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  1. I've updated the post with a list of tag classes I plan on mapping out. Some of these tag classes likely won't get mapped out due to being useless. Because there are 83 tag classes, I've put them in spoiler tags. Note that just because a tag is completed does not mean there aren't any hidden values not listed in Guerilla that I may go back and modify.
  2. I'm writing this map parser for TiaraCE, though if anyone wants to use it in their programs, I'm releasing it under the MIT license. This project is written in C++. This map parser attempts to satisfy a few goals: Speed - Everything should load quickly. Although it should load faster on faster PCs, it shouldn't take too long to load on any modern PC. Therefore, I've made it important to test it on the slowest PC I have: CPU: Intel Core i3-4030U @ 1.9 GHz (Haswell Refresh) RAM: 4 GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz Safety - When you provide a broken map to Halo, it segfaults. I think I can do better than this. In this map parser, maps should either: Not load at all, generating an exception error that the program can handle Load (if possible), but when something is wrong, generate an exception error that the program can handle Load successfully Cross platform - It must compile successfully on Windows (with Visual C++), macOS (with LLVM Clang), and Linux (with GCC). It must also function identically between platforms. Note that I am using the C++11 standard. Tag mapping - I'm mapping out all of the tag classes using data from Guerilla and Sparky's Plugins as well as any data of my own. This will allow the programmer to easily access tag data without having to search for offsets (assuming that data is mapped out). Lastly, it should support loading both Custom Edition and retail maps. This includes loading and parsing maps with tags that are located in loc.map, bitmaps.map, and sounds.map. I'm also planning on including a map deprotector later down the line to handle maps that are protected. Source (GitHub): https://github.com/Halogen002/TiaraCEMapParser Here are all of the tag classes that I currently plan on mapping out:
  3. When you use cevent, make sure to also specify what player it affects. event_join 'w8 2;cevent check_legit $n' event_custom $ename:check_legit $valid=0 'sv_kick $n'
  4. I suppose with Chimera scripting, it could be possible to dynamically switch between bipeds if a biped has an overshield or not. This would allow you to reference a different shield flare texture (such as a red one instead of yellow) for the overshield biped.
  5. Yeah I remember that. Though to get it, you'd need to drive there or walk there, both of which would be dangerous as there is a lot of heat in that part of the map.
  6. They were often used to rush the bases to get the flag, but that probably would have happened just as often even if you just had one power weapon. The only issue I had was with the overabundance of snipers, as they made it required to use vehicles, although the tank was completely unusable outside of base defense due to how easy it is to snipe the driver.
  7. So for the four maps we played tonight: Hemoasis was a fun map. To me, it felt like a much better Infinity. However, as @As7raios said, sniper rifles respawn way too quickly. I can understand having sniping be an important thing in such a wide open space, but having so many on the field at once really wrecks the balance. If I wanted everyone to have a sniper rifle, I could have used a snipers gametype. gta_beta3 was a cool concept. My main complaint is that I would have liked to see an ammo indicator. As for vertical aiming, ideally, you would have vertical aiming be automatic (to hit people on top of crates), but I doubt this could work in an ideal way. Ice Floe was fun and felt pretty well done, but unless you play it on King of the Hill, people tend to focus their efforts on the bridge to get higher ground (which makes objectives like CTF easy because nobody focuses their efforts on the ground). I think if@Tucker933 had enough time for playtesting, this could have been perfected, even with the limited Halo PC tools he used. Cat Cage was interesting, even though I didn't agree with some of the choices for the modifications to the weapons. I'm not sure yet what I'll be voting at this time, and I'll also be looking at the single player maps, too.
  8. Raw bacon is gross, and instead of burnt bacon, I could just put some salt on wood chips and eat that instead and I probably wouldn't tell the difference. I want mine both crispy and juicy. A balance of both goes a long way for me.
  9. Due to a lack of server activity, the Singularity server network will cease hosting servers for HaloMD as of today. These servers are affected:

    • Bomb Walk 4K 144 Hz
    • Drunk Tank

    It has been a good few years, but I felt it was no longer worth maintaining these servers a long time ago and finally got around to pulling the plug. My apologies if this brings any amount of inconvenience to you.


    The Phoenix 3 CE server is unaffected and will continue to operate normally until further notice.

    1. Tucker933
    2. Caesar


      Pressing F to pay respects

    3. As7raios


      We still need to get a good video of Drunk Tank at some point

  10. Chimera is a tool that provides lots of additional functionality to Halo. Features: Enables player_magnetism without requiring HAC2 or devmode Fixes descoping issues in multiplayer servers Fixes aim assist, enabling it for both the movement and aiming versus just aiming (chimera_magnetism) Adds diagonals to analog input when in multiplayer servers (chimera_diagonals) Mimic's Xbox's automatic uncrouching when using analog input (chimera_auto_uncrouch) Enable anisotropic filtering without using config.txt (chimera_af) Override HUD with splitscreen HUD (chimera_split_screen) Allow video input to continue playing even when tabbed out (chimera_tab_out_video) Disable multitexture overlays (chimera_block_mo) Disable multiplayer map fade transition (chimera_skip_loading) Disable zoom blur and pixelation (chimera_block_zoom_blur) Make objects' movements appear much smoother to take advantage of higher framerates (chimera_interpolate) Allow mouse users a more granular sensitivity control (chimera_sens_mouse_<h/v>) Set deadzones for controllers (chimera_deadzone_looking and chimera_deadzone_movement) Show budget information for map developers (chimera_budget) Disable the 30 FPS lock in cutscenes (chimera_uncap_cinematic) Throttle your frame rate to a set frame rate (chimera_throttle_fps) Prevent your vehicle from aiming for you (chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling) Fix the scope when scoped (chimera_widescreen_scope_mask - requires HAC2 widescreen fix) *This feature requires Halo Custom Edition to function properly. Cyan features are enabled by default without user input. Green features are disabled by default and require use of the console to enable them. Use the chimera command to list commands. This tool should be able to run alongside HAC2 without problems. Windows 7 and newer is supported. Download (build 49): chimera build 49.7z If you're going to use chimera_interpolate, I recommend you have at least these specifications. These should get you chimera_interpolate 3 (low), max Halo settings (make sure you aren't locked to 30 FPS), 1080p, at approximately 60 FPS: CPU (Intel): Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.0 GHz) or better CPU (AMD): AMD Athlon II X2 250 (3.0 GHz) or better Graphics (Intel): Intel HD 3000 or newer Graphics (Nvidia): NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or better Graphics (AMD): ATI Radeon HD 5450 or better RAM: 4 GB OS: Windows 7 or newer Note: These values are listed only for reference and are recommendations. The chimera_interpolate command does not directly utilize the GPU, nor does it use a large amount of RAM for interpolation, and it has been tested (unofficially) to work on Windows XP, but I don't support it. FAQ Very frequently do people ask me the same questions about Chimera, so here’s a little FAQ about it. How do I install Chimera? Place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Is there a list of commands? All commands are listed in the help menus using the chimera command. Is Chimera compatible with HAC2 and Open Sauce? Yes. Is Chimera compatible with HaloMD? No. Will Chimera be integrated with HAC2 or Open Sauce? No. What levels of interpolation do what? This graph details what levels do what: Note: Off is 0, Velocity is 1, Low is 3, Medium is 6, High is 8, Ultra is 9. Ultra has the same level of interpolation as High, but no distance check optimization is in place. Will interpolation work on frame rates higher than 60 FPS? Yes. Objects are jittery with interpolation on. Here is what I'd do: If you have vSync turned on, try turning it off. vSync causes poor frame pacing in Halo and can result in dropped frames even on fast hardware. If you need to throttle your framerate, use chimera_throttle_fps 240. If you need to play without tearing, use HAC2's borderless window feature (play in -window and set resolution to Windows's resolution). Using -vidmode always enables vSync. If you're getting bad performance (lag spikes or average frame rate dropping below refresh rate), turn your interpolation setting down. It's likely your PC cannot keep up. If you're getting good performance but your interpolation setting is less than 9, try turning it up. It's possible the object in question isn't being fully interpolated. Is the retail version of Halo supported? No. Halo Custom Edition on version 1.10 is the only version supported by Chimera. Are versions of Halo earlier than 1.10 supported? No. Does Chimera work with scrim mode? Client-sided features (interpolation, anisotropic filtering, zoom blur removal, etc.) are not affected by scrim mode. However, the server-side Lua script, which includes fixes for lag and analog movement, will not function. Does Chimera automatically update or have update notifications? Currently, you are responsible for keeping Chimera up-to-date, and if there is an update, you will have to come back here to get it. Notifications are planned, however auto updating will not be included. Is Chimera open source? Not yet. Why are Chimera releases slow? Chimera does not function on donations, thus development is done on a portion of my personal time. If it takes a while, it takes a while. SPV3 includes Chimera. Are you in CMT? No. Can I install Chimera on my Mac? Yes. Install Windows, buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. I can't install Windows on my Mac. Can I still install Chimera? Yes. Simply buy a PC, install Windows on it (if Windows isn't preinstalled), buy the Windows version of the game (if you don't own it), install Halo Custom Edition 1.10, then place chimera.dll into your controls folder. Older downloads If you need an older version of Chimera, here are older versions:
  11. I wrote a program that generated this monstrosity. 1000 trees placed in a line to test my visible object limit modification. It was successful, but it isn't quite ready for everyone yet. The new visible object limit will likely be equal to the maximum number of objects possible (2048) in a game, increased from 256 objects. The limit is already increased on HaloMD via an extension made several months ago, and it may soon be available to the likes of Halo PC and Halo CE. While too many objects can significantly reduce performance (this screenshot reduced my framerate to 21 fps), making objects randomly appear and disappear to improve performance is a lousy alternative.
  12. I've updated the Windows version of Flare to 1.2.3. This fixes a few bugs: Kill Penalty and Death Bonus were nonworking. Vehicle data wasn't loaded correctly. I've also added more tooltips, and the download size is smaller.
  13. Flare is a gametype editor meant for server owners who hate using Halo's gametype editor to edit every single gametype. Halo's gametype editor is adequate for most purposes, but navigating through it is slow, and being only able to edit gametypes in the savegames folder makes it a bigger pain to transfer gametypes to a server. This program does not require gametypes to be in a savegames folder, it is organized with efficiency in mind, it is more expansive than Halo PC's gametype editor, and can make gametypes that are simultaneously compatible with Halo PC (including Halo PC for the Mac and HaloMD) and Halo CE. It supports only Windows 7, Windows 8, and OS X 10.7 or higher. I can't guarantee it'll work on Windows XP because Microsoft considered it dead on April 8, 2014. To point out the main features that this gametype editor has over Halo's built-in gametype editor: More customizable game variants; much more freedom over your gametype than the stock gametype editor Support for up to 7 vehicles for one type of vehicle on one side of the map rather than 4, if the map supports it Game variants will work on both versions of Halo rather than the version that it was created in If you're using Windows and -path is not set in the Halo executable's arguments, your gametypes are stored in a default path relative to your documents folder. In OS X, it's always going to be relative to your documents folder. On Windows, it's at: Home Folder > Documents > My Games > Halo (or Halo Custom Edition) > savegames On OS X, it's at: Home Folder > Documents > Halo (or HLMD for HaloMD) > savegames Remember that the file name of all gametypes is blam.lst, and they must be placed in a folder inside the savegames folder. The folder can be any name, but you'll want to have it be the same name as your gametype to avoid confusion. Download (Windows - 1.2.3) - Flare - 1.2.3 - Windows.zip Download (OS X - 1.2.1) - Flare - 1.2.1 - OS X.zip Source (MIT): https://github.com/Halogen002/Flare-Qt Old Versions (Windows): You are allowed to mirror these files, but you must know that it can update any time. Let me know if there are any issues or bugs. Remember that Halo cannot show you nonstandard settings in its gametype editor, and Halo CE will be unable to show nonstandard settings in F2. By nonstandard, I mean like having 120% health or 25 point Juggernaut or even 100 kill Team Slayer.
  14. I fixed a bug with opening certain map files causing an obscene amount of memory to be allocated. This change is in the Unstable branch, though I'll eventually push this stuff out to the master repo.
  15. Tritium is an open-source library written in Rust. This is not a tool by itself, but I or someone else may end up using it at a later date for a future Halo tool. Features include (for programmers): No segfaults - Rust guarantees that safe code does not result in segmentation fault. Open source - You are free to download the source code. You can use it in your project and modify it as you please (aside from the MIT license), though you can also use it as a crate and simply depend on it with your project, if that's what you want. Easy to use - You only need to provide the map data as a slice to make it usable. When you're done with the map data, you can turn it back into a cache file, if you want. If you're just reading the map file, that's okay, too. Speed - While it's not the main goal of the project, it's notable that it's quite fast. As of the current build from July 16 on a computer with an Intel Core i3-6100 with DDR4 memory at 2666 MHz, Blood Gulch takes around 18 milliseconds to open and just under 44 milliseconds to rebuild. Support for cache files and resource maps - Unprotected Halo PC and Custom Edition map files are supported. You could rebuild the entire maps folder if you wanted to. Features include (for modders): Recursive tag importation - You can import a tag, or recursively import a tag. Importing a tag non-recursively is a little faster, but it will fail if its dependencies cannot be resolved. Tag deletion - You can delete a specific tag, as well as any unreferenced tags. Deleting a tag will automatically remove any references to it. Tag data manipulation - You can insert/remove data into tags, which can be helpful for things such as reflexive addition and subtraction. Source Code: https://github.com/Halogen002/Tritium
  16. I've updated Combustion to 2.0.3. This fixes a crashing bug with certain maps which was caused because an extreme amount of memory would be allocated.
  17. This program converts maps from Halo PC to Halo CE. You will need an installation of Halo PC (Windows or Mac version) to use this program. You will also need the 64-bit 2015 Visual C++ runtime installed (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145) which requires Windows 7 (SP1) or higher to install. Optionally, you can also provide a CE maps folder in addition to the PC maps folder. If you do this, then only modded assets and assets that don't exist in bitmaps.map or sounds.map will be internalized. If you don't do this, then all assets get internalized, which will bloat the map's file size by quite a bit. On stock Blood Gulch, this increases the map file size by 400%. Also, you can further reduce the map file size by running Sea Mine on the map. A few warnings before you use this program: Protected maps may not convert. It's not a problem if only their names are protected, but if their tag classes are protected, then it may fail. Halo CE maps are not rebuildable in Eschaton. This program will not undo conversions, so don't overwrite the Halo PC version of the map. Download (Windows 64-bit): Combustion Library code (if you want to use Combustion's code in your application): combustion_r.7z Old versions:
  18. Perhaps the problem is that we're allowing such an immoral and satanic drink to exist. Friends don't let friends drink eggnog.
  19. I've tried it and retried it about 10 times. Every time I tried it, I thought it was too sweet.
  20. I bought a couple things: Silicon Power 240 GB 3D NAND SSD ADATA XPG SX930 240 GB SSD
  21. Until further notice, I am not going to be regularly using my 002 account on Discord. I'll still occasionally come online such as to check and respond to messages, but should you message me this way, it may take a while for a response.


    If you need to contact me for something that is on this site (e.g. a script I made or Chimera), please post your inquiry in its respective topic. That way I or someone else on the site can help you much sooner.


    Thanks for your understanding.

  22. I bought an Intel Celeron G530 for $6. Not only am I getting a processor that runs at 2.4 billion cycles per second, but I'm actually getting two of them on one die. That's 4.8 billion cycles being done every single second that this thing is powered on. It's a supercomputer, practically. I hope I can cool it. I bought it for a friend's grandmother if anyone is wondering.
  23. I am now a blue circle again. Rejoice!