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  1. DOOM, and The Colony The Outsider
  2. For Honor is currently free on Uplay
  3. The Rezort
  4. Pandemic
  5. What is Halo 1.5? And a few of these maps have already been released on Halomaps.
  6. Deadpool 2
  7. OtherLife, and Cargo
  8. Sorry that I forgot to enter this month, but at least I broke that tie!
  9. To hot Q_Q ~25C today
  10. Destiny 2 $12 Humble Bundle Monthly
  11. Definitely one of the better MCU films.
  12. Avengers Infinity War
  13. Can I have rcon?
  14. Ahh, perfect weather!
  15. Who doesn't? Anything over 20C is horrendous
  16. Happy Birthday
  17. Happy Birthday beautiful
  18. WAT
  19. Bloodgulch
  20. I can't figure out why this is appearing :\
  21. Echo Dot and Corsair Void wireless headset
  22. Unpredictable!
  23. My tea pot was the obvious winner here, but it seems you people have been plotting against me >.> I'd like to thank @Anthony and @tarikja for remaining loyal and supporting me!