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  1. It did :') It actually came on pretty quickly after the 12 hour mark, which was wonderful for trying to sleep with. I also had a fever most of yesterday/early this morning.
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. My arm doesn't really ache at the moment, but I expect that to develop in the next few days. I was told to expect nausea and headaches, but I'm already experiencing those due to withdrawing from my antidepressants. The overall experience was good. In and out within 5 minutes with a stop at Subway on the way back to the car. They've even booked me in for upgrade in 10 weeks.
  4. Received my first covid microchip
  5. Halo MCC is 50% off on Steam.
  6. Summer yesterday, spring today, winter next week.
  7. Satisfactory
  8. Honestly, I didn't consider that lol... If it happens, it happens.
  9. I don't use them, which is why I'm downgrade from a Corsair Vengeance K95. So I'm losing more than just a number pad! I wanted a Ducky One2 TKL, but UK stock is nonexistent, and this was half the price and looked nice in white.
  10. The white version looked better than the black, and the retro version just wasn't for me.
  11. Xtrfy K4 TKL White
  12. A bit late as this happened last week, but it snowed here for the first time since 2017, then rained, and snowed again. My favourite kind of temps though
  13. I'm ready for you, @tarikja
  14. The Boys
  15. I have a friend who does this. He buys a game, says he's finished with it and will probably never play it again, so he then pays for a hack, gets banned. A few months later, guess what? He wants to play it again. He's rebought games like Rust, ARMA 3, and multiple versions of Battlefield multiple times. He's a real killjoy at times. I've never known him not try to cheat at a game. We were playing No Man's Sky back in August, and despite the fact there is a Creative mode, he decides to cheat from the get go, and pretend like he was doing everything legit.
  16. Still better than Trump :')
  17. In regards to CPU overclocking, what settings do you recommend for Prime95 and LinX?
  18. Phanteks Eclipse P600S - Glacier White
  19. I'd just like to thank everyone who made this happen. <3
  20. Phanteks Evolv X I wanted one of those myself, but I need something with unobstructed airflow.
  21. In need of a reason to play the game, so if anyone needs help with something on the game, then hit me up on steam. I'm up for playing anytime up until 1AM BST. I'm up for farming, power levelling, mission and relic runs. I'm also willing to give out unranked mods (if I have duplicates) to help you out.