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  1. I've set up an Impactpoint server again for those who'd enjoy it, including the scripts the old one had. Server IP: Download in OP should still be up to date. I'm currently rotating 2x KOTH and 1x CTF. Feel free to hit me up in the OC Discord if you'd like to play together sometime or if you'd like to suggest a change to the rotation.
  2. MD Chat always a nice place to idle
  3. Poorly editing santahats on my profile pictures everywhere is my Christmas tradition, even when there isn't a contest to be won.
  4. Sometimes you have to be your own best friend
  5. Average HaloMD Chat
  6. Fucking hell I miss trance.
  7. yall memes aint dank
  8. Made a simple server status page today for a game I'm working on
  9. Went on a camping trip from Friday til today with some of my buds. Nothing too crazy but we usually don't really do this type of stuff so it was nice to have some quality guy time.