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  1. Are you using the same CD key?
  2. I found an old phasor script if that's of any use? https://pastebin.com/31fmSivz
  3. Post your init file
  4. Happy birthday beautiful
  5. Does breathing count?
  6. Street legal now
  7. Washing machine leak. Fucccckkkkkk
  8. Star Trek Discovery I couldn't get into it when it first came out, but gave it another shot. I ended up enjoying it.
  9. Pokémon Axe(d) would be a fitting name
  10. I played it, I enjoyed it at the time. There were things done right, some there could be improved on. The game isn't fresh enough in my mind to list. The main issue I had with the game was the lack of a real threat. Which was reflected in how poor the story was, imo.
  11. The Witcher Starting Lost in Space S2
  12. Not a huge fan of Disney's Star Wars, but it was definitely worth a watch.
  13. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
  14. It's ashame ODST's Firefight won't be included. I always felt that was the more challenging Firefight mode.
  15. Halfway through Gotham
  16. Reach is out on December 3rd
  17. $mode:gamemode should be $mode=gamemode
  18. event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'lua_load <script name>' event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'lua_unload <script name>'
  19. It might be helpful if you were to link the script you're currently using.
  20. I don't remember exactly how SAPP events work, but something like this should work? event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'sv_timelimit #'
  21. The Night Eats the World
  22. Sorry I'm late. Happy birthday!