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  1. I did some baking today I make cheese scones and fruit scones as well as some bread rolls
  2. I don`t mind spiders at all
  3. I have done nothing to day other than cook my Sunday dinner
  4. Scones and rolls today
  5. I did house work and some baking then relaxed for the rest of the day
  6. Thank you for all the great welcomes
  7. Hi most of you will know me as fiona1964 My name is Fiona and I am 48 years old I am a mum and nanna I write poems and own a writers forum I love posting on forums
  8. Found a link on Forum Promotion where I am staff on
  9. Hi I have posted 2 of my poems so far
  10. Me last summer
  11. My day has being good, I have had a lazy day as there was nothing to do at home
  12. Thank you I think
  13. Very good