on fast hardware. If you need to throttle your framerate, use chimera_throttle_fps 240. If you need to play without tearing, use HAC2's borderless window feature (play in -window and set resolution to Windows's resolution). Using -vidmode always enables vSync. If you're getting bad performance (lag spikes or average frame rate dropping below refresh rate), turn your interpolation setting down. It's likely your PC cannot keep up. I recommend these settings if you want to use chimera_interpolate 3 or higher: If you're going to use chimera_interpolate, I recommend you have at least these specifications. These should get you chimera_interpolate 3 (low), max Halo settings (make sure you aren't locked to 30 FPS), 1080p, at approximately 60 FPS: CPU (Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 GHz) or better CPU (AMD): AMD Athlon II X2 250 (3.0 GHz) or better Graphics (Intel): Intel HD 3000 or newer Graphics (Nvidia): NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or better Graphics (AMD): ATI Radeon HD 5450 or better RAM: 4 GB Note: These values are listed only for reference and are recommendations. The chimera_interpolate command does not directly utilize the GPU, nor does it use a large amount of RAM for interpolation, but your game will run better if you have enough RAM for the rest of your PC. If you're getting good performance but your interpolation setting is less than 9, try turning it up. It's possible the object in question isn't being fully interpolated. Is the retail version of Halo supported? No. Halo Custom Edition on version 1.10 is the only version supported by Chimera. Are versions of Halo earlier than 1.10 supported? No. Does Chimera work with scrim mode? Client-sided features (interpolation, anisotropic filtering, zoom blur removal, etc.) are not affected by scrim mode. However, the server-side Lua script, which includes fixes for lag and analog movement, will not function. Does Chimera automatically update or have update notifications? Currently, you are responsible for keeping Chimera up-to-date, and if there is an update, you will have to come back here to get it. Notifications are planned, however auto updating will not be included. Is Chimera open source? Not yet. Why are Chimera releases slow? Chimera does not function on donations, thus development is done on a portion of my personal time. If it takes a while, it takes a while. SPV3 includes Chimera. Are you in CMT? No. Can I install Chimera on my Mac? Yes. Install Windows, buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. I can't install Windows on my Mac. Can I still install Chimera? Yes. Simply buy a PC, install Windows on it (if Windows isn't preinstalled), buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Older downloads If you need an older version of Chimera, here are older versions:
  4. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. Chimera does not have this feature, nor can it run SAPP Lua scripts.
  5. I saw Coco a few weeks ago. It was a pretty good movie. Last night, I finished watching all of the episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Like pretty much any other Star Trek series, many of these episodes were predictable or totally ripped off from a previous episode, but even so, there were many good moments.
  6. This script allows one to choose a biped for each team. It requires a map that has either biped, and will not do anything if the custom biped could not be found. Download (SAPP): teambipeds.lua
  7. This script will automatically kick or kill players who are teamshooting their teammates repeatedly. It uses a score system. The score is increased if a teammate is hit. The score can only be increased once per second. This is in place to prevent players from being kicked too quickly, such as from 10 bullets from an assault rifle vs. 10 bullets from a pistol. By default, 5 points will warn the player and 10 points will kill the player, also adding 15 seconds to his or her respawn time. One point is added per hit, and two extra points are added if the player is driving a vehicle. The score will reset if the player stops attacking teammates for 15 seconds. Download (SAPP only): antiteamshoot.lua
  8. As per many of the requests I've been receiving, I've finally gone and made a Discord server. https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2 Note that this does not serve as a replacement for this topic. It's easier for me to keep track of messages posted on this topic, where I may miss messages posted on the Discord server. Also, while a Discord server can allow for faster communication, a forum topic is linkable and doesn't require any sort of registration to view, making it easier to share. Therefore, all full Chimera releases will continue to be uploaded here on Open Carnage.
  9. I switched to a gigabit fiber optic ISP. No more crappy DSL! I'm not sure why my download is so much lower than... wait what am I saying? This is excessive even for me.
  10. Happy birthday, @Pfhunkie! I hope you have a wonderful year.
  11. With EVENT_PREJOIN, sure. You'd need to get the name of the player from the machine struct or something, here, as using $name or the player table would give inaccurate information. Then if the player has an invalid name, use sv_kick so no messages occur, optionally also using cprint just before using sv_kick to tell the user why they were kicked. Don't just wait for me here. Other people can also help with your request. While I do check here daily usually, I do not typically respond to requests until about a day later. edit: Also, because you are technically requesting a script, I have moved this to script requests.
  12. The dragon was a troll in disguise! Dragon - Yesterday at 1:10 PM hi @002 002 - Yesterday at 1:10 PM oh no tarikja - Yesterday at 1:11 PM looks like u got someone to blow off ur dust! :v Dragon - Yesterday at 1:11 PM can you make md have interpolation 002 - Yesterday at 1:11 PM you have yet to convince me why I should do this tarikja - Yesterday at 1:11 PM inb4 nudes Dragon - Yesterday at 1:12 PM md is better then ce yet u are supporting the enemy 002 - Yesterday at 1:12 PM okay explain why HaloMD is better than Halo Custom Edition Dragon - Yesterday at 1:12 PM it runs on mac its faster it has extensions more mods 002 - Yesterday at 1:13 PM you know what also runs on a Mac? Halo Custom Edition not that anything running on a Mac is a huge accomplishment Dragon - Yesterday at 1:13 PM it runs on macOS 002 - Yesterday at 1:14 PM I don't see why a game running on some overpriced PC makes it better also I'm not sure if you can say it's faster Dragon - Yesterday at 1:14 PM more optimizations 002 - Yesterday at 1:15 PM yes but that means nothing when you only get mobile GPUs in what's supposed to be a desktop also extensions? Open Sauce, Chimera, HAC2, devcheats we've been over this go find better arguments Dragon - Yesterday at 1:15 PM ok 002 - Yesterday at 1:16 PM then when you have found them, make an account on Open Carnage and post them as a reply at https://chimera.opencarnage.net/ tarikja - Yesterday at 1:16 PM and such the dragon's quest began :v Dragon - Yesterday at 1:16 PM y i just want interpolation tarikja - Yesterday at 1:17 PM thee brigeth forth argumenths by a number no lesser than three! :v Dragon - Yesterday at 1:17 PM i dont want to join ur pc community 002 - Yesterday at 1:17 PM I don't care. That's the only way you will be able to convince me that I should make it on MD, or you can pay me $300 like I asked before Dragon - Yesterday at 1:18 PM what about here 002 - Yesterday at 1:19 PM stop bothering me here. Dragon - Yesterday at 1:19 PM idc about your forum though 002 - Yesterday at 1:19 PM then you won't care if I do this Dyno - Yesterday at 1:20 PM Member Banned
  13. If you mean x-ray vision as in my eyes emit x-rays to see through walls, that might be cool, but I'd worry about reducing the lifespans of everyone in the same room, including myself, by a few decades after a few seconds of this. I don't know what bionic hearing is. It sounds safer than x-ray vision, though.
  14. New build! There are a few new features added: More information is now available on chimera_budget. You can see the effects and decals budgets. chimera_wireframe was added. This enables wireframe mode, but only if you're not in a dedicated server. This command exists to bypass HAC2's blocking of rasterizer_wireframe, even when used for legitimate reasons. chimera_skip_loading was added. This removes the loading screen transition when joining a game. Download (build -508): chimera build -508.7z
  15. I'm going to finally be getting a better Internet connection next week. No more DSL
  16. New build! There are a few features added back in: The console is now automatically enabled again. Use chimera_enable_console 0 to disable this functionality. chimera_af is back. This allows you to enable anisotropic filtering without needing to modify config.txt. chimera_block_firing_particles is here. It will disable the particles from firing effects with your weapons if you don't like seeing them. chimera_budget is back. You can view either modded budgets (e.g. if you have HAC2 installed) or stock Halo budgets. It'll also show you frame rate and tick rate. I think map designers will find this to be a useful feature. More debugging commands are planned to be added in the future. Download (build -507): chimera build -507.7z
  17. Yeah. They're present on the Xbox version due to how signals may be partially cut off on CRTs and some people want something equivalent on the PC.
  18. New build! I've added back in Xbox-style safe zones. Use chimera_safe_zones 1 to activate this feature. Changes are applied when the next map is loaded. Download (build -506): chimera build -506.7z
  19. Currently getting this fantastic speed on my home Internet connection.
  20. Nintendo Switch Oh no. 002 actually bought a console! The world is going to end now... :\
  21. In terms of flavor, I think cold pizza tastes nearly the same as what it tasted like when it was warm. The texture is a little different, of course. The crust is a little more firm and the cheese isn't as soft. Reheating with an oven takes a bit longer than what it's worth. I'm not putting it in a microwave, though, because I still want it to be pizza when it comes out.
  22. I prefer pizza warm, but I'll eat leftover pizza cold. Room temperature pizza is unappetizing, though.
  23. New build! I've modified a few things internally. Feature-wise, the only new thing is that dynamic lights are interpolated, requiring medium (level 6) or higher to work at up to 20 world units and ultra (level 9) to work at all distances. Also, this build will not crash retail Halo PC 1.10 like it did before, though I am still only supporting Halo Custom Edition 1.10. Download (build -504): chimera build -504.7z
  24. Would be awesome, but as @Tucker933 said, it wouldn't work well in Custom Edition maps. Mods made with Sparkedit would benefit, but nobody does this anymore.
  25. This tool will force Halo to draw shadows under scenery. This will not require any modification of the map to work, and will work with animated scenery (moving leaves, etc), as well. The shadows shouldn't consume a significant amount of resources. to do: Remove scenery shadow limit (will post beta release if I can manage to do this) Increase shadow distance from (around) 1.25 WU. Maybe increase detail of shadows? Screenshots: Videos: Note: If/when I post the first beta release, it may only work with HAC2, and with Windows 7 or newer installed. If you have Open Sauce or anything similar, or if you're still using Windows XP, it is unlikely that this tool will work. Sorry.