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  1. Rain on Tuesday, but then it's supposed to warm up again this week.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. This is going to be a real challenge. I'm not playing any games with a 'sky' atm :U
  4. All the part 2s: The Walking Dead S11 P2 Attack on Titan S4 P2
  5. It's my pleasure :U I experienced bipolar weather during a 100 mile round trip around my county.
  6. A cold end to March, before it starts warming up again... 7C tomorrow, with the potential for snow on Thursday
  7. Lucky bastard. It's 13C today, and things are only going to get worst next week. I really can't wait for November to return ;_;
  8. This morning confirmed the inevitable: Spring is here...
  9. Remember folks; Sex sells Oh, and explosions!
  10. I was Indeed.
  11. I went to the Doctors this morning after being invited for a yearly checkup. After waiting patiently for 50 minutes, the receptionist informed me the doctor hadn't turned up, and they have to cancel the appointment.
  12. It's warning up, and I don't like it. Come back Winter ;_;
  13. But with 90% less clothing!
  14. Time to re-upload mine :B