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  1. i'm just too indie for this life
  2. I can never ever be a perfect fucking image of what you want and nobody can ever live forever Get over it I'm ready now And it goes on and on, and on, and on, and on, and fuck it Six, six, six Party with the devil, bitch Rage-aholics Anonymous Fill your cups We're dancing with the devil He'll drink you under the table Fire burning in your lungs So drink up And now the Devil's inside of me I feel better than I ever have before You don't agree with the things that I do And you always accuse me Fuck
  3. I heard they're going to put these to military use soon
  4. well see i go by daniel
  5. i think all of tv should be limited to jersey shore
  6. Fight for straight marriage
  7. Are you from microvolts also hi
  8. I wanted to bug zf lol
  9. I'm Daniel_tlk and it would be mammoth awesome if I could mine rocks
  10. Your house sounds like a fucking warzone
  11. Let's use pangya emoticons!
  12. Well I'm fucked
  13. Also, hey look I posted.
  14. Just bought skyrim Time to jam