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  1. Love, Death & Robots
  2. Just passed my driving theory test!
  3. Modding CE and PC work differently. If you have a CE mod using a stock map file name, only you will be able to play that version of the map. If you give the modded CE map a unique name (e.g. my_bloodgulch_mod0). I haven't paid much attention to CE tool releases lately, but I think @Kavawuvi made a tool that allows you to use original map names.
  4. MSI Geforce RTX 2080 Gaming Trio £750 Q_q
  5. Start again fresh, slowly re-adding your modifications to the map.
  6. We can dream xD
  7. It was alright.
  8. Captain Marvel
  9. Well I'm sold. I can't wait until the servers are back up!
  10. I don't get it. What makes Halo Trial more desirable than CE?
  11. Intel Gaming Bundle Codes: Shadowrun Returns (Steam Game): Redeemed By Legion Star Chart (Some Windows 8 App): HXAY-T3LR-N435-EV27 McAfee LifeSafe: GDCX8-6QN2H-DC9D8-BTJ6L-ABJ8D - Redeem here: http://www.mcafee.com/mls/retailcard Humble Bundle Codes: Dead Space (Steam): Redeemed by 002. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Steam): QWCRD-ZW9XA-W9NTK Dead Space (Origin): GJU4-6E2C-JX32-KZV9-DJPZ Burnout Paradise (Origin): Redeemed by ? Crysis 2 (Origin): Redeemed by Anthony. Dead Space 3 (Origin): Redeemed by Anthony. Medal of Honor (Origin): Redeemed by Anthony. Battlefield 3 (Origin): Redeemed by ? Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Origin): Redeemed by Black Sun. Populous (Origin): Redeemed by Anthony. Note: Be warned, I don't actually know how many of these still work. Most of Humble Bundle codes were donated to a Minecraft community which I don't think were actually used. Please post if the codes don't work, or if you've redeemed them.
  12. 18C - Winter heatwave :l
  13. Lost in Space
  14. Last week marked 7 years of OC. Happy Annibirthday OC! Somebody find cake plz
  15. Alita: Battle Angel
  16. Your profile avatar picture offends me.

  17. Perfect weather. Send it over here.
  18. I have it on my Netflix list
  19. i7 9700K MSI MPG Gaming Edge AC Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3000MHz Samsung EVO 970 250GB M.2 2x Corsair ML140 White LED 2x Corsair ML120 twin pack Total: ~£750
  20. In regards to the vehicle reticles: do you mean the actual reticle for the vehicle weapons, or the little triangle on the hogs?
  21. Bit of a Christmas gift to myself: Samsung EVO 860 500GB £68 I'll be using it as my main game drive.
  22. Nice build Why did you choose to go AMD?
  23. Marvel's Spiderman. I want a sequel!
  24. AnyDesk Like TeamViewer but better?