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  1. Sounds like a similar bug a few other people reported to me a long time ago. This was something I had actually fixed a while back. If you're okay using an unstable, incomplete, alpha build, you can try getting build -33 to work: chimera_build_-33.7z
  2. If you're using build 33, there's a crashing bug with that version. I'd use build 32. I'm working on build 34 which fixes this problem and adds numerous other features.
  3. I guess it depends on the game. With FPS PvP games like Halo, I usually stay pretty consistent whether I play every day or not. I don't play for much more than an hour at a time, as I get tired of playing, and that's when I do worse, but I get better the next day when I'm not tired of the game. I tend to do worse on larger, slower-paced maps like Bigass, mainly because they aren't very fun or very balanced for Halo. With a PvE game like Killing Floor 2, I can play that game at 6 in the morning half-asleep and be as good as usual. If I keep playing, I get better, and if I stop playing, I get worse.
  4. I honestly didn't think much about the next Doctor being female until people started saying everywhere that she's the first female Doctor, and then it occurred to me that she's the first female Doctor. Cool! As long as the Doctor is still the Doctor and is played by a decent actor (or in this case, actress), I'm fine with anyone taking the role. After all, it's perfectly fine in the canon for Time Lords to change gender or skin color on regeneration, so this had to have been bound to happen. I wish her the best of luck and hope she does an excellent job.
  5. hope you have a good year
  6. Looking through the owners manual, it says: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/104600/Mitsubishi-Wd-Y57aa.html?page=26#manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/104600/Mitsubishi-Wd-Y57aa.html?page=91#manual It's possible that it may be overscanning on HDMI and you should be using DVI? Though that's really dumb if it does that. Otherwise, Googling the problem, overscanning seems to be a recurring problem on Mitsubushi DLP TVs with the only solution being using a custom resolution, shrinking the image with the TV (I guess the FORMAT button does this https://www.manualslib.com/manual/104600/Mitsubishi-Wd-Y57aa.html?page=48#manual), or just dealing with it. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/457486/underscan-overscan-mitsu-dlp/
  7. We have a Discord. Pretty much everything a chatbox can do can be done better on Discord with the added benefit that it doesn't have to clutter up half a page on the index. Also, how is scrolling up through a chatbox faster than clicking on one PM notification, especially if you're trying to have a conversation with only one person?
  8. Here's a new feature of Chimera that I'm working on. This command allows you to disable model LODs (level of detail). Normally, LODs serve to improve frame rates by reducing the visual fidelity of far away objects, but in 2017, people who are still playing this game likely aren't using Intel Pentium 4s, NVIDIA GeForce2 GTSes, or under 256 MB of DDR RAM, so this optimization has little impact on frame rate on most maps for most modern systems, yet it creates an annoying pop-in effect as you move closer or farther away from objects and they switch LODs. As an example, here is the Tracer on Phoenix 3. You can also compare this with the stock Plasma Rifle as it uses the same stock LODs (shown below), but the custom textures make the effect much more apparent. In the screenshot, I am standing only a small distance away from this weapon, yet it appears less detailed. The model has a lower polygon count and the shading is very basic. If you were to stand only a little closer, it would render at full fidelity. By having this optimization disabled by Chimera, the model will be rendered at the highest quality LOD regardless of your distance from the object, improving visual quality and removing that annoying pop-in effect.
  9. http://starblast.io/ I don't think I've ever had this much fun on a .io game before.
  10. Here is another feature that's on the way for map developers. It'll allow you to see various budget(s). Here's Phoenix 3, which goes over the visible object budget when flying over the map: Fortunately, HAC2 is installed which has this limit raised to 1024. More values are being planned to be added here.
  11. As someone who only recently tried EAX (I only watched a few videos about it a few years back and didn't think echoing or whatever was a benefit at first), being able to hear echoes of things like footsteps can be a huge asset when playing on servers that don't give you access to the motion sensor, especially when playing on maps like Danger Canyon which have hallways that can have enemies at any turn. Everyone should try and use this if it works for them.
  12. Wow. Don't they need probability cause to find X or Y? It's scary how many problems our government has.