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  1. Howdy
  2. Damn this looks promising. Would've been nice to see a raid in action.
  3. Turning off Windows Aero should give you a fps boost.
  4. Have you checked out Halomaps? In sure there are plenty of SP to MP Silent Cartographer maps.
  5. FAQ

    Yes. They've adopted a sick lifestyle choice, and should be name and shamed.
  6. I've been playing all the main Borderlands games with friends.
  7. "A good time"
  8. Dying Light Enhanced Edition
  9. Are you using the same CD key?
  10. I found an old phasor script if that's of any use? https://pastebin.com/31fmSivz
  11. Post your init file
  12. Happy birthday beautiful
  13. Does breathing count?
  14. Street legal now
  15. Washing machine leak. Fucccckkkkkk
  16. Star Trek Discovery I couldn't get into it when it first came out, but gave it another shot. I ended up enjoying it.
  17. Pokémon Axe(d) would be a fitting name
  18. I played it, I enjoyed it at the time. There were things done right, some there could be improved on. The game isn't fresh enough in my mind to list. The main issue I had with the game was the lack of a real threat. Which was reflected in how poor the story was, imo.
  19. The Witcher Starting Lost in Space S2
  20. Not a huge fan of Disney's Star Wars, but it was definitely worth a watch.
  21. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
  22. It's ashame ODST's Firefight won't be included. I always felt that was the more challenging Firefight mode.
  23. Halfway through Gotham