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  1. Anyone want to post some uncompressed Xbox maps? Or DM me. I'm interested in looking at them.
  2. From what I remember, the Xbox maps are pretty similar except for using some special "compressed" tag classes for things like models. I think some shaders were different too, and likely the unicode strings are different (minor font differences). Shouldn't be hard to automate if anyone already has the Xbox model tag well researched.
  3. If you were a Syrian who wanted to fight for your country, who would you fight with? The people with the most organization and the most guns. Those groups tend to be extremists like ISIS. Your choice of fighting would be between one radical jihadist group or the other. Then the government, with foreign support, starts dropping bombs and nerve gas, attacks no rebel group can successfully fight against. These people have no power, of course they'll run.
  4. Uses sensors, cameras, and machine learning. No RFID. Same technology that lets autonomous cars see their environment.
  5. I had a similar project years ago called "Arkitect" (get it? The Ark and Architect combined? aha). It had mappings of smaller classes and could build new tags and output them in Eschaton format. The plan was to be able to create new tags and convert HEK tags to usable format. I'll try to locate some of that work.
  6. OS X 10.5.8 is over 6 years old, update the computer first. Avast! is a great option with a large user base.
  7. Pretty sure this happens because the collision section of the BSP is compiled very differently from the visual mesh. It's made using weird maths and special flags from the visual mesh that often result in invisible walls from malformed triangles.
  8. When you click run and the device select comes up, there should be a button labeled "..." which will lead you to the device manager. You can then create a new virtual device using the available definitions. Sometimes you need to go the SDK manager and download different system images and apply them to the devices if the emulator isn't working, but usually the default works.
  9. Nice to see this app still in use. I still lurk the forums and check every other day or so, so I'm pretty contactable if needed. As for support, I still occasionally help out with certain hard conversions. However, I'd say the app itself is more or less unsupported (I no longer have RS software to compile it, however I do have a somewhat functional C++ version that is CLI).
  10. My all-time favorite beer was Green Knight Pale Ale by Boulder Creek Brewery, which unfortunately burned a few months ago. Now my favorite is the Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes. Luckily for me, I'll be moving to Portland, OR come September, so I'll be within a mile of the Deschutes Brewery in downtown.
  11. If I recall the two 16-bits that make up an ID are: int16_t unique_Identity; int16_t tagNumber;
  12. I wonder if it's related to Sidewinder having screwed up tag paths. As you can see, the path contains "scenery\\." In HEK, the slashes denote different directories. Having a malformed directory may have screwed something up when the cache file was built.
  13. It's pretty easy to say "get rid of all the guns!" when you live in a country that is it's own continent and can easily control import/export (since the only possible route is by sea). Not being connected by land and boarder to countries that host massive cartels makes that process a whole friggin lot easier. I hear this argument from Aussies all the time and they simply cannot grasp that concept.
  14. This movie was really great. Very well acted.
  15. Both pronunciations are considered correct. If you want to seem like you actually know English, pronounce it similar to gift.