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  1. I just bought a car. HA! it was my grandma's old one. We struck up a deal, I help her with the down payment on her new car, and this one is mine. About $1900 later deal was done! it's a Buick La Sabre, not the prettiest car, but has a nice engine, and in great condition. 1.9k wasn't really that bad, seeing as it originally was a $10k car, and she's only had it for 3 years so win!
  2. my buddy Jarren just dropped a new EP dedicated to his old manager who died a few years ago. RIP Slow Motion
  3. I think the whole cortana ai is badass tbh. Like 20 years from now, what if our children are using computers with like windows 20 or some shit, and cortana is an actual artificial intelligence (similar to how she was in the game)? Haha we could bust out the old xbox or load up halo ce, and show them where it all started, not to mention this forum and modhalo, and how halo influenced us. Man... My kids will think im a fuckin loser lol
  4. I was debating making a thread for My spotify playlist: I figure here would be a better place to post it for anyone who is interested. It's kind of all over the place, lots of different genres, but heavy amounts of rap. Always adding to it, so if anybody wants to follow it, you might find new music that you never heard before. Enjoy. Oh and i love this song
  5. Sup

    heyyy i remember you
  6. "Have you never read the 10 commandments? 4: Thou must not masturbate with the left hand, lest I smite thee." -TheArbiter (or something like that... i forgot cuz he changed it to aSoundJedi)
  7. hehe just working, and decided to enroll in school this semester finally! lol oh and i haven't had access to the internet for awhile, because i broke my laptop (i have an "OK" desktop now). I also, have been moving around a lot lately, my ex needed to move to texas, so i went as well, spent a couple grand helping her get situated, things didn't work out, broke up, moved back up to michigan. Then my grandma breaks her hip and can't walk, so I'm up in northern michigan now (way too north for my liking) living with her and helping out and stuff.. so now just working and going to a community college up here. I realized i have some free time, and i remembered this wonderful place haha good to be back i love you guys. might hang out in that ts sometime, if it's still used.
  8. thank you very much <3
  9. hey everyone and tucker yeah sure that would be great lol, idk if it really matters tho, idrc about post count or anything like that, but if you feel like it, go for it or if you could find out the email associated with that acc i could probably figure it out hehe good to be back, I'll try to be active
  10. hehe happy belated
  11. i forgot info to my old account lol it's been a minute hehe whatsup tucker <3
  12. It's been awhile but, I'm back bitches. sup
  13. http://soundcloud.c...russianroulette
  14. Wanna see a halo 4 edit?
  15. hehe