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  1. I've updated the post with a list of tag classes I plan on mapping out. Some of these tag classes likely won't get mapped out due to being useless. Because there are 83 tag classes, I've put them in spoiler tags. Note that just because a tag is completed does not mean there aren't any hidden values not listed in Guerilla that I may go back and modify.
  2. I'm writing this map parser for TiaraCE, though if anyone wants to use it in their programs, I'm releasing it under the MIT license. This project is written in C++. This map parser attempts to satisfy a few goals: Speed - Everything should load quickly. Although it should load faster on faster PCs, it shouldn't take too long to load on any modern PC. Therefore, I've made it important to test it on the slowest PC I have: CPU: Intel Core i3-4030U @ 1.9 GHz (Haswell Refresh) RAM: 4 GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz Safety - When you provide a broken map to Halo, it segfaults. I think I can do better than this. In this map parser, maps should either: Not load at all, generating an exception error that the program can handle Load (if possible), but when something is wrong, generate an exception error that the program can handle Load successfully Cross platform - It must compile successfully on Windows (with Visual C++), macOS (with LLVM Clang), and Linux (with GCC). It must also function identically between platforms. Note that I am using the C++11 standard. Tag mapping - I'm mapping out all of the tag classes using data from Guerilla and Sparky's Plugins as well as any data of my own. This will allow the programmer to easily access tag data without having to search for offsets (assuming that data is mapped out). Lastly, it should support loading both Custom Edition and retail maps. This includes loading and parsing maps with tags that are located in loc.map, bitmaps.map, and sounds.map. I'm also planning on including a map deprotector later down the line to handle maps that are protected. Source (GitHub): https://github.com/Halogen002/TiaraCEMapParser Here are all of the tag classes that I currently plan on mapping out:
  3. When you use cevent, make sure to also specify what player it affects. event_join 'w8 2;cevent check_legit $n' event_custom $ename:check_legit $valid=0 'sv_kick $n'
  4. I suppose with Chimera scripting, it could be possible to dynamically switch between bipeds if a biped has an overshield or not. This would allow you to reference a different shield flare texture (such as a red one instead of yellow) for the overshield biped.
  5. Yeah I remember that. Though to get it, you'd need to drive there or walk there, both of which would be dangerous as there is a lot of heat in that part of the map.
  6. They were often used to rush the bases to get the flag, but that probably would have happened just as often even if you just had one power weapon. The only issue I had was with the overabundance of snipers, as they made it required to use vehicles, although the tank was completely unusable outside of base defense due to how easy it is to snipe the driver.
  7. So for the four maps we played tonight: Hemoasis was a fun map. To me, it felt like a much better Infinity. However, as @As7raios said, sniper rifles respawn way too quickly. I can understand having sniping be an important thing in such a wide open space, but having so many on the field at once really wrecks the balance. If I wanted everyone to have a sniper rifle, I could have used a snipers gametype. gta_beta3 was a cool concept. My main complaint is that I would have liked to see an ammo indicator. As for vertical aiming, ideally, you would have vertical aiming be automatic (to hit people on top of crates), but I doubt this could work in an ideal way. Ice Floe was fun and felt pretty well done, but unless you play it on King of the Hill, people tend to focus their efforts on the bridge to get higher ground (which makes objectives like CTF easy because nobody focuses their efforts on the ground). I think if@Tucker933 had enough time for playtesting, this could have been perfected, even with the limited Halo PC tools he used. Cat Cage was interesting, even though I didn't agree with some of the choices for the modifications to the weapons. I'm not sure yet what I'll be voting at this time, and I'll also be looking at the single player maps, too.
  8. Raw bacon is gross, and instead of burnt bacon, I could just put some salt on wood chips and eat that instead and I probably wouldn't tell the difference. I want mine both crispy and juicy. A balance of both goes a long way for me.
  9. Due to a lack of server activity, the Singularity server network will cease hosting servers for HaloMD as of today. These servers are affected:

    • Bomb Walk 4K 144 Hz
    • Drunk Tank

    It has been a good few years, but I felt it was no longer worth maintaining these servers a long time ago and finally got around to pulling the plug. My apologies if this brings any amount of inconvenience to you.


    The Phoenix 3 CE server is unaffected and will continue to operate normally until further notice.

    1. Tucker933
    2. Caesar


      Pressing F to pay respects

    3. As7raios


      We still need to get a good video of Drunk Tank at some point

  10. I've updated the Windows version of Flare to 1.2.3. This fixes a few bugs: Kill Penalty and Death Bonus were nonworking. Vehicle data wasn't loaded correctly. I've also added more tooltips, and the download size is smaller.
  11. I fixed a bug with opening certain map files causing an obscene amount of memory to be allocated. This change is in the Unstable branch, though I'll eventually push this stuff out to the master repo.
  12. I've updated Combustion to 2.0.3. This fixes a crashing bug with certain maps which was caused because an extreme amount of memory would be allocated.
  13. Perhaps the problem is that we're allowing such an immoral and satanic drink to exist. Friends don't let friends drink eggnog.
  14. I've tried it and retried it about 10 times. Every time I tried it, I thought it was too sweet.
  15. I bought a couple things: Silicon Power 240 GB 3D NAND SSD ADATA XPG SX930 240 GB SSD