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  1. https://www.16personalities.com/estp-personality
  2. I only use iTunes, because I download a lot of albums, I'm pretty sure iTunes used to have radio at some point.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOLaHUWGT3Q
  4. Well as it's an encryption method I'm making of course I hope nobody will able to decipher it, but all hints you need to decipher it is in the OP. What're you talking about?
  5. But I've already included a sneaky little hint my friendly friend.
  6. This was on my local news like a week ago.
  7. Recently I have started working on my own encryption algorithm, called Crux(or PurpleCipher). I want to see how secure my current encryption is by having a bunch of people attempt to decipher a message encrypted with Crux. I'm posting this to a bunch of techy forums to see if anybody can decrypt the message successfully within a reasonable amount of time. £π(ypn# 8cook7c xp#zpπ ∆uc% gw¥ plc ke\# n4 zrxxco1rjjg r;3(€v#π nu*o tcok77c. 0v# €koo5c (o ‘hp3$swwπ£#;#nπpn(w;’ If you succeed in decrypting the message, please leave a reply on the topic and PM me the answer. Good luck.
  8. Hi

    Welcome to the orgy carnage
  9. So for my Prototyping class, we had to make a Flappy Bird clone in 1 day. Having no inspiration whatsoever, I made 'Freedom Flight'. Features: -Flying -Dying -Committing suicide -Scoring points -Graphics settings menu -Really sexy music Known bugs: -No respawn after committing suicide To do's: -Fix suicide bug -Clients for Windows and Android. Video: Controls: Space - Move up K - Kill yourself Download v1.1 (OS X) Stable http://www.mediafire.com/download/dx05dy217p812cb/Freedom-Flight_v1.1_%28OS_X%29.zip
  10. fucking weeb