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  1. Kru, that was a non-sequitur. I could understand something like this being useful if intellisense was implemented, some of the functions can get kinda monotonous to type out, being able to tab fill it is nice, and reference other scripts/functions and their inputs in one glance. Though, that would be significantly more complicated, and it would likely be easier to make a dedicated IDE. That's up to you if you decide the time is worth the pay off c: However, I also understand the flip side of the coin. Scripts aren't overly complicated, and adding something to it might fall under the category of "If something ain't broke, don't fix it." Though my thoughts on this is I'm ALL FOR different ways of representing data. Everybody is unique. For example, what if someone has high functioning autism? Being able to color code things might be fantastic for them. That actually might be the determining factor on if they decide to pursue their want to write scripts. Bridging a gap in the community and allowing for accessibility. This is very important for gaming in general IMO. While I might not personally use it, having it available is nice c: I think it's a nice start c: Don't get discouraged! If one person thought it might be useful, there is bound to be another.
  2. I would definitely be willing to give back to the community now that I'm older and have a more refined set of skills. I know c++
  3. I Can't Stand His Voice
  4. The big problem I have with this is will it be me, or will it just be a copy of what I used to be? Unless my mind was physically placed inside a machine, it would not be me anymore, and thusly I would not live forever, but a copy of me will. There's a lot of problems with this too. If every thought, emotion, memory, feeling, etc. Was boiled down into binary. Any person could come by and watch my life story on a monitor, the good, the bad, the boring, and I would never know. Though, if the computer can retain my stubbornness, every file will be inaccessible to anyone but me. I'd be a moody computer though, I'll DDOS everything you own if you don't pick your words right. By then everything they own would be computerized.
  5. happens all the time, it's just nice to see it happen to more important people too. well, depending on your definition of important
  6. I believe it is determined by hormone levels during the development of their preference. There are many animals that have homosexual tendencies, so it's not just humans. Besides, I don't think it matters, if it is a decision, we have freedom to make that decision. If it isn't a decision, there is nothing we can do to change that (WIth today's technology), so the problem with homosexuality is how people handle it. Who cares which it is? If the population finds out it's a choice, they'll have more reason to hate on homosexuals, "They chose to like men, who would make that choice". All that will do is alienate them more. If it isn't a choice they'll treat them as a handicap. We should just treat them like humans, cause that's what they are. Honestly, with the amount of people in this world, I don't mind the fact that they cannot procreate, but, unless it has changed, there is a law in Florida that states homosexuals cannot adopt a child (Not sure if it's a state-wide law or federal law). The fact this was passed blows my mind. Completely destroys our constitutional rights. Some people need to be less closed minded. Just cause it's not how you would live your life, does not mean it is wrong. When it comes to preference there is no wrong answer. Homosexuality is a huge subject, I'm trying to stay on subject at hand, but I could type a whole book on my arguments. I'm for homosexuality; however, I am not part of their demographic. I would not say it is fair to make a conclusion based off of no data. So all of this is opinionated. On my ending note, I saw this on a youtube video and thought it was beautiful: narrator: "Is homosexuality a choice or is it genetics" When someone replied choice: Narrator: "Can you tell me when you chose to like women?" I like this, it's beautiful, if I can find the link I will share it with you all
  7. Speccy http://www.piriform.com/speccy Advanced System Information Tool - Freeware This will analyze your computers hardware and give you information about each peace (Include temperature) I know there is a lot of different software available for this; however, this is my new preference. Made by Piriform, the same people who make Ccleaner. Expand spoiler for image Fences Desktop Organizational Tool - 9.99 (used to be free, maybe an older version still is) http://www.stardock....roducts/fences/ Allows someone to create subdivisions on their desktop. These subdivisions can display the contents of a folder, or can hold shortcuts organized by type. Expand spoiler for image Rainmeter Desktop accessibility/organization - Freeware http://rainmeter.net/cms/ Very similar to windows sidebar, but a lot more cusomizable. has a lot of nifty features. (*note the above image also is also an example of rainmeter) Expand spoiler for image
  8. Give a drop-down box at the bottom of the page that would allow you to switch between skins. then the user could decide. The website is using PHP already, so that shouldn't be to hard, the only problem is you would have to store the data somewhere, if you have use a database you could always add a new string field for `Preferenced_Skin`, or link each skin to an int value to save some storage space. This way you could make many different skins without "Forcing" the update. I would have to say for people who are hard of seeing, might like a higher contrast of black on white, but grey gives it more of a subtle feel.
  9. I played Oni long enough ago to forget everything about it .-. I actually think I still have it collecting dust somewhere, I should play it again.
  10. Im sure the consumer version of a 3d printer would not utilize metal, but more of a plastic or foam. So the risk of some kid printing out a gun and using it, doesn't seam very likely, the gun would fall apart from the generated heat; however, military grade equipment could work if it utilizes metals. They'd have to be smart about it and make sure that all of the plans are not distributed across a network. Each general could be given a thumb drive containing each sheet encrypted with a 256 bit key. Honestly, I don't see 3d printing being an issue with guns, I don't think something of like that could take a pounding, but for stuff like prototypes and containers, I could understand this. What i think would be cool would be if they used a form of plastic, and applied some form of non-toxic finish over it, they could use the 3d printer to make stuff like plates and bowls, but if designed correctly, once the tools have been used, it will incinerate the plastic, convert it to a gas, then condense for reuse. Hell If we used normal plastic for this we could recycle any old plastic. This would reduce pollution, and still benefit the people. Then again though, I might be getting plastic all wrong.
  11. I don't think he's a pirate, how could he host and play online with an illegal copy? When I used my key twice it wouldn't let me connect anywhere. But that doesn't solve the problem, a couple things to check: >assuming your server is set up correctly. -Check window's logs for specific error details first, this will give us more information on where to look, possibly save ourselves some time with the other debugging steps below. (If your server is set up to have a log, that information is useful too) -You can determine if it is a DDOS by utilizing netstat or by monitoring your network traffic in task manager -Changing your server name does not change your IP Address, to assure all files are working correctly, manually update Halo ( http://www.bungie.ne...h/patch_109.exe ) -Run a virus scan -Update windows for security fixes -Try running a LAN game, If halo still crashes you'll know it's something internal, not a problem with data being sent out. -Try forwarding halo to a different port and reconfiguring your server information. -Try running your server from a different computer in your network.
  12. This will last a month before computers in foreign countries get locked up because of american law. Making this legal is basically the same as me taking the IRS hostage because they stole my mothers retirement funds. Same difference in my eyes What really angers me about this is the fact that we have the government defending big corporations instead of passing laws that help us. Maybe if our economy wasn't shit we wouldn't have to steal the software, but fuck the root of the problem, we'll make sure photoshop keeps donating 500,000$. All this will make pirates do is archive their torrents. Download everything they want before the law passes, and back it all up to some external harddrive. I already do this, I have ~750 gigs of my terabyte stored with backed up applications, for sake of argument, let's just assume it's legal. I don't think pirating is wrong for educational purposes. I see pirating becoming an issue when you use the program commercially. 15 year old kids who want to photoshop their cat dancing shouldn't be punished. It's ok though, I'm sure there will be a huge list of alternative programs made that function ~90% the same. There already are programs like that, but im sure it would increase dramatically. But the thing I love is they're calling it intellectual property. ok, I won't steal the idea of photoshop, I'll just steal photoshop.
  13. I don't think schools should be year round. I think school should be longer. When I first started highschool we had block scheduling, for those who don't know, that's 4 classes ~90 mins each, each semester was broken up into 4 quarters. This gave us time to learn our lessons, practice what we learned, and then have 30 mins left over to do our "Home work". My second year - senior year we were forced onto 7 classes a day. This was problematic, They had less than half the time they had before, to teach the same amount of information, on top of that we had 7 classes worth of homework. If you wanted to pass your classes you would have to go to school, learn the lesson, and then go home and do homework until you sleep, just to repeat again tomorrow. This is way too much pressure and most kids just say "Fuck it". I believe this is why so many kids had "A.D.D." They cant focus on just one thing, because if they do, they will fail school. You have to be able to go home do math, do reading, do English, do history, do economics, etc, they don't have time to stop and reflect on what they're learning, instead they develop a method of "I'll figure it out when I get to it" leading to memorization instead of understanding. I've had moments where I had questions, I had no idea how to do anything the teacher just taught, and I would have to ask a question. Since we were so short on time I would always get the "We have a lot to cover today, talk to me after class" responce. I was never able to speak with him/her after class because then I would be late to my next class, get a detention, and now have even less time to do all of the stuff I have to do. I would of done my homework in detention if the teachers didn't make you just sit there and stare at a wall. If you add 30 mins to each class, the teacher might then have time to be able to explain WHY. That is a major issue I have with schools >.> But that is a conversation for a different thread. Another big problem I have with schools are they keep dumbing everything down. "Oh, the kids arn't getting it, what should we do?" If the answer to that question is anything but "Explain it better" You're doing something wrong. I'm offended when I see people not even trying in school, get put in dropout prevention programs, and graduate with the same, if not better, diploma as I. It's insulting. I take classes like Trig, and Calc, Where this kid took algebra 4 years. We enable people to underachieve. Im sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm at a lack of appropriate wording right now, ironicly my brain isn't on 'Thoughtful, eloquent reply'. But I wanna break everything down to the root: I don't believe school is even the issue here. Even if school was all year around, we'd still have just as many kids dropping out, if not more. The problem is the mindset children have. I blame media for a lot of it. Everyone thinks "Oh, lil wayne dropped out, he has money and women." (Example not sure if that's true) Everyone drops their education to live the dream. They think the only way to excel outside of school is to listen to the people who actually did excel, in this example, lil wayne. All he talks about is having sex, making money, and doing drugs. So what do teenagers do? "Fuck school, I'll go get 10$ from my mom, buy some weed, high, and have sex with my neighbor." The people who want to be in school, are in school; however, the number of people who want to be in school are getting lesser and lesser because we're becoming more lazy as a society. We condone teenage pregnancy with TV shows like '16 and pregnant' and tell people that you need to conform to progress in life. I can rant about this for day, cause it really pisses me off. Man will cause the regression, and not notice the problem until no one remembers what physics is and why there is an english word for it. Deeeeep breaaath. I think they should require a highschool deploma to get into college. ANY college. We're getting too lenient, I see dropouts making 15$ an hour, while I'm stuck with 4 certifications, a highschool deploma, and a college education, sitting in my moms house on a laptop. You want people to go to school, make them feel special for doing so. The deploma used to be special. We just need to see a GED as unexceptable. And don't give me your "OH, I was a single mother, and my boyfriend smoked crack" story. Your choice to have sex, your choice to pick a crack head, your choice to stunt your education, but don't get pissed at me when you don't understand what I said. >.> Im going to click add reply now, before I just rant about nothing. Today's been a hard day >.> Need something to vent through... Goddamn crack babies... What happened to integrity? [sIDE NOTE FOR TUCKER] Your save feature seams to be a bit weird, It saves the HTML as is, So stuff like " > " get's save as the '&gt' code. .-. I'm not sure how you would fix that, or if this has been brought to your attention.
  14. This tutorial was written by me, just on modhalo. I like sharing my knowledge, so this might help some people here too. Side note, these images are old, and grammatically terrifying. Grammar nazi's be cautious. alright so destructible scenery might sound hard but its all about keeping everything organized. This tutorial assumes you have at least a minimal understanding of creating scenery things you'll need -jms exporter if you dont have it get it, its by the ghost. -hek(duh) -3ds max/gmax ok for this tutorial i used 3ds max, ill start off by creating a box. alright for this tutorial im just using a box but you can create the scenery how you wish, just keeping it simple, if you like import the cyborg model and resize accordingly next you want to texture it. also you want to select all the faces then click clear smoothing groups(bottom right in the above picture under the sets of numbers 1-30 sumthin) next create a sphere and name the sphere frame and attach it to the model as shown below THERE you created your complete model, you want to export that as a jms into your data folders in haloceroot\data\scenery\'your scenery name'\models(make sure there are no spaces where it says your scenery name thats the name for your scenery) now you want to repeat the above steps except make the same model look broken.-music as i get back to work- i simply just took out a chuck but this could be a lot more complicated for you, but for tut reasons its going to be simple. after that you want to export it again but instead of replacing name it ~destroyed. thats it your done with 3ds max now yay. ok so go to your root directory and go to your scenerys folder you should only have models, if you used custom bitmaps make a bitmap folder and drag them in there make sure there in .tif format. your going to right click models and copy them and then paste it right back into the folder, then rename the folder 'models - copy' to 'physics' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- now for tool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your going to open cmd as an administrator and type tool model scenery\your scenery name then hit enter it should go through yada yada then you type tool collision-geometry scenery\your scenery name alot of errors effect me here but you learn to adjust for my example i used the name block so here 'tool model scenery\block Couldn't read map file './toolbeta.map' ### bock.jms ### ~destroyed.jms detail worst-case worst-case level vertices triangles --------- ---------- ---------- superlow 24 12 low 24 12 medium 24 12 high 24 12 superhigh 24 12 ### created model 'scenery\block\block', remember to set the lod cutoffs' which is a good outcome you might have degenerate triangles and other junk try to model clean guys organization is key for tool it hates stuff like that. alright i got an error with my model apparently i have open edges :/ tools stupid but i used toolio so im prolly not going to have a collision but i can still explain. there now you have your model and collision, you might have to fix the shaders but hey its done. note that tool compiled the two models into one. now open guerilla. go to file>open then find your model.collision geometry - COLLISION GEOMETRY!! inside that you have a huge list of stuff ill try to make this easy. at the top you have a thing that says 'indirect damage material' click the drop down box and select any available material. next scroll down till you find a section labeled 'MATERIALS'. the last text box is labeled body damage multiplyer, set that to '1' then scroll down to regions and you'll see a list of tick boxes you want to tick the one that says, dies when object dies. then finally you set how much damage you do till it dies, for scenery i feel that 50 is best but it depends on your taste. to set that scroll back up to the section 'BODY' and set the 'maximum body' vitality to what ever you like. after that place it into a map then compile and test it thats it, tell me if it helped, and tell me spots that i need to clear up.
  15. Holy crap .-. I can't keep up. Too many people making friends I learned something else new: 15 year olds should not have tumblr's 15 year olds need to remember how clothes work. Edit: and i got INTP Introvert(56%) Intuitive(12%), thinking(12%), perceiving(17%) What i don't understand is how that totals 97% Edit 2: Nvm i think i understand the percents, it's 100% per section, not 100% total.