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  1. Average HaloMD Chat
  2. Fucking hell I miss trance.
  3. yall memes aint dank
  4. Made a simple server status page today for a game I'm working on
  5. Went on a camping trip from Friday til today with some of my buds. Nothing too crazy but we usually don't really do this type of stuff so it was nice to have some quality guy time.
  6. So I found a Christian EDM channel.
  7. So the Skype sex-bots are now a thing on Discord too. But redpills break them, Haven't had a reply for 2 days!
  8. I might experiment with that, for now I was just playing with the lights on the gun because I wanted something cool for the laser gun because I'm making a sequel to my laser tag mod.
  9. I was just playing with the light on the assault rifle, thought this looked pretty cool
  10. I've been waiting for a PC version of Imminent. You sir, are a godsend.