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  1. I need help! I went to BestBuy today and wasted two hrs looking for a comp. The guy at the check out window started placing my order and then realized the comp is unavailable and wont be in stock for a long time. WTF!? I hate people that waste my fucking time.....thanks for wasting my precious two hrs ass hat!! Anyways, Okay. I need a laptop that has: screen size: 15.6 display: HD (1366x768) processor: intel core i5 memory: 8gb hard drive 1tb Any recommendations? Should I buy from amazon or dell or lenovo or walmart or target or fries? lol
  2. I dont want to burn cds. i want to play my cds on my comp. i know how to pirate music off the internet. im not dumb. and thamks for the info about the 1TB AND GB stuff.
  3. thanks. will do. i want a cd player in the comp. why do most laptops not have a cd player anymore? what is wrong with people?! nobody likes old school cds anymore? i just bought the selena gomez cd and i love it! <3 Look at this one: http://www.dell.com/en-us/member/shop/productdetails/inspiron-17-5767-laptop/fndog22434h WHat do you think? Will it last a long time?
  4. I need an anti virus for my moms comp. she has a macBookPro. she is running on 10.5.8 She has a processor called 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo If there is no such thing as an anti virus....what can i do? i think she has a freakin virus! She cant stop clicking on shit..... Please help me!!!! Also, I dont know what category section this post goes in to so just move it wherever it needs to go....
  5. Damn it! I wish Tucker was still here to help me with my computer issues.....FAWKKKKKK
  6. I like both <3 But if had to choose Community Content is more interesting <3
  7. I want to be an Occupational Therapist and a closet organizer & a caregiver & a yoga instructor. I cant pick just one. lol
  8. welkom
  9. I sleep with a very special blanket = weird habit? I choke on balls at Jamba Juice = bad habit I drool in my sleep = weird habit. I have mild OCD sometimes. I am a clean freak. I eat french fries = bad habit I love chicken fingers, chicken fries, chicken anything = bad habit The thought of Fried Cookie Dough at the fair turns me on = weird huh?
  10. i have a huge test and project due and its only the 2nd week of school. Hope everyone is having a great summer because I am <3
  11. hey

  12. California is on FIRE! This is way too close to home...I can see the San Marcos fire and Carlsbad fire from my house! :/
  13. hola!
  14. Ha ha!! ^^ Good stuff!!
  15. 1. Where were you born? 2. What is the definition of a back stabber? 3. What sports do you play? 4. When did Breaking Bad show its 1st episode? 5. What do you have under your bed? 6. Where do you store your cash? 7. What is your favorite color? 8. Whats your favorite restaurant? 9. How many friends do you consider "#1 Best best friend ever!!!" 10. Do you like the show "THE MIDDLE"?
  16. 1. Where were you born? In the state of California. 2. What is the definition of a back stabber? Someone who is kind and Loyal but then fucks up and turns on you or does something to hurt your feelings. 3. What sports do you play? I rollerblade, go for walks, walk the dog, Yoga. 4. When did Breaking Bad show its 1st episode? Not exactly sure. Great show. 5. What do you have under your bed? $500 and a dead body. 6. Where do you store your cash? In my "Girls Night Out" Jar or my wallet or my Hockey trophies. 7. What is your favorite color? GreenBlack. 8. Whats your favorite restaurant? Any place in San Diego Little Italy. 9. How many friends do you consider "#1 Best best friend ever!!!" One. 10. Do you like the show "THE MIDDLE"? Yes, It is funny just like Malcolm in the Middle.
  17. Oh I see. I understand your point.
  18. You get breaks no matter what when your working. You dont need to use smoking as an excuse to have breaks at work.... I hate people that smoke but whatever.
  19. So, I know this person that has its parents fight its battles for it. How is that person going to survive in this world if that person can not fight its own battles? I don't understand that at all!! So I get a phone call from its mother telling me what I am expected to do and what I have to do and what I need to do. Excuse me!? How am I suppose to even react to that? If you cant afford it then you should not have a wedding.
  20. Has anyone tried to lose weight? Does anyone have any recommendations? Water pills? Exercise? Should I roller blade again? I hate school my mind is just not in it this semester. & I am wondering if i should work this summer or go to school? i need a break but i do not know what i should do... Why is it so fucking hott this week...FML go away you shitty heat! Where is the fing rain? Work is slow lately but I got a possible client from a friend so I am hoping that it works out <3 What is everyone else up to? What helps you stay focused and prioritize? Entertain me!
  21. You are special cutie lol
  22. Does your pineapple itch a lot? lol
  23. Well hello! :-)
  24. Thanks guys! I am feeling a lot better!!! My nose is recovering from my cold. I lost my weekend client at work today but a close friend reminded me that I need to appreciate the down times and enjoy the up times as well.