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  1. I can't figure out why this is appearing :\
  2. Echo Dot and Corsair Void wireless headset
  3. Unpredictable!
  4. My tea pot was the obvious winner here, but it seems you people have been plotting against me >.> I'd like to thank @Anthony and @tarikja for remaining loyal and supporting me!
  5. Idk, I'm sure with a bit of makeup you'd look great.
  6. If money is short then I suggest you try out prostitution - it pays well!
  7. Snoooowwwww
  8. TWD
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Do you have a modular psu? Check the cables are plugged in correctly.
  11. Anyone here used NordVPN? If so, what was your experience like?
  12. Found out I won £2.10 on the lottery two weeks ago.
  13. Happy birthday
  14. Bright
  15. Supposed to be snowing here, but I've yet to see anything. In fact it's kinda sunny. Nvm it's started snowing now
  16. The 'orbs' are just a modified version of one of the power up models. The placement one the back of the sentinel was just down to luck. I posted a pic on discord at the time that looked like the sentinel was carrying one of the power ups on its back.
  17. Sceny's MezZz's General Thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhSXZWyTiew Links to post updates: Vehicle Heat Weapons: Link Halo 4 Style HUD: Link Vehicle Heat on H4 Style HUD: Link Halo 3 Bloodgulch Mod Base Area Preview: Link CE Map Icon Preview: Link CE Map Icon Update: Link CEA HUD Remake Attempt: Link CEA HUD On Icon: Link Custom Scenery Item For Icon: Link Icon Mirror: Link Icon Update: Link Icon Lightmap Test: Link Icon Video Preview: Link Vehicle Heat HUD Update: Link Vehicle Heat HUD Update: Link Vehicle Heat HUD Update: Link Dynamic Reticles: Link Vehicle Heat HUD v2: Link Vehicle Heat HUD v2 Update: Link Icon Update?: Link Covenant Gun Turret Reticle: Link CEA Style HUD & Covenant Gun Turret Meter: Link Halo 4 Style HUD: ODST Style HUD: Images aren't up to date :S
  18. Oh man. I'm gonna need a small mortgage if I want to upgrade.
  19. Does cam girl count?
  20. Happy birthday