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  1. The females with the penises?
  2. That's not Tucker...
  3. There is nothing better than a good ol' crispy bacon and sausage sandwich.
  4. Enjoy yer heatwave!
  5. Happy birthday.
  6. Started watching Son's of Anarchy again, from the beginning.
  7. Borderlands 2 GOTY
  8. I get that I'm a miserable sod and don't care for holidays like I used to, but if you're going to celebrate something, do it on the right fucking day.
  9. Invisible walls?
  10. Happy birthday
  11. Destiny 2 Pokémon Ultra Sun Sims 4
  12. Finished Orphan Black.
  13. Fun fact: faggots are a type of meatball in the UK. And their tasty
  14. Not when its the middle of October!
  15. 20C... WTF!
  16. Big Mouth
  17. @Kaizer Catalan's should think very carefully on whether independence is worth economic suicide. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2015/07/an-independent-scotland-could-easily-have-been-the-next-greece/ https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/08/independent-scotland-now-bankrupt/
  18. X_x
  19. 14C Still to hot :(