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  1. Reach is out on December 3rd
  2. $mode:gamemode should be $mode=gamemode
  3. event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'lua_load <script name>' event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'lua_unload <script name>'
  4. It might be helpful if you were to link the script you're currently using.
  5. I don't remember exactly how SAPP events work, but something like this should work? event_start $map=mapname $mode=gamemode 'sv_timelimit #'
  6. The Night Eats the World
  7. Sorry I'm late. Happy birthday!
  8. Multiple Pokémon games Just finished White for the first time tonight
  9. Latest.
  10. OITNB
  11. I'm curious to know why you want the intro vids to play?
  12. Howdy
  13. 35C of DEATH
  14. U wot m8
  15. Man Down
  16. Sunday dinner lookin' good!
  17. Hi.
  18. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/17934248
  19. I Am Mother
  20. After Life
  21. X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  22. Godzilla 2