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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. I demand a recount!
  3. This can be arranged
  4. Productive morning, followed by some good results. ^
  5. I finally finished Halo 2
  6. Meanwhile here in England, it's like ~5c and wet.
  7. Finished watching Son's of Anarchy again.
  8. I have the flu
  9. Happy birthday beautiful
  10. Halo 2/A - got up to the 13th mission so far!
  11. By far the worst day of my life.
  12. Happy new year!
  13. I have great hearing already, but I'm not prepared to vote for x-ray vision without knowing what exactly it offers... X-ray vision as in full nudity pervert mode, or look at people's bones? And is it consistent?
  14. Maybe a good night's sleep?
  15. I demand a recount. Sceny is a much better name for a dog.
  16. I swear people purposely make situations worst for themselves just to fuel their narcissistic personality, and victim persona.
  17. Try reinstalling in a different directory.
  18. Had a pretty good Christmas despite my shitty circumstances. Had a big grin on my face all day
  19. Feeling pretty depressed right now.
  20. Let's be honest, I've won this.
  21. Merry Christmas all <3 xx
  22. It sucks for the people who weren't able to cash in bitcoin back when it was around the $18-20k mark. Now it's nearly half the value.