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  1. I dont want to burn cds. i want to play my cds on my comp. i know how to pirate music off the internet. im not dumb. and thamks for the info about the 1TB AND GB stuff.
  2. thanks. will do. i want a cd player in the comp. why do most laptops not have a cd player anymore? what is wrong with people?! nobody likes old school cds anymore? i just bought the selena gomez cd and i love it! <3 Look at this one: http://www.dell.com/en-us/member/shop/productdetails/inspiron-17-5767-laptop/fndog22434h WHat do you think? Will it last a long time?
  3. I need a new comp :P

  4. I need help! I went to BestBuy today and wasted two hrs looking for a comp. The guy at the check out window started placing my order and then realized the comp is unavailable and wont be in stock for a long time. WTF!? I hate people that waste my fucking time.....thanks for wasting my precious two hrs ass hat!! Anyways, Okay. I need a laptop that has: screen size: 15.6 display: HD (1366x768) processor: intel core i5 memory: 8gb hard drive 1tb Any recommendations? Should I buy from amazon or dell or lenovo or walmart or target or fries? lol
  5. Damn it! I wish Tucker was still here to help me with my computer issues.....FAWKKKKKK
  6. I need an anti virus for my moms comp. she has a macBookPro. she is running on 10.5.8 She has a processor called 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo If there is no such thing as an anti virus....what can i do? i think she has a freakin virus! She cant stop clicking on shit..... Please help me!!!! Also, I dont know what category section this post goes in to so just move it wherever it needs to go....
  7. I like both <3 But if had to choose Community Content is more interesting <3
  8. welkom
  9. I want to be an Occupational Therapist and a closet organizer & a caregiver & a yoga instructor. I cant pick just one. lol
  10. I sleep with a very special blanket = weird habit? I choke on balls at Jamba Juice = bad habit I drool in my sleep = weird habit. I have mild OCD sometimes. I am a clean freak. I eat french fries = bad habit I love chicken fingers, chicken fries, chicken anything = bad habit The thought of Fried Cookie Dough at the fair turns me on = weird huh?
  11. i have a huge test and project due and its only the 2nd week of school. Hope everyone is having a great summer because I am <3
  12. hey

  13. California is on FIRE! This is way too close to home...I can see the San Marcos fire and Carlsbad fire from my house! :/
  14. hola!
  15. Ha ha!! ^^ Good stuff!!