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  1. We're also supposed to be having snow most of this week. But so far there's been nothing. :U It finally started around this evening.
  2. I feel robbed...
  3. Tina Tiny's Wonderland
  4. Before people finalise their votes, please take into account I made no effort this month, and literally grabbed the only screenshot I had taken this month from Discord. And I feel because of my honesty in this situation, that I should automatically win (or at least win your votes). Thank you for your time.
  5. My renewal quote for car insurance dropped by 27%!
  6. Do you remember that weird and wonderful time when players were actually playing, and not AFKing to inflate pop count? Crazy times :U
  7. My go to solution for anything that takes more an hour to figure/sort out is just to reinstall Windows and start again.
  8. I need to start playing games again... This is from 2014 lol...
  9. I can't believe this but... It's snowing!
  10. Cold
  11. Damn these budget cuts. We're still on August :l
  12. The Walking Dead
  13. I have my first Cold since pre-covid times. Also caught my neighbour attempting to steal my delivery on Monday evening.
  14. Its a good time to download and replay Genital Jousting.
  15. Minecraft.
  16. Light rain apparently... Today is the third time in 5 days that I've been absolutely soaked by "light rain".
  17. Really, really wet.
  18. Cooler days ahead. Winter is coming!
  19. I hadn't been, but it works fine now. It just turns out I was blind to yesterdays emails :x