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  1. Hopefully we've all had a chance to familiarize ourselves with the maps c: Voting is officially open. Sorry for the delay :c Voting Rules You may vote for yourself. Voting closes on the 22nd @11:59pm GMT Prizes 1st Place: $100 via PayPal 2nd Place: $50 via PayPal 3rd Place: 10 Raffle Tickets Entries We appreciate all the people who have submitted an entry!
  2. you are correct. Yours is included, it just didn't make it on the list, we'll update the list to reflect that. Thank you for reaching out c: we apologize for the mix up
  3. Indeed! Voting begins in a week. Let's take this time is to familiarize ourselfs with the maps c: If you like check out the discord, you can find some players to make a server. After getting a few grunts in a row I'll be back here to post more detail on our voting will be done. Thank you all for the submissions! I look forward to playing them
  4. I appreciate the feed back, I’m unaware of a16r16g16b16_f; however, i do have the other in the table. They’re primarily used for light maps iirc. These are usually in the individual levels folder though. FThe table does have a list of known formats that work with the saber engine, so it’s possible I might have missed a few. I’ve managed do decompile all them to dds though and don’t recall that format
  5. Yo! So unfortunately the internet was killed by the guardians :c after a really long respawn timer (wasn't able to find a safe place :/ unfair) were back cooking with steam. To help balance things back out though, were extending things equal to the duration of that respawn timer. Essentially we were down ~2 weeks; thusly, we'll be adjusting the submission to Jun 7th, and voting will end on the 14th We're sorry about the interruption, we look forward to your submissions! c: Happy modding!
  6. Can you throw a performance monitor on network traffic and then check system logs around the time the network drops? I'm curious if maybe there are ddos protections that are set too low
  7. We are currently aware of the issue, sadly atm need to wait and see how long this remains an issue. If they fix it in a week/two, we may consider just extending the a bit. If it's an issue through the whole duration of the competition though we will have to come up with a more solid solution. Essentially we will accommodate for this as best we can. We hope for the best; however, we are preparing for the worst. I do apologize for the inconvenience though
  8. Spent an embarrassingly long time writing a rubiks cube random scramble generator. I didn't realize there would be so many hoops to jump through. Had to account for coaxial movements to skip redundant moves, and set up xamarin forums and stuff. 100% new to me, and c# is confusing coming from years of c++.
  9. Birfday
  10. I love this ccc:
  11. Due Date: June 7th, 2022 Voting Opens: June 14th, 2022 Welcome! So happy to have you here this fine Friday. @Takka has reached out to me with a fun opportunity. Like what they have done in the past, we're bringing you a mapping contest. The prizes sit at $100 for first, $50 for second, and 5 Raffle Tickets for third. Also first place ( Like our wonderful donors c: ) gets an exclusive badge next to their name they can use to brag to all their friends c; FAQ Q: What is it? A: All you need to do is create a custom map (not yet released), and submit a forum post about it before the deadline. This time our Halo overlords have blessed us with the editing kits for later games; so we felt it might be fun to expand our scope to allow any game from MCC. We've gotten some feed back from the community as well about previous mapping competitions and we hope this year we can fine tune things a bit better to the community. We will have a slightly extended submission duration at a month and a half from today. We wanted to keep the duration manageable, without incentivizing procrastination. This should also give some extra time to debug any issues we might have with the quirks of the newer editing kits. Submissions will be voted for 1 week, beginning a week after closing date. This will allow the community time to get acquainted with the new maps and form opinions. We are only going to allow one submission per person. Q: Can I work with a team? A: You are more than welcome to work in teams; however, this is not required. If you do work in a team though, you cannot submit individually. We request still that there is only one submission per person. This is to hopefully drive users to quality over quantity. In the case that you do work with a team, one user must be the designated liaison who will be responsible for receiving potential prize money and distributing it amongst the members. OC will not responsible for the distribution to individual members. This individual will also be in charge of hosting the map and creating the submission post. Q: How will I be contacted if I win something? A: In the event that you win a monetary prize, a moderator will reach out to you through the DM system on this website, and prize money will be paid out through PayPal. In the case you win tickets, the OC ticketing system will send you a notification on this website. Winnings 1st Place: $100 via PayPal 2nd Place: $50 via PayPal 3rd Place: 10 Raffle Tickets Additional Means of Reward Share the Knowledge: Tutorials based on an element of your submission will earn you 10 Raffle Tickets. Developer Commentary: Create a Work in Progress topic exceeding 100 words for your map, and you'll be awarded 2 Raffle Tickets per post per day, with a limit of 10 total tickets. Promotion: Share any link to Open Carnage, prove it, and earn 8 Raffle Tickets. Rules Maps must be submitted to our MCC Map Releases section. Only one submission per person or team. Voting begins 1 week after submissions close. Teams must have a designated liaison responsible for managing the release, and any winnings received. Happy modding!
  12. A bit late to the party, but to anyone else curious in the future you should be able to extract and rebuild with invader as well c: This is a more modern solution, that also allows you to specify other targets (such as xbox, or MCC) as well c:
  13. Similar to the Tools Shortlist, you can find many of the most useful MCC tutorials listed here. MCC Compression Formats Detailed information on compression formats used by various files. Running MCC Modding Tools on Linux With Wine Tips on configuring wine for the MCC mod tools. Porting CE Maps To MCC Tips on how to port existing CE maps to MCC. Working With GBXModels Creating and working with models used by the engine. Editing Thumbnails and Loading Screen Map Names Modifying the main menu elements for MCC. S3dpaks Detailed information on the s3dpak and some of its contained files. Tutorials making it to this list earn 8 Raffle Tickets!
  14. This song is lit
  15. Ordered a new speed cube \(◎o◎)/ It has mag lev ._. we live in the future Edit: It has arrived!