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  1. Information technology is one tech related field out of many. While OC doesn't tailor to just one theme, many members here are technology enthusiasts in some form. You'll often see discussion about gaming, networking, PC hardware/building, servers, and so on. As for where to start, I'd start by learning about the subject as well as the different jobs out there and what they entail.
  2. Will it limit it? Maybe, but probably not. These graphics cards already go to a really high frequency thanks to GPU boost and end up not having much headroom. As for VRAM, 11 GB is overkill. 8 GB is well more than enough. And for most games, even 4 GB will be just fine. Many people, when considering a GTX 1060, an RX 480, or an RX 470, forget that the R9 Fury, despite having only 4 GB of HBM and being a bit outdated, is an excellent card you can buy for $260, and at that price point, will compete nicely against all three of those mid-ranged cards. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202186&cm_re=R9_Fury-_-14-202-186-_-Product Though if you're buying a high end card like a GTX 1070, you probably aren't considering compromising your video RAM, and as long as the card has at least 8 GB, you're not going to be missing anything in that regard anytime soon. Again, if you do not want to wait a few more months for what could possibly be a better deal, then yeah, I'd stick with the i5-7600K and get one of NVIDIA's high-end Pascal graphics cards. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, as you'll get a very premium experience.
  3. I'd first check to make sure you are indeed getting a CPU bottleneck. That processor, even at stock speeds, is still a very competent processor for gaming, and I honestly wouldn't object to pairing something like a GTX 1070 with it and playing at 1440p. For whether or not a GTX 1080 is worth it, that depends on what resolution you're playing at. If you're playing at 1080p and want maximum FPS (e.g. 144 Hz gaming), get a GTX 1070. In many cases, you will be CPU-bound even with the most powerful CPU on the market with a GTX 1070, and if so, you're not going to see any improvement with a GTX 1080. If you're playing at 1440p, you'd still get by with a GTX 1060, but at this point, I'd consider a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. If you're playing at 4K, I wouldn't get anything less than a GTX 1070, and I'd get the best available graphics card. If you're considering AMD, are you getting FX or Ryzen? If you're considering FX, stick with your i7-2600. If you're getting Ryzen, then this depends on whether or not you're willing to wait. According to many benchmarks, there's no noticeable difference in gaming performance between a Ryzen 7 CPU with 2 cores disabled (thus 6 cores) and a Ryzen 7 CPU with all cores enabled. Therefore, it's in your best interest to wait for Ryzen 5 to be released if all you care about is gaming performance. If you must have this build completed as soon as possible, stick with that i5, as it costs less than a Ryzen 7 processor for similar gaming performance. Now for looking at your build, there are cheaper GTX 1080s out there if you want to save about $30-$40 and don't mind only having one 8-pin connector instead of two. Factory overclocks are worthless when you can just get a better overclock yourself, anyway. Assuming you're going with a red/black theme, here are some cheaper GTX 1080s: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rYNypg/pny-geforce-gtx-1080-8gb-xlr8-video-card-vcggtx10808xgpb-oc (PNY GTX 1080 - 1x 8-pin) - $487 via Amazon Prime https://pcpartpicker.com/product/V4M323/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1080-8gb-windforce-oc-8g-video-card-gv-n1080wf3oc-8gd (Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce - 1x 8-pin) - $490-$500 Up to you here. As for your power supply, I'd get G2 over NEX. The NEX isn't a bad power supply, but the G2 is a bit higher in quality. You'd be paying about $10 more, however. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/9q4NnQ/evga-power-supply-220g20650y1 It's a solid build.
  4. First the smart TVs, then the microwave, now the dumpsters? How do you even unplug a dumpster? But in actual seriousness, it's kind of scary that a lot of things can be bugged. It kind of reminds me of 1984.
  5. Yes. Just use the player's name in the sv_ban command or use a part of the player's name with asterisks as wildcards in the b command. I recommend checking the documentation I wrote on the part on player expressions. Though you're best off using indices as players may use special characters in their names that can be difficult to type.
  6. Was running a War Thunder benchmark when I first tried SteamOS a year ago. This was what I got:
  7. Welcome to the forum! I recommend complaining directly to the server owner if you do not like his/her policies, or simply don't play on RG clan servers. Regardless of what the RG clan does on their servers, this is section for script requests, not a clan website.
  8. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
  9. event_start $map:map_name 'spawn vehi "<vehicle tag here>" X Y Z'
  10. Bought these things within the past couple weeks: 2 TB 7200 RPM hard drive the cover photo on my profile along with some other artworks breakfast at the community college (two scrambled eggs, two slices of buttered toast, hash browns, 20 oz of lemonade - $5.50, delicious as hell) Cheez-Its
  11. I've released 0.6.0. This version contains one small improvement for now - BSPs from scenario tags other than the main one can be used when opening. This means that, with the exception of the having both the singleplayer and multiplayer globals tags, you could combine every single tag from every single map into one map file by simply importing them. I'm also going to branch each individual version from now on. The main repository will be what I consider "stable" as in, it won't be updated frequently. I'll have a separate unstable repository for breaking changes as they come. Lastly, there will be a branch for each individual version which will be created as they're released. The main repository can be used as so: [dependencies] tritium = {git = "https://github.com/Halogen002/Tritium"} Though I recommend forking/downloading the repository, instead, or specifying a branch to use: [dependencies] tritium = {git = "https://github.com/Halogen002/Tritium", branch = "0.6.0"} Lastly, I've been asked a few questions over the past eight months, so I'll answer some of them here. What is Tritium? Tritium is a library for parsing cache files written in Rust. Does it parse tags? No. There are a few tag classes it does have to map out to find information, but as for presenting tag data to the user, the tool implementing Tritium will need to do this. Parsing all of the tags would be far better as a separate library. Does it work with protected maps? It depends on the protection. Maps with only paths/names being obfuscated will work fine. Maps with tag classes being obfuscated may or may not. If a map is protected, then I recommend running a tool such as Deathstar on the map before opening. Does this work with Halo Custom Edition or Halo PC? It works on both. However, Halo Custom Edition has one main difference over the retail version of Halo - it supports implicit/indexed tags, that is, tags that are implied to be present in your maps folder through either bitmaps.map, sounds.map, or loc.map. Attempting to run a map with such a tag on the retail version of Halo will crash the game with the exception of HaloMD with the Sapphire plugin. Tritium does not actually check the version number when these tags are present, so it is up to you to implement such a check. Fortunately, Tritium makes this simple. Does this work with the Xbox version of Halo? No. I've considered that it may actually be possible, but it wouldn't be very useful, plus I have no method of verifying if the map works. Why Rust? Rust is a language that is both fast and safe. Most languages are either one or the other. Note that just because a language isn't "safe" or isn't "fast" does not mean that it is flawed or inferior compared to any other language. Another reason I chose Rust for its crate system and its documentation generator. If needed, you can statically or dynamically link a Rust library to your tool if your tool isn't written in Rust. Many GUI tools I write will be written in multiple languages. Lastly, in many cases, it's platform independent - I can take the same code which works on Windows on x86 and run it on my Raspberry Pi on ARM, and it will work exactly as well. How fast is it? Very. Even if it was on a Raspberry Pi Model B (Revision 2.0) which utilizes a 700 MHz ARM processor, it would still be faster than Eschaton on an i7-6700K. Isn't a panic a crash? How is it safe if it can still crash? A panic may crash, but depending on your implementation, you can also handle panics (you probably shouldn't, but you can with std::panic::catch_unwind). A panic is defined behavior, as in, you can take the same exact panicking code, run it 1000 times, and it will panic 1000 times. With a segfault or memory corruption, at best, it may crash 1000 times, but in some instances, it may also continue running, seemingly okay, but very likely not really. This is difficult to debug and also potentially dangerous.
  12. I've updated my About Me to clarify more things when sending a private message to myself for requests.


    Basically, if you want something from me, then I can say no if I don't want to do it or can't do it. If I choose to do it, then not only can I take any amount of time I wish to, but I take no responsibility for downtimes on the requester's part as a result of waiting for me to complete something. After all, I'm doing it on my time. If you want people to do things on your time and set a deadline, then that's fine: use the raffle system.

  13. There's nothing like having a blue sphere of plasma as an avatar for over three years.



  14. I've added the server information to my signature and demoted the PC version to a userbar to keep the size low. Note that the CE version is a carbon copy version of the PC version and has no changes aside from being on Halo Custom Edition. The Halo PC server will likely be updated to the latest build sometime either tonight or tomorrow.