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    Glasgow Scotland UK
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    I enjoy writing poems and reading books
  1. I did some baking today I make cheese scones and fruit scones as well as some bread rolls
  2. I don`t mind spiders at all
  3. I have done nothing to day other than cook my Sunday dinner
  4. Scones and rolls today
  5. I did house work and some baking then relaxed for the rest of the day
  6. Thank you for all the great welcomes
  7. Found a link on Forum Promotion where I am staff on
  8. Hi I have posted 2 of my poems so far
  9. Me last summer
  10. My day has being good, I have had a lazy day as there was nothing to do at home
  11. Thank you I think
  12. Very good
  13. Hi most of you will know me as fiona1964 My name is Fiona and I am 48 years old I am a mum and nanna I write poems and own a writers forum I love posting on forums